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(Certificates, Unpatented, Queen Anne's)

Series Description
Certificates of survey and plats for tracts of land, filed with the Land Office, for which patents were not issued at that time. A certificate of survey is an official description of a plot of land. The Land Office issued warrants of survey to the county surveyor who then generated certificates of survey. Arranged numerically by certificate number. Indexed by (Certificates and Petitions, Index) in series S25, (Patents, QA, Tract Index) in series S1597, and (Patents, Index) in series S1426. The Archives has created an electronic finding aid from the index in series S1597, supplemented by information from the records themselves. Most documents prior to 1704 were destroyed by a fire in Annapolis. The Land Office received no certificates for unpatentable land in Queen Anne's County between 1827 and 1967. For records after 1967, see (Warrants) in series S1285. The series consists of 333 folders, each containing an average of 3 pages of text and plats.

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LAND OFFICE (Certificates, Unpatented, Oversize, Queen Anne's) S1922,

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DatePlatDescriptionLinksLocationMdHR NoMSA Citation
 Details1754Unpatented Certificate 1Accadia, 22 Acres01/26/01/04440041-1/100S1227-1
 Details1699Unpatented Certificate 2Addition, 227 Acres01/26/01/04440041-101/200S1227-2
 Details1769Unpatented Certificate 3Addition, 34 Acres01/26/01/04440041-201/300S1227-3
 Details1755Unpatented Certificate 4Anderson's Reserve, 84 3/4 Acres01/26/01/04440041-301/331S1227-4
 Details1788Unpatented Certificate 5Ann's Heritage, 230 Acres01/26/01/04440041-8/322S1227-5
 Details1827-1806Unpatented Certificate 6Anthony's Chance; 7 Acres, 34 Perches01/26/01/044 S1227-6
 Details1804Unpatented Certificate 7Anthrap Addition, 19 3/16 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-7
 Details1754Unpatented Certificate 8Ashley, 95 1/2 Acres01/26/05/071 S1227-8
 Details1769Unpatented Certificate 9Athold Addition, 13 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-9
 Details1762Unpatented Certificate 10Aylor's Advice, 101 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-10
 Details1755Unpatented Certificate 11Ayler's Fortune, 117 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-11
 Details1785Unpatented Certificate 12Batchelor's Chance, 4 1/2 Acres01/26/05/071 S1227-12
 Details1794Unpatented Certificate 13Bathsheba, 310 Acres01/26/05/071 S1227-13
 Details1797Unpatented Certificate 14Beaver Neck Resurveyed, 287 1/2 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-14
 Details1755Unpatented Certificate 15Benjamin 's Ignorance, 20 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-15
 Details1774Unpatented Certificate 16Benton's Chance, 10 3/4 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-16
 Details1800Unpatented Certificate 17Benton's Friendship, 133 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-17
 Details1808Unpatented Certificate 18Benton's Hazard, 62 1/4 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-18
 Details1801Unpatented Certificate 19Benton's Hazard, 534 1/8 Acres01/26/05/071 S1227-19
 Details1775Unpatented Certificate 20Benton's Vineyard, 40 3/4 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-20
 Details1754Unpatented Certificate 21Bishop's Field Addition, 8 1/2 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-21
 Details1770Unpatented Certificate 22Bishopsfield Resurveyed, 382 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-22
 Details1755Unpatented Certificate 23Bite The Biter, 190 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-23
 Details04/27/1763Unpatented Certificate 24Blakes Regulation, John Sayer Blake, 4366 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-24
 Details1747Unpatented Certificate 25Boones Park Addition, 274 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-25
 Details1720Unpatented Certificate 26Bowlingly, 160 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-26
 Details1775Unpatented Certificate 27Brent's Hazard, 92 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-27
 Details1767Unpatented Certificate 28Bridge Town, 210 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-28
 Details1794Unpatented Certificate 29Bright's Disappointment, 3 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-29
 Details1738Unpatented Certificate 30Broad Neck Resurveyed, 113 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-30
 Details1800Unpatented Certificate 31Broomly Lambeth Addition, 2-3-16 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-31
 Details1771Unpatented Certificate 32Brotherhood, 11 3/4 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-32
 Details1742Unpatented Certificate 33Brown's Discovery, 496 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-33
 Details1724Unpatented Certificate 35Burbathos Hall, 500 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-34
 Details1771Unpatented Certificate 36Burk's Partnership, 19 1/2 Acres01/26/05/071 S1227-35
 Details Unpatented Certificate 37Bush' s Land, See Mann's Land01/26/01/044 S1227-36
 Details1797Unpatented Certificate 38Butler's Purchase, 195 1/4 Acres01/26/05/071 S1227-37
 Details1760Unpatented Certificate 39Camperson's Choice, 243 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-38
 Details1735Unpatented Certificate 40Carey's Addition, 7 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-39
 Details1603Unpatented Certificate 41Carmichael's Range, 713 13/16 Acres01/26/05/071 S1227-40
 Details1803Unpatented Certificate 42Cedar Point, 1 1/2 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-41
 Details1791Unpatented Certificate 43Chance Addition, 161 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-42
 Details1744Unpatented Certificate 44Cheston, 930 1/2 Acres01/26/05/071 S1227-43
 Details1735Unpatented Certificate 45Chestnut Neck, 340 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-44
 Details1759Unpatented Certificate 46Chilton's Adventure, 51 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-46
