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(Criminal Docket)

Series Description
This docket is divided into two sections: 1947-1956 and 1957-2000. The first section is divided into entries for trials and appeals as indicated by each unit below; these are grouped into May and November terms. The second section is not grouped into terms or trials and appearances, and proceeds consistently in order of case number, generally ascending chronologically by filing date. Some earlier cases are grouped into the second section, and they appear at the beginning of unit CE524-39.

From 1947 to 1984 these records are indexed by MSA CE525. After 1984, they are indexed by the Judicial Case Search system.

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CIRCUIT COURT (Criminal Docket, Index) CE525, 1947-1984

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DateDescriptionLinksMSA Citation
 Details11/1947Criminal Appeals CE524-1
 Details11/1947Criminal Trials CE524-2
 Details05/1948Criminal Appeals CE524-3
 Details05/1948Criminal Trials CE524-4
 Details11/1948Criminal Appeals CE524-5
 Details11/1948Criminal Trials CE524-6
 Details05/1949Criminal Appeals CE524-7
 Details05/1949Criminal Trials CE524-8
 Details11/1949Criminal Appeals CE524-9
 Details11/1949Criminal Trials CE524-10
 Details05/1950Criminal Appeals CE524-11
 Details05/1950Criminal Trials CE524-12
 Details11/1950Criminal Appeals CE524-13
 Details11/1950Criminal Trials CE524-14
 Details05/1951Criminal Appeals CE524-15
 Details05/1951Criminal Trials CE524-16
 Details11/1951Criminal Appeals CE524-17
 Details11/1951Criminal Trials CE524-18
 Details05/1952Criminal Appeals CE524-19
 Details05/1952Criminal Trials CE524-20
 Details11/1952Criminal Appeals CE524-21
 Details11/1952Criminal Trials CE524-22
 Details05/1953Criminal Appeals CE524-23
 Details05/1953Criminal Trials CE524-24
 Details11/1953Criminal Appeals CE524-25
 Details11/1953Criminal Trials CE524-26
 Details05/1954Criminal Appeals CE524-27
 Details05/1954Criminal Trials CE524-28
 Details11/1954Criminal Appeals CE524-29
 Details11/1954Criminal Trials CE524-30
 Details05/1955Criminal Appeals CE524-31
 Details05/1955Criminal Trials CE524-32
 Details11/1955Criminal Appeals CE524-33
 Details11/1955Criminal Trials CE524-34
 Details05/1956Criminal Appeals CE524-35
 Details05/1956Criminal Trials CE524-36
 Details11/1956Criminal Appeals CE524-37
 Details11/1956Criminal Trials CE524-38
 Details11/1945-10/1962Cases 1-500 CE524-39
 Details10/1962-03/1969Cases 501-1000 CE524-40
 Details03/1969-08/1974Cases 1001-1500 CE524-41
 Details08/1974-12/1977Cases 1501-2000 CE524-42
 Details12/1977-10/1981Cases 2001-2499 CE524-43
 Details10/1981-10/1985Cases 2501-3000 CE524-44
 Details10/1985-06/1988Cases 3001-3500 CE524-45
 Details06/1988-02/1991Cases 3501-4000 CE524-46
 Details02/1991-12/1994Cases 4001-4500 CE524-47
 Details12/1994-01/2000Cases 4501-5000 CE524-48
 Details01/2000-11/2000Cases 5001-5108 CE524-49
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