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(Marriage Licenses and Records, Index)

Series Description
Card index to marriage licenses and records. Identified as Index 6. Index covers two spans, 1649-1720 and 1774-1886. The former includes marriage records in county and provincial records. For some series containing marriages the exact dates are unknown; some records may indicate only that a marriage has taken place by a certain date. The latter date span includes county marriage licenses and statewide marriage records. Index entries give names of bride and groom, county, date, and citation. Only marriage records furnish the actual date of marriage; licenses show only date license was issued. Provides references to the following records: PREROGATIVE COURT including Wills series, [MSA S538 and SM16] and Testamentary proceedings series [MSA S529 and SM15]; PROVINCIAL COURT including Judgment record series [MSA S551 and SM20] and Land records series [MSA S552 and SM22]; SECRETARY OF THE SENATE Marriage record series 1865-1867 [MSA S1104]. Also provides references to: ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY COURT including Judgment record series [MSA C91] and Marriage licenses series 1777-1851 [MSA C113 and CM95]; ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT Marriage licenses series 1851-1886 [MSA C114 and CM116]; CAROLINE COUNTY COURT Marriage licenses series 1774-1792 and 1797-1851 [MSA C534 and CM1213]; CAROLINE COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT Marriage licenses series 1851-1886 [MSA C535 and CM255]; CECIL COUNTY COURT Marriage licenses series 1777-1840 [MSA C632 and CM316]; CHARLES COUNTY COURT Births, deaths, and marriages series 1654-1720 [MSA C653 and CM1234]; DORCHESTER COUNTY COURT Marriage licenses series 1780-1832 [MSA C717 and CM447]; DORCHESTER COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT Marriage licenses series 1851-1886 [MSA C718 and CM449]. Also provides references to: FREDERICK COUNTY COURT Marriage licenses series 1779-1798 [MSA C825]; KENT COUNTY COURT including Land records series 1681-1685, 1694-1696 [MSA C1068 and CM662] and Proceedings series 1654-1676 [MSA C1091]; PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY COURT Marriage licenses series 1777-1851 [MSA C1260 and CM783]; PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT Marriage licenses series 1851-1886 [MSA C1261 and CM776]; SOMERSET COUNTY COURT Births, deaths, and marriages series 1649-1720 [MSA C1739 and CM956].

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DateDescriptionLocationMdHR NoMSA Citation
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Aar-AndSR/00/00/00050729S1397-1
 Details1649-1886Index 6. And-BaiSR/00/00/00050729S1397-2
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Bai-BaySR/00/00/00050729S1397-3
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Bay-BenSR/00/00/00050729S1397-4
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Ben-BooSR/00/00/00050729S1397-5
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Boo-BraSR/00/00/00050729S1397-6
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Bre-BroSR/00/00/00050729S1397-7
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Bro-ButSR/00/00/00050729S1397-8
 Details1649-1886Index 6. But-CarSR/00/00/00050729S1397-9
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Car-CheSR/00/00/00050729S1397-10
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Che-ColSR/00/00/00050729S1397-11
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Col-CopSR/00/00/00050729S1397-12
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Cop-CroSR/00/00/00050729S1397-13
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Cro-DavSR/00/00/00050729S1397-14
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Dav-DipSR/00/00/00050729S1397-15
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Dir-DunSR/00/00/00050729S1397-16
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Dun-EllSR/00/00/00050729S1397-17
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Ell-FisSR/00/00/00050729S1397-18
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Fis-FraSR/00/00/00050729S1397-19
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Fra-GaySR/00/00/00050729S1397-20
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Gea-GraSR/00/00/00050729S1397-21
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Gra-GuySR/00/00/00050729S1397-22
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Guy-HarSR/00/00/00050729S1397-23
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Har-HawSR/00/00/00050729S1397-24
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Haw-HilSR/00/00/00050729S1397-25
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Hil-HopSR/00/00/00050729S1397-26
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Hop-HurSR/00/00/00050729S1397-27
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Hur-JacSR/00/00/00050729S1397-28
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Jac-JohSR/00/00/00050729S1397-29
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Joh-JubSR/00/00/00050729S1397-30
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Jub-KinSR/00/00/00050729S1397-31
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Kin-LauSR/00/00/00050729S1397-32
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Lau-LinSR/00/00/00050729S1397-33
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Lin-McCSR/00/00/00050729S1397-34
 Details1649-1886Index 6. McC-MagSR/00/00/00050729S1397-35
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Mag-MatSR/00/00/00050729S1397-36
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Mat-MilSR/00/00/00050729S1397-37
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Mil-MorSR/00/00/00050729S1397-38
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Mor-NewSR/00/00/00050729S1397-39
 Details1649-1886Index 6. New-OsbSR/00/00/00050729S1397-40
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Osb-PeaSR/00/00/00050729S1397-41
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Pea-PilSR/00/00/00050729S1397-42
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Pil-PriSR/00/00/00050729S1397-43
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Pri-ReeSR/00/00/00050729S1397-44
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Ree-RobSR/00/00/00050729S1397-45
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Rob-RumSR/00/00/00050729S1397-46
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Rum-ScoSR/00/00/00050729S1397-47
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Sco-ShiSR/00/00/00050729S1397-48
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Shi-SmiSR/00/00/00050729S1397-49
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Smi-SpeSR/00/00/00050729S1397-50
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Spe-SteSR/00/00/00050729S1397-51
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Ste-SweSR/00/00/00050729S1397-52
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Swe-ThoSR/00/00/00050729S1397-53
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Tho-TolSR/00/00/00050729S1397-54
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Tol-TurSR/00/00/00050729S1397-55
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Tur-WalSR/00/00/00050729S1397-56
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Wal-WatSR/00/00/00050729S1397-57
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Wat-WheSR/00/00/00050729S1397-58
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Whe-WilSR/00/00/00050729S1397-59
 Details1649-1886Index 6. WilSR/00/00/00050729S1397-60
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Wil-WorSR/00/00/00050729S1397-61
 Details1649-1886Index 6. Wor-ZouSR/00/00/00050729S1397-62
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