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Icon Information on C395 - (Orphans Court Docket)

Series Information
(Orphans Court Docket)

Series Description
Please note that several of the volumes listed in this series have been accessioned into other series. These series are C3197 (Subpoena Docket), C3198 (Ex-Officio Docket) and C3199 (Petition Docket). Most volumes will be listed as being moved to two series. This is due to the fact that the volume is split into two halves, each containing records for a specific series.

Related Series
REGISTER OF WILLS (Subpoena Docket) C3197,
REGISTER OF WILLS (Ex-Officio Docket) C3198,
REGISTER OF WILLS (Petitions Docket) C3199,

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DateLocationMdHR NoNoteMSA Citation
 Details180402/32/12/00211976 C395-1
 Details180502/32/12/00211977Moved to C3199-1C395-2
 Details180702/32/12/00211978 C395-3
 Details1808-180902/32/12/00211979 C395-4
 Details181002/32/12/00211980 C395-5
 Details181302/32/12/00311981Moved to C3197-1 and C3199-2C395-6
 Details181402/32/12/00311982Moved to C3197-2 and C3199-3C395-7
 Details181502/32/12/00311983Moved to C3197-3 and C3199-4C395-8
 Details181602/32/12/00311984Moved to C3198-1 and C3199-5C395-9
 Details181702/32/12/00311985Moved to C3197-4 and C3199-6C395-10
 Details181802/32/12/00411986Moved to C3197-5 and C3199-7C395-11
 Details181902/32/12/00411987Moved to C3198-2 and C3199-8C395-12
 Details182002/32/12/00411988Moved to C3198-3 and C3199-9C395-13
 Details182102/32/12/00411989Moved to C3198-4 and C3199-10C395-14
 Details182202/32/12/00411990Moved to C3198-5 and C3199-11C395-15
 Details182302/32/12/00511991Moved to C3198-6 and C3199-12C395-16
 Details182402/32/12/00511992Moved to C3198-7 and C3199-13C395-17
 Details182502/32/12/00511993Moved to C3198-8 and C3199-14C395-18
 Details182602/32/12/00511994Moved to C3198-9 and C3199-15C395-19
 Details182702/32/12/00611995Moved to C3198-10 and C3199-16C395-20
 Details182802/32/12/00611996Moved to C3198-11 and C3199-17C395-21
 Details182902/32/12/00611997Moved to C3198-12 and C3199-18C395-22
 Details183002/32/12/00711998Moved to C3198-13 and C3199-19C395-23
 Details183102/32/12/00711999Moved to C3198-14 and C3199-20C395-24
 Details183202/32/12/00712000Moved to C3198-15 and C3199-21C395-25
 Details183302/32/12/00812001Moved to C3198-16 and C3199-22C395-26
 Details183402/32/12/00812002Moved to C3198-17 and C3199-23C395-27
 Details183502/32/12/00812003Moved to C3198-18 and C3199-24C395-28
 Details183602/32/12/00912004Moved to C3198-19 and C3199-25C395-29
 Details183702/32/12/00912005Moved to C3198-20 and C3199-26C395-30
 Details183802/32/12/00912006Moved to C3198-21 and C3199-27C395-31
 Details183902/32/12/01012007Moved to C3198-22 and C3199-28C395-32
 Details184002/32/12/01012008Moved to C3198-23 and C3199-29C395-33
 Details184102/32/12/01112009Moved to C3198-24 and C3199-30C395-34
 Details184202/32/12/01112010Moved to C3198-25 and C3199-31C395-35
 Details184302/32/12/01212011Moved to C3198-26 and C3199-32C395-36
 Details184402/32/12/01212012Moved to C3198-27 and C3199-33C395-37
 Details184502/32/12/01312013Moved to C3198-28 and C3199-34C395-38
 Details184602/32/12/01412014Moved to C3198-29 and C3199-35C395-39
 Details184702/32/12/01512015Moved to C3198-30 and C3199-36C395-40
 Details184802/32/12/01612016Moved to C3198-31 and C3199-37C395-41
 Details184902/32/12/01712017Moved to C3198-32 and C3199-38C395-42
 Details185002/32/12/01812018Moved to C3198-33 and C3199-39C395-43
 Details185102/32/12/01912019Moved to C3198-34 and C3199-40C395-44
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