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(Debt Book, Index)

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Card index to landowners listed in debt books as being responsible for paying the annual quit rent due Lord Baltimore. Identified as Index 58. Includes the Eastern Shore counties for 1733-1775 and the Western Shore counties for 1753-1774. Entries give names of landowner and tract(s), county, year abbreviated to last two digits, and page number. Arranged alphabetically by county and then by name. Provides references to LAND OFFICE Debt book series [MSA S12 and SM124].

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Related Series
MARYLAND STATE PAPERS (Scharf Collection) S1005, 1659-1909
LAND OFFICE (Debt Book) S12, 1733-1775
LAND OFFICE (Debt Book) SM124, 1753-1774

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DateDescriptionLocationMdHR NoMSA Citation
 Details1753-1775Index 58. AA, Akr-ScoSR/00/00/00050777S1430-1
 Details1753-1775Index 58. AA, Sco-You. BA, Abe-GorSR/00/00/00050777S1430-2
 Details1753-1775Index 58. BA, Gor-TaySR/00/00/00050777S1430-3
 Details1753-1775Index 58. BA, Tay-Zim. CV, All-You. CE, Abr-FraSR/00/00/00050777S1430-4
 Details1753-1775Index 58. CE, Fre-You. CH, Act-DulSR/00/00/00050777S1430-5
 Details1753-1775Index 58. CH, Dun-You. DO, Aar-BudSR/00/00/00050777S1430-6
 Details1753-1775Index 58. DO, Bun-LakSR/00/00/00050777S1430-7
 Details1753-1775Index 58. DO. Lak-TraSR/00/00/00050777S1430-8
 Details1753-1775Index 58. DO. Tra-You. FR, Ada-ChaSR/00/00/00050777S1430-9
 Details1753-1775Index 58. FR, Cha-HarSR/00/00/00050777S1430-10
 Details1753-1775Index 58. FR, Har-MorSR/00/00/00050777S1430-11
 Details1753-1775Index 58. FR, Mor-SumSR/00/00/00050777S1430-12
 Details1753-1775Index 58. FR, Sum-Zol. KE, Abb-DeaSR/00/00/00050777S1430-13
 Details1753-1775Index 58. KE, Del-TenSR/00/00/00050777S1430-14
 Details1753-1775Index 58. KE, Ten-You. PG, Abi-LamSR/00/00/00050777S1430-15
 Details1753-1775Index 58. PG, Lan-You. QA, Abi-CarSR/00/00/00050777S1430-16
 Details1753-1775Index 58. QA, Car-PriSR/00/00/00050777S1430-17
 Details1753-1775Index 58. QA, Pri-You. SM, Abb-JeaSR/00/00/00050777S1430-18
 Details1753-1775Index 58. SM, Jen-You. SO, Abr-DicSR/00/00/00050777S1430-19
 Details1753-1775Index 58. SO, Dic-MorSR/00/00/00050777S1430-20
 Details1753-1775Index 58. SO, Mor-WinSR/00/00/00050777S1430-21
 Details1753-1775Index 58. SO, Win-You. TA, Abb-RobSR/00/00/00050777S1430-22
 Details1753-1775Index 58. TA, Rob-You. WO, Abb-HudSR/00/00/00050777S1430-23
 Details1753-1775Index 58. WO, Hud-YouSR/00/00/00050777S1430-24
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