 Details1819Unpatented Certificate 47Christopher's Trouble; 3 Rods, 21Perches01/26/01/044 S1227-47
 Details1766Unpatented Certificate 48Clannahan's Tryangle, 9 3/4 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-48
 Details1774Unpatented Certificate 49Clark's Meadows, 10 1/4 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-49
 Details1767Unpatented Certificate 50Clayton's Neglect, 10 9/16 Acres01/26/05/071 S1227-50
 Details1769Unpatented Certificate 51Clark's Chance Resurveyed, 116 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-51
 Details1755Unpatented Certificate 52Cleave's Fancy, 278 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-52
 Details1769Unpatented Certificate 53Cloverfield Addition, 6 1/2 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-53
 Details1764Unpatented Certificate 54Clow's Choice, 29 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-54
 Details1763Unpatented Certificate 55Clow's Island, 11 1/2 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-55
 Details1727Unpatented Certificate 56Colne Rectified, 570 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-56
 Details1755Unpatented Certificate 57Comegys Forrest, 36 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-57
 Details1755Unpatented Certificate 58Comegys Forrest Addition, 29 1/2 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-58
 Details1726Unpatented Certificate 59Commerford's Enlargement, 260 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-59
 Details1754Unpatented Certificate 60Connells Quarter Addition01/26/01/044 S1227-60
 Details1819Unpatented Certificate 61Contention; 2 Acres, 1 Rod, 34 Perches01/26/01/044 S1227-61
 Details1722Unpatented Certificate 62Contention, 34 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-62
 Details1755Unpatented Certificate 63Contest Resurveyed, 225 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-63
 Details1821Unpatented Certificate 64Coppage Resurvey, 198-0-30 Acres01/26/05/071 S1227-64
 Details1771Unpatented Certificate 65Crane Swamp, 70 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-65
 Details1801Unpatented Certificate 66Crumpton's Addition, 40 1/4 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-66
 Details1760Unpatented Certificate 67Culbreath's Discovery, 201 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-67
 Details1757Unpatented Certificate 68Dangerfield, 219 1/2 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-68
 Details1794Unpatented Certificate 69David's Chance, 61 3/8 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-69
 Details1794Unpatented Certificate 70David's Pasture, 46 7/8 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-70
 Details1744Unpatented Certificate 71Demster's Luck, 40 1/2 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-71
 Details1744Unpatented Certificate 72Dempster's Part of Poplar Hill, 478 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-72
 Details1802Unpatented Certificate 74Disappointment and Unexpected, 3 1/2 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-73
 Details1791Unpatented Certificate 75Discovery, 18 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-74
 Details1774Unpatented Certificate 76Discovery, 19 1/2 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-75
 Details1776Unpatented Certificate 77Discovery, 3 3/4 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-76
 Details1794Unpatented Certificate 78Dispute, 29 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-77
 Details1730Unpatented Certificate 79Dockery's Lott, 100 Acres; Plat and accompanying paperwork missing from folder01/26/01/044 S1227-78
 Details1756Unpatented Certificate 80Dockery's Lott, 98 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-79
 Details1732Unpatented Certificate 81Doctor's Folley, 60 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-80
 Details1754Unpatented Certificate 82Downey's Hazard, 198 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-81
 Details1794Unpatented Certificate 83Dudley's Go Between, 50 5/8 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-82
 Details1814Unpatented Certificate 84Earickson's Prospect, 295 1/2 Acres01/26/05/071 S1227-83
 Details1775Unpatented Certificate 85Earles Beginning Rectified, 936 1/2 Acres01/26/05/071 S1227-84
 Details1769Unpatented Certificate 86Earle's Imporovement, 509 1/2 Acres01/26/05/071 S1227-85
 Details1745Unpatented Certificate 87Earle's Lot, 121 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-86
 Details1783Unpatented Certificate 88Eden Resurveyed, 336 1/2 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-87
 Details Unpatented Certificate 89Edward Young's Land,(see Young's Land)01/26/01/044 S1227-88
 Details1775Unpatented Certificate 90Ellors Lott, 121 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-89
 Details1770Unpatented Certificate 91Emory's Meadow, 57 3/4 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-90
 Details1744Unpatented Certificate 92Emory' s Resurvey, 537 3/4 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-91
 Details1770Unpatented Certificate 93Emory's Triangle, 2 1/4 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-92
 Details1780Unpatented Certificate 94Escheat, 509 1/2 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-93
 Details1784Unpatented Certificate 95Esgatt Town, 9 1/2 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-94
 Details1773Unpatented Certificate 96Exchange, 13 1/2 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-95
 Details1791Unpatented Certificate 97Fair Play, 209 Acres01/26/05/071 S1227-96
 Details1721Unpatented Certificate 98Falconer's Hope, 85 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-97
 Details1755Unpatented Certificate 99Fancy, 10 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-98
 Details1760Unpatented Certificate 100Father's Care, 1144 Acres01/26/01/044 S1227-99
 Details1797Unpatented Certificate 101Finley's Adventure, 926 1/8 Acres01/26/05/071 S1227-100
 Details1786Unpatented Certificate 102Finley's Adventure, 995 3/4 Acres01/26/01/045 S1227-101
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