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(Certificates, Unpatented, Somerset)

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Certificates of survey and plats for tracts of land, filed with the Land Office, for which patents were not issued at that time. A certificate of survey is an official description of a plot of land. The Land Office issued warrants of survey to the county surveyor who then generated certificates of survey. Arranged numerically by certificate number. Indexed by (Certificates and Petitions, Index) in series S25, (Patents, SO, Tract Index) in series S1599, and (Patents, Index) in series S1426. The Archives has created an electronic finding aid from the index in series S1599, to be supplemented by information from the records themselves. Most documents prior to 1704 were destroyed by a fire in Annapolis. The Land Office received no certificates for unpatentable land in Somerset County between 1964 and 1967. For records after 1967, see (Warrants) in series S1285. The series consists of 742 folders, each containing an average of 3 pages of text and plats.

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LAND OFFICE (Certificates, Unpatented, Oversize, Somerset) S1906,

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DatePlatDescriptionLinksLocationMdHR NoMSA Citation
 Details1793/05/07Unpatented Certificate 1A Boat and A Half, John Robinson, 179 1/2 Acres01/26/02/00340043-1/100S1229-1
 Details1714/05/20Unpatented Certificate 2Abrahams Lot, Thomas Highway, 250 Acres01/26/02/00340043-101/200S1229-2
 Details1722/04/26Unpatented Certificate 3Achmans Chance, George Achman, 12 Acres01/26/02/00340043-201/300S1229-3
 Details1797/03/13Unpatented Certificate 4Acworths Security, James Acworth, 12 3/4 Acres01/26/02/00340043-301/400S1229-4
 Details1777/05/28Unpatented Certificate 5Addition, Henry Handy , 19 Acres, 15 Acres01/26/02/00340043-401/500S1229-5
 Details1775/03/17Unpatented Certificate 6Addition, John Waters, 14 Acres01/26/02/00340043-501/600S1229-6
 Details1748/10/08Unpatented Certificate 7Addition, John Folk, 25 Acres01/26/02/00340043-601/708S1229-7
 Details1728/02/22Unpatented Certificate 8Addition, William Smith, 44 Acres01/26/02/00340043-36/175S1229-8
 Details1747/03/26Unpatented Certificate 9Addition, John Bratton, 40 Acres01/26/02/00340043-178/477S1229-9
 Details1745/07/19Unpatented Certificate 10Addition, George Dasheill, 54 Acres01/26/02/00040043-479S1229-10
 Details1740/04/30Unpatented Certificate 11Addition, Henry Lowe, 18 Acres01/26/02/00340043-483/700S1229-11
 Details09/16/1774Unpatented Certificate 12Addition, Levin Gumbys, 31 1/2 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-12
 Details07/03/1773Unpatented Certificate 13Addition, William McClemmy, 7 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-13
 Details01/08/1776Unpatented Certificate 14Addition, Thomas Whitney, 50 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-14
 Details02/18/1775Unpatented Certificate 15Addition, Josiah Polk, 11 1/4 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-15
 Details04/23/1788Unpatented Certificate 16Addition, George Waggaman, 15 1/2 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-16
 Details06/20/1776Unpatented Certificate 17Addition, Isaiah Tilghman, 10 1/2 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-17
 Details11/01/1774Unpatented Certificate 18Addition, George Handy, 19 3/4 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-18
 Details12/15/1807Unpatented Certificate 19Addition, Thomas Robertson Junior, 6 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-19
 Details04/13/1825Unpatented Certificate 20Addition, William Smith, 2 3/4 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-20
 Details09/17/1744Unpatented Certificate 21Addition, Colonel James Martin, 302 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-21
 Details07/29/1775Unpatented Certificate 22Addition, Henry Handy, 15 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-22
 Details04/29/1772Unpatented Certificate 23Addition, George Howard, 10 1/2 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-23
 Details09/01/1817Unpatented Certificate 24Addition, Isaac Leonard, 5 1/2 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-24
 Details06/06/1782Unpatented Certificate 25Addition, William Winder, 31 3/4 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-25
 Details06/15/1831Unpatented Certificate 26Addition, John Disharoon, 5 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-26
 Details03/10/1772Unpatented Certificate 27Addition, William Adams, 61 1/4 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-27
 Details04/16/1848Unpatented Certificate 28Addition, Valentine Insley, 77 1/4 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-28
 Details12/20/1771Unpatented Certificate 29Addition, William Venables, 146 1/2 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-29
