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(Freedom Records, Queen Anne's, Owner Index)

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Card index to owners of slaves who obtained their freedom in Queen Anne's county. Identified as Index 40. Entries give name of owner; name, age, and physical description of free black; how freed, date, and citation. Includes cross references to manumissions recorded in land records. Provides references to the following records: QUEEN ANNE'S COUNTY COURT including Certificates of freedom series 1828-1851 [MSA C1448] and Land records series [MSA C1426 and CM1163]; QUEEN ANNE'S COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT including Certificates of freedom series 1851-1864 [MSA C1449] and Land records series [MSA C1427 and CM833]; QUEEN ANNE'S COUNTY REGISTER OF WILLS Certificates of freedom series 1807-1863 [MSA C1366 and CM856].

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 Details1807-1864Index 40. SR/00/00/00050760S1413-1
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