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(Equity Papers)

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Selection of imaged Washington County Circuit Court Equity Papers. For a complete collection of Washington County Circuit Court Equity Papers in the Archives' holdings, see MSA T425. In 1984, the Maryland Rules were revised to merge Law and Equity into Civil. The Washington County Circuit Court Clerk at the time chose to keep the two series separate. He changed Law Papers to Civil Papers and Equity Papers to Civil Special Proceedings. In each of these series the case numbers continued to be assigned sequentially with no disruption caused by the change in name. In order to find Equity Papers/Civil Special Proceedings from 07/06/1984 or later, please see Civil Papers at MSA T1230. Abstracts are available in SC 6016, the Dorinda Shepley Collection.

Consolidated canal cases 4191 and 4198 have images of selected documents available at SC5330.

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CIRCUIT COURT (Civil Papers) T1230, 1954-2001
CIRCUIT COURT (Equity Papers) T425, 1815-1984

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DateBook NameLegacy Accession NoDescriptionLinkLinksMSA Citation
 Details1889-1890 C2406Case 4191: May 1889 - Jan 1890Link CE464-1
 Details1890 C2406Case 4198: Jan - Feb 1890Link CE464-2
 Details1890Combined C2406Cases 4191-4198: Feb - Aug 1890Link CE464-3
 Details1890Combined C2406Cases 4191-4198: Aug - Dec 1890Link CE464-4
 Details1891Combined C2406Cases 4191-4198: Keedy Claim, Mar - Sept 1891Link CE464-5
 Details1891-1896Combined C2406Cases 4191-4198: Apr 1891 - Apr 1896Link CE464-6
 Details1896-1904Combined C2406Cases 4191-4198: May 1896 - 1904Link CE464-7
 Details1905-1907Combined C2406Cases 4191-4198: 1905 - 1907Link CE464-8
 Details1908-1919Combined C2406Cases 4191-4198: 1908 - 1919Link CE464-9
 Details1920-1929Combined C2406Cases 4191-4198: 1920 - 1929Link CE464-10
 Details1929-1938Combined C2406Cases 4191-4198: 1929 - 1938Link CE464-11
 Details1938-1939Combined C2406Cases 4191-4198: 1938 - 1939Link CE464-12
 Details1940-1945Combined C2406Cases 4191-4198: 1940 - 1945Link CE464-13
 Details Correspondence; Receipts; Miscellaneous; UnidentifiedC2406 Link CE464-14
 Details Claims: C&O Transport; Not Assigned; Not Certified; Miscellaneous Claim MaterialC2406 Link CE464-15
 Details Claims: Robert GarC2406rett & Sons, nos. 1 - 31Link CE464-16
 Details Claims: Robert GarC2406rett & Sons, nos 31 - 58, un numberedLink CE464-17
 Details1907Oversized: Report of Trustees: George S Brown et al, 1896 - 1906C2406 Link CE464-18
 Details1938Oversized: Maps C and D: Land sold to C&O Canal Co.C2406 Link CE464-19
 Details1938Oversized: Maps A and B: Land sold to the C&O Canal Co.C2406 LinkCE464-20
 Details Oversized: Assorted itemsC2406 Link CE464-21
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