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Original deeds of manumissions granting freedom to slaves set free by their owners. Documents show the names and signatures of the owners; names, ages, sexes, and physical descriptions of the slaves; dates of execution and recording; terms of slavery; and citation to the recorded copies in (Land Records) in series C1426 and C1427. In addition, manumissions can be found among (Wills) in series C1495 and CM869. Sometimes freedom actually occurred at a later time, such as after a period of years or when a slave reached a specific age. For a modern index to the recorded (Land Records) copies see series CE435 and C2514 (Manumissions, Index). For an ebook of this series, click here. Note that the first box in the series has yet to be scanned and added to the ebook. [ecp 8/21/2007] C2511-4 consists of a single folder, which was transferred at a later date than the earlier units.

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DateDescriptionLinksLocationMSA Citation
  Details1787-1809Manumission Papers 02/01/04/046C2511-1
  Details1810-1825Manumission Papers 02/01/04/047C2511-2
  Details1826-1850Manumission Papers 02/01/04/048C2511-3
  Details1792-1848Manumission Papers 02/01/04/048C2511-4
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