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Community College of Baltimore

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  Details President's Administrative Files BRG69-1

Black and white photographs of students at the Mercy Hospital School of Nursing and Operation Collegiate Horizons.

These materials have been removed to the Photographic Collection. There is a file folder listing available, and they are included in the index to the Photographic Collection as well.

  Details1961Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

The meeting minutes of the Community College of Baltimore's Board of Trustees from 1961 to the present. There are a few meeting minutes from 1961 to December 1968, but the majority are found within the Board of School Commissioners Minutes, Baltimore Junior College (RG 31 SI A).

A list of Board members present at each meeting is given. Topics discussed are general recommendations, personnel items, progress reports, curriculum, student enrollment and activities, funding budgets, technical reports, planning goals, reports to the Maryland State Board for Higher Education, test results, programs, and other pertinent information.

See also RG. 31 S. 1J.

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