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(Certificates, Patented, Worcester)

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Certificates of survey and plats for tracts of land, filed with the Land Office, for which patents were eventually issued. A certificate of survey is an official description of a plot of land. The Land Office issued warrants of survey to the county surveyor who then generated certificates of survey. Arranged numerically by certificate number. Indexed by (Certificates and Petitions, Index) in series S25. The Archives has created an electronic finding aid from (Patents, WO, Tract Index) in series S1602, to be supplemented by information from the records themselves. For records after 1967, see (Warrants) in series S1285. The series consists of 2,907 folders, each containing an average of 5 pages of text and plats.

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LAND OFFICE (Certificates, Patented, Oversize, Worcester) S1903,

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DatePlatDescriptionLinksLocationMdHR NoMSA Citation
 Details1925/05/15Patented Certificate 74ASockley, John M.; Addition to Ebenezers Luck; 22.59 Acres01/26/02/04640024-1/75S1210-1
 Details1793/11/06Patented Certificate 148Wonnell, James; Addition to Riggins Discovery; 225 Acres01/26/02/04740024-76/150S1210-2
 Details1791/12/02Patented Certificate 391Brown, David; Buck Harbor; 193 Acres01/26/02/05140024-151/225S1210-3
 Details1793/07/12Patented Certificate 392Townsend, Stephen; Buck Harbor; 30 Acres01/26/02/05140024-226/300S1210-4
 Details1742-1969 301-375 01/26/02/05040024-301/375S1210-5
 Details1742-1969 376-450 01/26/02/05140024-376/450S1210-6
 Details1888/02/20Patented Certificate 1215Richardson, William H.; Hard To Get At Resurveyed; 32 Acres, 2 Rods, 15 Perches01/26/02/06240024-451/525S1210-7
 Details1746/11/20Patented Certificate 1404Bratten, James; James Choice; 50 Acres01/26/02/06440024-526/600S1210-8
 Details1905/09/22Patented Certificate 1419Pusey, Jeptha; Jepthas Vow; 124 Acres, 3 Rods01/26/02/06440024-601/675S1210-9
 Details1762/05/15Patented Certificate 1490Parker, Elijah; Last Choice; 54 Acres01/26/02/06540024-676/750S1210-10
 Details1763/03/30Patented Certificate 1491Ironshire, William; Last Choice; 6 Acres01/26/02/06540024-751/825S1210-11
 Details1762/05/04Patented Certificate 1492Spicer, William; Last Choice; 18 Acres01/26/02/06540024-826/900S1210-12
 Details1833/08/20Patented Certificate 1493Causey, Patrick; Last Choice; 357 Acres01/26/02/06540024-901/975S1210-13
 Details1765/05/24Patented Certificate 2180Riggen, Teague; Riggens Discovery; 50 Acres01/26/02/07540024-976/1050S1210-14
 Details1802/08/09Patented Certificate 2591Eshom, Solomon; Venture Enlarged; 210 Acres01/26/02/08040024-1051/1125S1210-15
 Details1784/09/27Patented Certificate 2592Townsend, John; Venture Enlarged; 319 Acres01/26/02/08040024-1126/1200S1210-16
 Details1792/11/21Patented Certificate 1641Marys Industry; Wells, Sarah; 371 1/4 Acres01/26/02/06740024-1201/1275S1210-17
 Details1763Patented Certificate 215Oquintico (Aquintico) Savannah, Thomas MartinB5/11/13/06340024-1276/1350S1210-18
 Details1761/10/13Patented Certificate 1Aberdeen, Arthur J. McAllen, 100 Acres01/26/02/04640024-1351/1425S1210-19
 Details1768/10/06Patented Certificate 2Aberdeen, Elisha Jones, 474 Acres01/26/02/04640024-1426/1500S1210-20
 Details1759/12/07Patented Certificate 3Aberdeen, Andrew Smith, 50 Acres01/26/02/04640024-1501/1575S1210-21
 Details1764/02/17Patented Certificate 4Abishais Harbour, James Mumford, 57 Acres01/26/02/04640024-1576/1650S1210-22
 Details1813/12/04Patented Certificate 5Accommodation, Reuben Davis, 39 1/4 Acres01/26/02/04640024-1651/1725S1210-23
 Details1775/03/20Patented Certificate 6Adams Adventure, Adam Christopher, 38 Acres01/26/02/04640024-1726/1800S1210-24
 Details1756/07/18Patented Certificate 7Adams Discovery, George Adams, 10 Acres01/26/02/04640024-1801/1875S1210-25
 Details1761/02/23Patented Certificate 8Adams Folly, Thomas Colliers, 2 Acres01/26/02/04640024-1876/1950S1210-26
 Details1743/11/10Patented Certificate 9Adams Garden, Adam Brevard, 100 Acres01/26/02/04640024-1951/2025S1210-27
 Details1763/05/16Patented Certificate 10Adcorporate To Head By Hill, John Milbournes, 174 Acres01/26/02/04640024-2026/2100S1210-28
 Details1748/01/07Patented Certificate 11Addisons Desire, Jacob Addison, 100 Acres01/26/02/04640024-2101/2175S1210-29
 Details1772/08/19Patented Certificate 12Addition, William Holland, 27 Acres01/26/02/04640024-2176/2250S1210-30
 Details1745/01/02Patented Certificate 13Addition, Dunkin Murray, 32 Acres01/26/02/04640024-2251/2325S1210-31
