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Initial responsibility for municipal auditing activities lay with the register (RG32). Mounting duties in this area compelled the establishment in 1852 of an auditor (RG6), an office that was responsible for auditing municipal tax collections. The following year, however, the auditor's duties were changed to tax collection only, and all auditing duties were transferred back to the register. Another administrative change occurred in 1857 with creation of the comptroller's office (RG43). The comptroller, along with other powers, acquired complete control over all auditing procedures. In 1898, the new city charter provided for the position of an audit clerk under the comptroller. The clerk assumed most of the comptroller's auditing duties.

In 1955, the state published a report on Baltimore market conditions. The document stressed the importance of markets and urged that both the Marsh and Camden markets be relocated because of heavy traffic congestion. During the same year the state created the New Marsh Wholesale Produce Market Authority as an "instrumentality" of the mayor and city council with the powers "to acquire land for and to locate, build, alter, repair, maintain, own, and operate a wholesale produce market." The reason for creation of the authority was the need for the market's relocation. Accordingly the authority constructed a new market on Pulaski Highway in 1960. Another study In 1966 urged the organization of a wholesale market in the Baltimore-Washington corridor, and the state selected the authority as the best candidate to accomplish this. In 1967 the state established the Greater Baltimore Consolidated Wholesale Food Market Authority with the provision that the body absorb the New Marsh authority "at such time as the [new] market has reached such a state of completion that the tenants of the New Marsh Wholesale Produce Market Authority may move their business operations to the market." This was accomplished in late 1975.

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DateSeries NameDescriptionMSA Citation
  Details1959-1974Administrative Files

Records relate chiefly to audits of various municipal agencies. There is information relating to budgets, special appropriations, contracts and allegations of fraud and financial misconduct. Material relating to the Department of Audits' daily internal operations, such as policy statements and personnel actions, is also available. Note: the files up to 1964 were bound by the Department into multiple volumes. Many of these volumes are currently missing.

A separate file folder listing is available at the Baltimore City Archives.

  Details1926-1932, 1989, 1994Bureau of Audits

The Bureau of Audits examined, on an annual basis, the financial records of various city departments and major revenue accounts. This series contains the carbon copies of these reports of audit findings compiled for the years 1926 through 1932. The volume for 1944 is the report to Mayor Theodore McKeldin concerning the special examination of the accounts of the employees' retirement system undertaken by the bureau.

Departments covered by the reports include the Free Public Bath Commission, Enoch Pratt Free Library, police, sheriff, board of park commissioners, harbor master, board of school commissioners, fireman's pension fund, and the commissioners of finance and city register. Among the major revenue accounts represented are rentals, street opening and footway paving assessments, markets, and various types of taxes including real estate, flat water, tangible and tangible personal, intangible, special paving, and Maryland corporation.

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