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(Charles Center-Inner Harbor Management, Inc.)

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The Charles Center - Inner Harbor Corporation, officially founded in 1965, was an out-growth of the Planning Council of the Greater Baltimore Committee and the Committee for Downtown. In June 1959, Walter Sondheim, Jr., chairman of the Commission of the Baltimore Urban Renewal and Housing Agency (BURHA), announced the appointment of J. Jefferson Miller as General Manager of the Charles Center Project. The following year, Martin Millspaugh left the United States Urban Renewal Administration to become Miller's Deputy General Manager. These two men, responsible for the Charles Center Project from 1960-65, ran the office based on personal contract with the city.

In 1965, BURHA asked Miller and Millspaugh to administer the redevelopment of the two hundred forty acres adjacent to the Central Business District. To carry out this project, they formed Charles Center - Inner Harbor Management, Inc. (CC-IH) as a non-profit corporation. Miller became Chairman of the Board and Millspaugh became President. On September 1, 1965 CC-IH and the Mayor and City Council implemented a contract. Under this contract, CC-IH, constituted as a quasi-public development corporation, performed such city agency functions as purchasing property and overseeing rental properties, demolition and construction; the corporation was accountable to the Baltimore Urban Renewal and Housing Commission, since renamed Commission of Housing and Community Development.

In 1970, CC-IH assumed responsibility for the administration of Metro-Center, overseeing private and public development throughout downtown Baltimore. At that time, Walter Sondheim, General Manager of the Metro-Centro program, was appointed Vice Chairman of the Board. At Miller's death in 1975, Sondheim became Chairman.

In 1984, as a result of several administrative changes implemented by Mayor Schaefer, Martin Millspaugh became Chairman of CC-IH. Replacing him as president was Albert M. Copp. Walter Sondheim, former Chairman, left the Board to become head of the Mayor's Office of Special Projects.

CC-IH continues to function as a private corporation providing specialized services on a contractual basis. Responsible for the development of downtown Baltimore, the corporation acts in a third party role, able to represent both the city and developers in the rebirth of downtown Baltimore.

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DateSeries NameDescriptionMSA Citation
  Details1965Studies, Reports, and Project Proposals

This series consists of printed materials maintained by the staff of the Charles Center - Inner Harbor Management Corporation to document the various projects proposed and implemented in the urban renewal areas of the city that they administer. Included are feasibility studies, developers' portfolios and proposals, appraisals, urban renewal plans, progress reports and environmental impact statements.

Additional urban renewal plans appear in RG48 S31B.

A separate listing of the project areas and companies represented is available.

  Details1966-1980Inner Harbor Rental Records, Individual Properties and Overall Administration Records

The major portion of the series (Boxes 1-13) consists of rental records concerning properties in the Inner Harbor area owned by the city and slated for demoliton for Inner Harbor projects. Files for individual properties contain correspondence, leases, rent receipts, relocation reports, court summons, blueprints, and other miscellaneous materials pertaining to the rental. The remaining files (Boxes l4-15) contain general records dealing with the administration of the rental program. Included are monthly collections and expense reports, options on property, staff meeting minutes, acquisition reports, demolition reports, and miscellaneous correspondence.

A file folder listing is available for Boxes 14 and 15.

  Details1959-1982Project Files

This series contains detailed information concerning the development of the projects undertaken by Charles Center-Inner Harbor Management: Charles Center (1958), Inner Harbor Project One (1965), Inner Harbor West (1968), and Inner Harbor East (1971). Records include: correspondence, memorandums, reports, leases and agreements, appraisals, drawings, photographs, and newspaper clippings. There is much information concerning individual properties, particularly in the Inner Harbor West and East project files.

Other information concerning these urban renewal projects can be found in Record Group 48, the records of the Department of Housing and Community Development.

A file folder listing is available for this series.

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