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Icon Information on CE417 - (Charter and Articles of Incorporation Record)

Series Information
(Charter and Articles of Incorporation Record)

Series Description
These records include the incorporation and creation of various companies in the years described. Entries are indexed alphabetically at the beginning of each volume.

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CIRCUIT COURT (Charters, Electronic) T3921, 1963-1985

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DateBook NameLegacy Accession NoLinkLinksMSA Citation
 Details1870-1890JW 1T4123Link CE417-2
 Details1891-1936WD Link CE417-3
 Details1937-1954WHC Link CE417-4
 Details1954-1959TSP Link CE417-5
 Details1959-1961TSP Link CE417-6
 Details1961-1963TSP LinkCE417-7
 Details1963-1967Liber 1  CE417-8
 Details1967-1972Liber 2  CE417-9
 Details1972-1975Liber 3  CE417-10
 Details1975-1977Liber 4  CE417-11
 Details1977-1979Liber 5  CE417-12
 Details1979-1981Liber 6  CE417-13
 Details1981-1983Liber 7  CE417-14
 Details1983-1985Liber 8  CE417-15
 Details1985-1986Liber 9   CE417-16
 Details1986-1987Liber 10   CE417-17
 Details1987-1988Liber 11   CE417-18
 Details1988Liber 12   CE417-19
 Details1988-1989Liber 13   CE417-20
 Details1989-1990Liber 14   CE417-21
 Details1990-1991Liber 15   CE417-22
 Details1991-1992Liber 16   CE417-23
 Details1992-1993Liber 17   CE417-24
 Details1993Liber 18   CE417-25
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