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The Traffic Commission of Baltimore City was created as a result of legislation passed by the city council and approved by the mayor on May 23, 1951 (ord. no. 1678). The city council adopted the ordinance after the Board of Estimates, on January 24, 1951, unanimously recommended its passage.

The purpose of this commission was "to provide for the safe and expeditious movement of traffic in Baltimore City, and to protect the safety of the citizens using the streets." The members of the commission consisted of the following: the police commissioner, the director of Public Works, the president of the city council, the Planning Commission chairman, and an outstanding citizen of the city. The chairman of this commission was appointed by fthe mayor. Each member served for a term of four years and received no compensation for the office.

The Traffic Commission was granted full power and authority to: (1) collect and analyze all physical and economic data needed to measure existing, and to estimate future, street and highway traffic characteristics and needs, including parking needs; (2) conduct engineering analyses of traffic accidents and engineering investigations of traffic conditions; (3) prepare and submit to the mayor an annual report of the progress and operations of the commission; (4) make recommendations to the mayor and city council for the improvement of traffic conditions; (5) determine the design, timing, type, size, and location of all signs, signals, markings, etc. for guiding and regulating vehicular and pedestrian traffic; (6) designate intersections as "STOP" intersections; and (7) approve or disapprove bus stop locations. By this legislation all employees of the Traffic Division of the Baltimore Police Department became permanent employees of the Baltimore Traffic Commission.

The Traffic Commission of Baltimore City was abolished as a result of legislation passed by the city council and approved by the mayor on July 14, 1953 (ord. no. 786).  This legislation established the office of Director of Traffic, which assumed all of the duties and responsibilities previously held by the Traffic Commission

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  Details1951-1953Meeting MinutesMinutes and proceedings of monthly meetings held by the Traffic Commission of Baltimore City. The minutes begin with the first meeting held on July 6, 1951 and continue through the 113th and final meeting held on July 14, 1953. This is a complete run of the meetings.BRG74-1
  Details1951-1953ReportsReports filed by the various committees of the Traffic Commission of Baltimore City.BRG74-2
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