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(Easter Sunrise Service)

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The annual Easter Sunrise Service began in 1929 in Druid Hill Park. In 1935 the service was moved to Memorial Stadium where it continued to be held until its demise. The program was modeled after the Resurrection of Jesus held in the famed Hollywood Bowl in California. The service was intended to firmly impress in the public's mind the resurrection of Christ and His promise of eternal life. It also brought an interdenominational fellowship of churches a cooperative effort of offering all citizens, regardless of race, creed, or social position, the opportunity to worship together. In the beginning attendance was reported to be as high as 35,000. Peak participation occurred during war time. However enthusiasm began to dimish in future years due to lack of interest from young members, money, and competition from other Sunrise Services. The Service was no longer held as of 1971.

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DateSeries NameDescriptionMSA Citation
  Details1930-1971General FilesThe material in this series is a collection of programs, scripts, correspondence, newspaper clippings and assorted ephemera which contributed to a yearly play production for an Easter Sunrise Service. In oversize Box 1A is an album containing numerous newspaper clippings of earlier year performances. Some programs and publicity brochures included. Materials taken from album (scripts, financial reports, etc.) are included in series 1. Pages that were unable to be removed were photocopied to make documents complete.BRG71-1
  Details1930-1938PhotographsIncludes photographs depicting earlier performances around the 1930s. A container list is available.BRG71-2
  Details1968-1970Tape RecordingsRecorded background accompaniment for Sunrise Service in oversize Box 1A.BRG71-3
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