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(Civil Docket)

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This series contains docketing information for civil cases in the Queen Anne's County Circuit Court. More recently, the court has used Case Search to record its civil dockets. This series includes records that, at different times, fell under the designations of Law, Equity, and Chancery. In 1984, the Maryland Rules were revised to merge Law and Equity into Civil Papers.

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DateLegacy Accession NoDescriptionLinkLinksMSA Citation
 Details1984-1985T46821-500Link CE503-1
 Details1985-1987T4682501-1000Link CE503-2
 Details1987-1988T46821001-1500Link CE503-3
 Details1988-1989T46821501-2000Link CE503-4
 Details1989-1990T46822001-2500Link CE503-5
 Details1990-1991T46822501-3000Link CE503-6
 Details1991-1992T46823001-3500Link CE503-7
 Details1992-1993T46823501-4000Link CE503-8
 Details1993-1994T46824001-4500Link CE503-9
 Details1994-1995T46824501-5000Link CE503-10
 Details1995-1996T46825001-5500Link CE503-11
 Details1996-1997T46825501-6000Link CE503-12
 Details1997-1998T46826001-6500Link CE503-13
 Details1998-1999T46826501-6957Link CE503-14
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