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(Marriage, Male Index)

Series Description
Marriage index. The groom's surname is filed by the soundex system, arranged by given names in alphabetical order within each soundex group. The complete given name is spelled out when given on the certificate, and where space permits, otherwise abbreviations and initials are used. Gives ages of groom and bride, color or race, birthplace, date of ceremony and county where license was issued. This index is useful in locating the brides maiden name if unknown, but does not give bride's soundex number needed to locate the marriage certificate. See DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH BUREAU OF VITAL STATISTICS (Marriage Certificates, Counties, Female) MSA SM184. Bound volumes housed in archival boxes.

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DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH BUREAU OF VITAL STATISTICS (Marriage Certificate Errors, Female) SM185, 1914-1930

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DateDescriptionLocationMdHR NoMSA Citation
 Details1914-1930A000 - B300 (A)01/17/03/08950880S1498-1
 Details1914-1930B300 (A-W) - B610 (A-B)01/17/03/08950880S1498-2
 Details1914-1930B610 (E-W) - B66601/17/03/08950880S1498-3
 Details1914-1930C000 - C520 (A)01/17/03/08950880S1498-4
 Details1914-1930C520 (B-W) - D165 (A-S)01/17/03/09050880S1498-5
 Details1914-1930D165 (W) - E200 (A-H)01/17/03/09050880S1498-6
 Details1914-1930E200 (J-W) - F600 (A)01/17/03/09050880S1498-7
 Details1914-1930F600 (A-W) - G610 (A-C)01/17/03/09050880S1498-8
 Details1914-1930G610 (C-W) - H300 (A)01/17/03/09150880S1498-9
 Details1914-1930H300 (A-Z) - H620 (A)01/17/03/09150880S1498-10
 Details1914-1930H620 (A-Z) - J66601/17/03/09150880S1498-11
 Details1914-1930K000 - K66601/17/03/09150880S1498-12
 Details1914-1930L000 - L66601/17/03/09250880S1498-13
 Details1914-1930M000 - M445 (A-E)01/17/03/09250880S1498-14
 Details1914-1930M445 (E-T) - M66601/17/03/09250880S1498-15
 Details1914-1930N000 - P410 (A-L)01/17/03/09250880S1498-16
 Details1914-1930P410 (S-W) - R200 (A)01/17/03/09350880S1498-17
 Details1914-1930R200 (A-W) - R66601/17/03/09350880S1498-18
 Details1914-1930S000 - S341 (A-C)01/17/03/09350880S1498-19
 Details1914-1930S341 (C-S) - S52601/17/03/09350880S1498-20
 Details1914-1930S530 - S66601/17/03/09450880S1498-21
 Details1914-1930T000 - V66601/17/03/09450880S1498-22
 Details1914-1930W000 - W430 (A-C)01/17/03/09450880S1498-23
 Details1914-1930W430 (C-Z) - Z66601/17/03/09450880S1498-24
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