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(Judgment Record)

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Proceedings of the county court regarding civil, criminal, and administrative matters. The first volume in the series,1709-1716, is available online as an image file and on film in series CM844. The records in this book are arranged chronologically by court term. For each term the clerk recorded first the minutes pertaining to administrative functions, followed by transcripts of civil and criminal cases. Judges during the colonial period performed dual roles as judicial officers and administrators of the county government. Thus the court minutes contain information about a wide variety of activities and duties, including roads, ferries, bridges, orphans, juries, servants and slaves, taxes, levy payments, ordinary licenses, liquor rates, constables, poor citizens, attorneys, courthouse, jail, and elections.

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COURT (Judgment Record) CM844, 1709-1716

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DateBook NameDescriptionLinkLinksLocationMdHR NoMSA Citation
 Details1709-1716 ET BLink 02/01/02/0368819C1416-1
 Details1716 Reverse  02/01/02/0378820-2C1416-2
 Details1718-1719    02/01/02/0388821C1416-3
 Details1728-1730 RT A  02/01/02/0398822C1416-4
 Details1730-1732    02/01/02/04015061C1416-5
 Details1732-1735    02/01/02/0418823C1416-6
 Details1735-1739    02/01/02/0428824C1416-7
 Details1740 pp. 17-19  02/01/02/0438825-2C1416-8
 Details1741-1742    02/01/02/0448826C1416-9
 Details1744-1746    02/01/02/0458827C1416-10
 Details1746-1747    02/01/03/0018828C1416-11
 Details1747-1748    02/01/03/0028829C1416-12
 Details1749    02/01/03/00315062C1416-13
 Details1750    02/01/03/0048830C1416-14
 Details1750-1751    02/01/03/0058831C1416-15
 Details1751-1752    02/01/03/0068832C1416-16
 Details1752-1754    02/01/03/00715063C1416-17
 Details1754    02/01/03/0088833-1C1416-18
 Details1755    02/01/03/0098834C1416-19
 Details1755-1756    02/01/03/0108835C1416-20
 Details1756-1757    02/01/03/0118836C1416-21
 Details1757-1758    02/01/03/0088833-2C1416-22
 Details1759-1762    02/01/03/0128837C1416-23
 Details1762-1763    02/01/03/0138838C1416-24
 Details1764    02/01/03/0148839C1416-25
 Details1764-1765    02/01/03/0158840C1416-26
 Details1765    02/01/03/0168841C1416-27
 Details1766-1767    02/01/03/0178842C1416-28
 Details1767    02/01/03/0198844-1C1416-29
 Details1767-1768    02/01/03/0188843C1416-30
 Details1769    02/01/03/0198844-2C1416-31
 Details1771-1780    02/01/03/0208845C1416-32
 Details1810RW 1   02/01/03/02113702C1416-33
 Details1810-1815IB 1   02/01/03/02215064C1416-34
 Details1816TM 1   02/01/03/02312345C1416-35
 Details1816-1819TM 2   02/01/03/02412346C1416-36
 Details1820-1824TM 3   02/01/03/02515065C1416-37
 Details1824-1831TM 4   02/01/03/02615066C1416-38
 Details1825-1832TM 5   02/01/03/02712347C1416-39
 Details1832-1836JT 1   02/01/03/02812348C1416-40
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