 Details05/15/1816Unpatented Certificate 30Addition, George Mallones, 9 1/2 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-30
 Details07/03/1783Unpatented Certificate 31Addition, William Venables, 146 1/2 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-31
 Details06/11/1745Unpatented Certificate 32Addition, James Pollock, 64 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-32
 Details11/25/1741Unpatented Certificate 33Addition, Robert Hall, 100 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-33
 Details06/11/1743Unpatented Certificate 34Addition, Matthew Parrimore, 36 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-34
 Details06/18/1861Unpatented Certificate 35Addition To Bounds Conclusion, George W. Bounds, 4 1/2 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-35
 Details06/21/1789Unpatented Certificate 36Addition to Chance, James Anderson, 37 1/2 Acres See Portfolio01/26/02/003 S1229-36
 Details04/02/1813Unpatented Certificate 37Addition To Cherry Hill, Robert Dashiell, 9 3/4 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-37
 Details09/30/1835Unpatented Certificate 38Addition To Donnigall, 13 7/8 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-38
 Details01/22/1772Unpatented Certificate 39Addition To Double Purchase, Stephen Adams, 415 1/4 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-39
 Details04/12/1784Unpatented Certificate 40Addition To Egypt, John Leatherberry, 100 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-40
 Details06/01/1903Unpatented Certificate 41Addition To Emmissey, Leah Horsey, 2 1/2 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-41
 Details03/28/1834Unpatented Certificate 42Addition To Georges Fortune, William Miles, 11 1/8 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-42
 Details04/20/1778Unpatented Certificate 43Addition to Hacklah, Jesse Burd, 114 1/4 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-43
 Details09/08/1775Unpatented Certificate 44Addition To Harms Worth, 158 1/2 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-44
 Details05/17/1786Unpatented Certificate 45Addition To Hard Fortune, Angelow Huffins, 172 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-45
 Details07/26/1783Unpatented Certificate 46Addition To Hazard, Robert Scroggin, 131 1/2 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-46
 Details06/28/1815Unpatented Certificate 47Addition ToHog Quarter, Mattias C. Taylor, 36 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-47
 Details05/22/1871Unpatented Certificate 48Addition To Honesty, Henry F. Johnson, 2 1/4 Acres See Portfolio01/26/02/003 S1229-48
 Details09/15/1802Unpatented Certificate 49Addition To Horseys Venture, John Horsey, 46 3/4 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-49
 Details11/05/1788Unpatented Certificate 51Addition To Keens Lot, Elijah Humphries, 156 3/4 Acres See Portfolio01/26/02/003 S1229-50
 Details05/01/1848Unpatented Certificate 53Addition To Labour, Nathaniel C. Miller, 12 3/4 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-51
 Details07/06/1845Unpatented Certificate 55Addition To Lockamon, Marcillus Jones, 650 5/8 Acres See Portfolio01/26/02/003 S1229-52
 Details02/15/1854Unpatented Certificate 50Addition To Iverness, William Taylor, 112 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-53
 Details03/02/1881Unpatented Certificate 52Addition To Killglow, Levin P. Bowland and G. Paul Jones, 1863 1/3 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-54
 Details12/20/1790Unpatented Certificate 54Addition To Laytons Discovery, Thomas Beard, 5 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-55
 Details03/24/1804Unpatented Certificate 56Addition To Lott, Matthias Miles, 16 1/2 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-56
 Details04/25/1809Unpatented Certificate 57Addition To Meadow Ground, William Adams, 1 1/2 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-57
 Details05/08/1782Unpatented Certificate 58Addition To Moceloss, Josep Dashiell, 53 1/4 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-58
 Details03/31/1796Unpatented Certificate 59Addition To Mullens Field, John Cathel, 3 3/4 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-59
 Details03/05/1770Unpatented Certificate 60Addition To Mullins Field, Stephen Roach, 223 3/4 Acres See Portfolio01/26/02/003 S1229-60
 Details03/06/1797Unpatented Certificate 61Addition To Nicholsons Lott, Charles Nicholson, 126 1/4 Acres See Portfolio01/26/02/003 S1229-61
 Details06/25/1783Unpatented Certificate 66Addition To Peter, James Robinson, 74 1/2 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-62
 Details05/12/1868Unpatented Certificate 67Addition To Poor Chance, Edward Fowler, 15 3/4 Acres See Portfolio01/26/02/003 S1229-63
 Details03/15/1791Unpatented Certificate 68Addition To Recovery, Elijah larimore, 294 3/4 Acres See Portfolio01/26/02/003 S1229-64
