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Film ReelsDescriptionLinkMSA Citation
 DetailsBCA 1247 (Scanned)HRS Index Cards - Aalback to AquilaLinkBRG76-3-1
 DetailsBCA 12471 (Scanned)HRS Index Cards - Aragne to BallyLinkBRG76-3-2
 DetailsBCA 1248 (Scanned)HRS Index Cards - Balmar to BaxtorLinkBRG76-3-3
  DetailsBCA 1249 (Scanned)HRS Index Cards - Bay to BettsLinkBRG76-3-4
 DetailsBCA 12491 (Scanned)HRS Index Cards - Betty to BonLinkBRG76-3-5
 DetailsBCA 1250 (Scanned)HRS Index Cards - Bona to BrazzecherLinkBRG76-3-6
 DetailsBCA 12501 (Scanned)HRS Index Cards - Brea to BrytnerLinkBRG76-3-7
 DetailsBCA 12502 (Scanned)HRS Index Cards - Buabe to CalhounLinkBRG76-3-8
 DetailsBCA 1251 (Scanned)HRS Index Cards - Calie to ChalkLinkBRG76-3-9
 DetailsBCA 1252 (Scanned)HRS Index Cards - Chall to CloyesLinkBRG76-3-10
 DetailsBCA 1253 (Scanned)HRS Index Cards - Club to Cook, Hy.LinkBRG76-3-11
 DetailsBCA 1254 (Scanned)HRS Index Cards - Cook, I to CrotonLinkBRG76-3-12
 DetailsBCA 1255 (Scanned)HRS Index Cards - Crott to Day, MinnyLinkBRG76-3-13
 DetailsBCA 1256 (Scanned)HRS Index Cards - Day, N. to DimteLinkBRG76-3-14
 DetailsBCA 1257 (Scanned)HRS Index Cards - Din to DreuselbachLinkBRG76-3-15
 DetailsBCA 1258 (Scanned)HRS Index Cards - Dreves to EhrharettLinkBRG76-3-16
 DetailsBCA 1259 (Scanned)HRS Index Cards - Ehrhart to FahyLinkBRG76-3-17
 DetailsBCA 12591 (Scanned)HRS Index Cards - Faiall to FoarmanLinkBRG76-3-18
 DetailsBCA 1260 (Scanned)HRS Index Cards - Fobale to FremontLinkBRG76-3-19
 DetailsBCA 1261 (Scanned)HRS Index Cards - Frenar to GeabauerLinkBRG76-3-20
 DetailsBCA 1262 (Scanned)HRS Index Cards - Gebauer, H. to GoddyLinkBRG76-3-21
 DetailsBCA 1263 (Scanned)HRS Index Cards - Gode to GreesleyLinkBRG76-3-22
 DetailsBCA 1264 (Scanned)HRS Index Cards - Greet to HallLinkBRG76-3-23
 DetailsBCA 1265 (Scanned)HRS Index Cards - Hallack to HartmyerLinkBRG76-3-24
 DetailsBCA 1266 (Scanned)HRS Index Cards - Hartnecty to HenhagenLinkBRG76-3-25
 DetailsBCA 1267 (Scanned)HRS Index Cards - Henical to HiohLinkBRG76-3-26
 DetailsBCA 1268 (Scanned)HRS Index Cards - Hip to HostonLinkBRG76-3-27
 DetailsBCA 1269 (Scanned)HRS Index Cards - Hotatck to IrmesLinkBRG76-3-28
 DetailsBCA 1270 (Scanned)HRS Index Cards - Iron to JuzekLinkBRG76-3-29
 DetailsBCA 1271 (Scanned)HRS Index Cards - Kaaiz to KermsseLinkBRG76-3-30
 DetailsBCA 12711 (Scanned)HRS Index Cards - Kern to KnawLinkBRG76-3-31
 DetailsBCA 12712 (Scanned)HRS Index Cards - Korp to LarmourLinkBRG76-3-32
 DetailsBCA 12713 (Scanned)HRS Index Cards - Larned to Leutbecher, JohnLinkBRG76-3-33
 DetailsBCA 12714 (Scanned)HRS Index Cards - Leutbecher, Christian to LubyLinkBRG76-3-34
 DetailsBCA 12715 (Scanned)HRS Index Cards - Lucas to Marchant, J.LinkBRG76-3-35
 Details HRS Index Cards - Marchant, M. to McCableLinkBRG76-3-36
 Details HRS Index Cards - McCacker to McKeonLinkBRG76-3-37
 Details HRS Index Cards - McKenzie, Charles to MeyerlyLinkBRG76-3-38
 Details HRS Index Cards - Meyers to Morgan, P.LinkBRG76-3-39
 Details HRS Index Cards - Morgan, R. to NeazyLinkBRG76-3-40
 Details HRS Index Cards - Nebbins to OksLinkBRG76-3-41
 Details HRS Index Cards - O'Laughen to PeatzoldLinkBRG76-3-42
 Details HRS Index Cards - Peca to PopLinkBRG76-3-43
 Details HRS Index Cards - Pope to Ray, LeeLinkBRG76-3-44
 Details HRS Index Cards - Ray, M. to RidyLinkBRG76-3-45
 Details HRS Index Cards - Riems to RossvilleLinkBRG76-3-46
 Details HRS Index Cards - Rost to SchanmanLinkBRG76-3-47
 Details HRS Index Cards - Schann to SeltznerLinkBRG76-3-48
 Details HRS Index Cards - Selum to SimontLinkBRG76-3-49
 Details HRS Index Cards - Simpers to SpanhakeLinkBRG76-3-50
 Details HRS Index Cards - Spanklin to StickrathLinkBRG76-3-51
 Details HRS Index Cards - Stidgen to TalbottLinkBRG76-3-52
 Details HRS Index Cards - Tale to Torsch, HenryLinkBRG76-3-53
 Details HRS Index Cards - Torsch, Henry to VintonLinkBRG76-3-54
 Details HRS Index Cards - Vintree to WatieLinkBRG76-3-55
 Details HRS Index Cards - Watken to WheetenLinkBRG76-3-56
 Details HRS Index Cards - Wheggler to Wilson, KittyLinkBRG76-3-57
 Details HRS Index Cards - Wilson, Mrs L . to YawtLinkBRG76-3-58
 Details HRS Index Cards - Yeackle to ZwislerLinkBRG76-3-59
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