 Details1762/01/17Patented Certificate 14Addition, Joseph Stevenson, 52 1/2 Acres01/26/02/04640024-2326/2400S1210-32
 Details1756/09/29Patented Certificate 15Addition, Thomas Johnson, 100 Acres01/26/02/04640024-2401/2475S1210-33
 Details1794/11/17Patented Certificate 16Addition, Thomas Purnell, 284 Acres01/26/02/04640024-2476/2550S1210-34
 Details1761/09/29Patented Certificate 17Addition, Abraham Lynch, 105 Acres01/26/02/04640024-2551/2625S1210-35
 Details1758/03/25Patented Certificate 18Addition, Samuel Atkinson, 330 Acres01/26/02/04640024-2626/2700S1210-36
 Details1765/10/22Patented Certificate 19Addition, William T. Wooten, 210 Acres01/26/02/04640024-2701/2731S1210-37
 Details1750/07/03Patented Certificate 20Addition, Edmond Hough, 2 Acres01/26/02/04640024-5/547S1210-38
 Details1750/06/15Patented Certificate 21Addition, William Killum, 25 Acres01/26/02/04640024-568/1143S1210-39
 Details1746/03/18Patented Certificate 22Addition, William King, 50 Acres01/26/02/04640024-1145/1937S1210-40
 Details1746/03/18Patented Certificate 23Addition, Day Givans, 384 Acres01/26/02/00040024-1635A/2193S1210-41
 Details1746/03/18Patented Certificate 24Addition, Matthew Purnell, 100 Acres01/26/02/04640024-1942/2253S1210-42
 Details1747/08/20Patented Certificate 25Addition, James Oneal, 50 Acres01/26/02/04640024-2255/2727S1210-43
 Details06/19/1749Patented Certificate 26Addition, Moses Dazey, 50 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-44
 Details04/07/1783Patented Certificate 27Addition, Thomas Cottingham, 12 1/2 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-45
 Details12/05/1796Patented Certificate 28Addition, Thomas Johnson, 351 3/4 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-46
 Details12/19/1788Patented Certificate 29Addition, Edmund Cropper, 107 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-47
 Details05/16/1775Patented Certificate 30Addition, William Irensher, 25 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-48
 Details02/15/1760Patented Certificate 31Addition, James Murray Jurnior, 50 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-49
 Details05/20/1760Patented Certificate 32Addition, Henman Whorton 50 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-50
 Details11/11/1807Patented Certificate 33Addition, Joshua Hollaway, 76 1/2 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-51
 Details02/02/1744Patented Certificate 34Addition, Charles Ratclitfe, 325 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-52
 Details05/19/1756Patented Certificate 35Addition By Gault, Joshua Mitchell, 156 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-53
 Details07/24/1750Patented Certificate 36Addition Enlarged, William Cottingham, 471 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-54
 Details11/04/1801Patented Certificate 37Addition For Miles, Benjamin Farlow, 247 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-55
 Details10/06/1858Patented Certificate 38Addition To Aberdeen, Lucretia A. McAllen, 205 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-56
 Details12/27/1804Patented Certificate 39Addition To Adventure, Littleton Robins, 131 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-57
 Details08/05/1768Patented Certificate 40Addition To Albany, Nathaniel Bratten, 11 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-58
 Details01/25/1862Patented Certificate 41Addition To Baileys Inheritance, Isma Bailey, 412 Acres, 2 Rods, 1Perch01/26/02/046 S1210-59
 Details05/16/1766Patented Certificate 42Addition To Batchellors Delight, Joseph Ironsher, 212 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-60
 Details12/13/1784Patented Certificate 43Addition To Batchellors Delight, Isaac Richards, 32 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-61
 Details05/12/1783Patented Certificate 44Addition To Batchellors Lot, Eliackom Johnson, 146 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-62
 Details11/21/1792Patented Certificate 45Addition To Battle Hill, nathan Gordy, 69 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-63
 Details04/22/1822Patented Certificate 46Addition To Richford, Littleton R. Purnell, 477 1/4 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-64
 Details07/03/1786Patented Certificate 47Addition To Black Ridge, William Aydolott, 330 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-65
 Details03/10/1748Patented Certificate 48Addition ToBosworth, John Long, 15 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-66
 Details03/20/1797Patented Certificate 49Addition To Branch Lot, William Smullen, 64 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-67