 Details04/02/1794Unpatented Certificate 62Addition To Norfolk, Philip C. Adams, 21 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-65
 Details05/12/1800Unpatented Certificate 63Addition To Out Lett, William McDorman, 8 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-66
 Details03/26/1799Unpatented Certificate 64Addition To Parries Choice, George Waller, 34 3/4 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-67
 Details02/23/1849Unpatented Certificate 65Addition To Pastmage, Theodore T. Gibbons, 261 3/4 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-68
 Details07/16/1863Unpatented Certificate 69Addition To Richardsons Hard Luck, Alexander Donche, 61 3/4 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-69
 Details08/14/1816Unpatented Certificate 70Addition To Riggins Choice, John Riggin, 1 1/4 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-70
 Details11/05/1816Unpatented Certificate 71Addition To Sailors Delight, Robert Lemmon, 1/8 Acre01/26/02/003 S1229-71
 Details02/07/1793Unpatented Certificate 72Addition To Support, Jacob Adams, 8 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-72
 Details05/17/1782Unpatented Certificate 73Addition To Support, John Phillips, 12 1/2 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-73
 Details12/16/1871Unpatented Certificate 74Addition To The Floral Highlands, Harvy F. Johnson, 8 1/8 Acres See Portfolio01/26/02/003 S1229-74
 Details03/25/1743Unpatented Certificate 75Addition To Venture, John Flemmon, 500 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-75
 Details Unpatented Certificate 76Addition To Wests Rest, Robert Gilmore, 54 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-76
 Details04/27/1764Unpatented Certificate 77Addition To Whitteys Lot, William Showers, 20 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-77
 Details09/17/1771Unpatented Certificate 78Addition To Wilsons Discovery, James Knight, 234 3/4 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-78
 Details04/10/1790Unpatented Certificate 79Addition To Wilsons First, Josiah W. Heath, 14 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-79
 Details08/20/1771Unpatented Certificate 80Adams Trouble, David Adams, 182 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-80
 Details07/31/1745Unpatented Certificate 81Adams Vexation, John Noble, 83 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-81
 Details04/26/1780Unpatented Certificate 82Adventure, Smilling Layfield, 84 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-82
 Details04/22/1863Unpatented Certificate 83Aeisons Delight, John Parsons, 20 7/8 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-83
 Details05/26/1846Unpatented Certificate 84Alghas Beginning, Algha Johnson, 86 1/4 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-84
 Details05/25/1808Unpatented Certificate 85A Little Is Better Than None, McMurray Johnson, 15 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-85
 Details08/26/1793Unpatented Certificate 86Aman, Bartholnew Tayler, 148 1/2 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-86
 Details04/12/1790Unpatented Certificate 87Andersons Industry, James Anderson, 114 1/4 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-87
 Details07/17/1791Unpatented Certificate 88Andersons Lott, James Anderson, 11 3/4 Acres See Portfolio01/26/02/003 S1229-88
 Details03/13/1729Unpatented Certificate 89Anghalve, James Caldwell and John Williams, 29 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-89
 Details06/28/1772Unpatented Certificate 90Anns Survey, John Henry Carey, 15 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-90
 Details01/03/1841Unpatented Certificate 91Arabis, George B. Scott, 5 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-91
 Details02/23/1871Unpatented Certificate 92Arabia Connected, Henry Handy, 19 1/2 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-92
 Details09/13/1776Unpatented Certificate 93A Slipe, Henry Handy, 19 1/2 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-93
 Details09/21/1906Unpatented Certificate 94 AAssurance, Joseph M. Tayler, 52 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-94
 Details03/08/1886Unpatented Certificate 94Asscatague Island, Lowe and Diggs01/26/02/003 S1229-95
 Details04/26/1780Unpatented Certificate 95Austens Security, Elijah Austen, 104 1/2 Aces01/26/02/003 S1229-96
 Details06/11/1714Unpatented Certificate 96Aydelletts Meadow, Benjamin Aydolett, 279 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-97
 Details04/04/1794Unpatented Certificate 97Ayv, Teague Riggin, 357 3/4 Acres See Portfolio01/26/02/003 S1229-98
 Details04/26/1705Unpatented Certificate 98Bachalders Folly, Alexander Porter, 89 3/4 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-99
 Details01/16/1863Unpatented Certificate 99Bacons Discovery, William Bacon, 12 1/2 Acres01/26/02/003 S1229-100
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