 Details12/10/1759Patented Certificate 50Addition To Broad Neck, James Martin, 100 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-68
 Details01/04/1905Patented Certificate 51Addition To Buck Harbour, William P. Pope, 28 1/2 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-69
 Details03/29/1813Patented Certificate 52Addition To Buck Road, William Pollitt, 18 1/4 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-70
 Details11/29/1804Patented Certificate 53Addition To Bull Pasture, Stephen Townsend, 67 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-71
 Details04/21/1851Patented Certificate 54Addition To Bush Ridge, William Laws, 199 1/2 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-72
 Details01/14/1929Patented Certificate 54AAddition To Camden, Green Run Association Incorporated, 448 54/100 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-73
 Details06/18/1790Patented Certificate 55Addition To Canaan, John Hearn, 233 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-74
 Details06/28/1797Patented Certificate 56Addition To Chance, John Dale and William Dale, 60 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-75
 Details11/18/1805Patented Certificate 57Addition To Chance, Joshua Tarr, 66 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-76
 Details06/16/1785Patented Certificate 58Addition To Samuel Dreaden, 78 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-77
 Details03/12/1777Patented Certificate 59Addition To Charles Lot, Charles Duncan, 135 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-78
 Details08/08/1770Patented Certificate 60Addition To Charles Lot, Charles Duncan, 88 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-79
 Details03/17/1800Patented Certificate 61Addition To Choice, Ephrain Dikes, 56 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-80
 Details11/16/1793Patented Certificate 62Addition To Chuckertuck, James Bacon, 1090 3/4 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-81
 Details03/14/1796Patented Certificate 63Addition To Conclusion, Daniel Fooks, 925 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-82
 Details11/26/1795Patented Certificate 64Addition To Conclusion, Captain George Spence, 187 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-83
 Details09/10/1794Patented Certificate 68Addition To Cyperus Point, Eliakins Johnson, 153 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-84
 Details03/12/1831Patented Certificate 65Addition To Confirmation, John C. Handy, 163 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-85
 Details03/28/1764Patented Certificate 66Addition To Cow Quarter, Samuel and Thomas Purnall, 56 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-86
 Details11/06/1792Patented Certificate 67Addition To Coxs Delight, Jonathan Fookes, 245 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-87
 Details10/12/1802Patented Certificate 69Addition To Dear Harbour, William Jones, 372 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-88
 Details03/25/1762Patented Certificate 70Addition To Discovery, James Atkinson, 587 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-89
 Details02/14/1763Patented Certificate 71Addition To Double Purchase, William Whittington, 12 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-90
 Details09/29/1759Patented Certificate 72Addition To Double Purchase, Niblitt Banks, 125 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-91
 Details05/12/1788Patented Certificate 73Addition To Dreadens Chance, Samuel Dreaden, 122 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-92
 Details05/23/1796Patented Certificate 74Addition To Dunkirk, Stephen Toadvin, 50 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-93
 Details05/15/1925Patented Certificate 74AAddition To Ebenezers Luck, John Sockley, 22 59/100 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-94
 Details08/25/1762Patented Certificate 75Addition To Eliases Discovery, Elias Vanatson, 109 Acres01/26/02/046 S1210-95
 Details09/29/1764Patented Certificate 76Addition To Enlargement, Edward Rownds, 547 Acres01/26/02/047 S1210-96
 Details03/08/1764Patented Certificate 77Addition To Exchange, John McGlamory, 498 Acres01/26/02/047 S1210-97
 Details11/09/1765Patented Certificate 78Addition To Fair Meadow, Robert Jenkins Henry, 38 Acres01/26/02/047 S1210-98
 Details06/25/1768Patented Certificate 79Addition To Fair Meadow, Reverand Charles Tennants, 12 Acres01/26/02/047 S1210-99
 Details12/22/1810Patented Certificate 83Addition To Friends Advice, Littleton Davis, 261 3/4 Acres01/26/02/047 S1210-100
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