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(Rent Rolls)

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Proprietary record of who patented tracts of land. Entries consist of name of person for whom the tract was surveyed, list of subsequent transactions, name of present owner, acreage, and quit rent. Arranged by county. Tract indexes in each volumes. For name indexes see MARYLAND INDEXES, Rent Rolls, Index series [MSA S1428]. For tracts in Anne Arundel County see MARYLAND INDEXES, Rent Rolls, AA, Tract index series [MSA S1429]. Also available on microfilm, [MSA SM130], 20 reels. Described in: Land Office and Prerogative Court Records of Colonial Maryland, (Annapolis: Hall of Records Commission, 1946), pp. 33-44.

Related Series
MARYLAND INDEXES (Rent Rolls, Index) S1428, 1639-1776
MARYLAND INDEXES (Rent Rolls, Anne Arundel, Tract Index) S1429, 1651-1776
LAND OFFICE (Rent Rolls) SM130, 1639-1776

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DateDescriptionLocationMdHR NoMSA Citation
 Details1639-1659SM of names and tracts01/23/05/04017609-1S18-1
 Details1642-1659CH of names and tracts01/23/05/04017609-2S18-2
 Details1642-1658CV of names and tracts01/23/05/04017609-3S18-3
 Details1640-1658KE of names and tracts01/23/05/04017609-4S18-4
 Details1651-17741, AA, pp. 1-190 of tracts01/23/05/04117610-1S18-5
 Details1658-17731, BA, pp. 191-283 of tracts01/23/05/04117610-2S18-6
 Details1658-17712, BA of tracts01/23/05/04217611S18-7
 Details1651-17763, CV, pp. 1-98 of tracts01/23/05/04317612-1S18-8
 Details1742-17513, PG, pp. 100-114, 205-282 of tracts01/23/05/04317612-2S18-9
 Details1748-17513, FR, pp. 122-147 of tracts01/23/05/04317612-3S18-10
 Details1651-17724, PG of tracts01/23/05/04417613S18-11
 Details1658-17765, KE, pp. 1-204 of tracts01/23/05/04517614-1S18-12
 Details1658-17766, CE, pp. 295-460 of tracts01/24/01/00117615-1S18-13
 Details1639-17717, SM, pp. 1-118 of tracts01/24/01/00217616-1S18-14
 Details1642-17758, CH, pp. 283-464 of tracts01/24/01/00217616-2S18-15
 Details1662-17729, SO of tracts01/24/01/00317617S18-16
 Details1662-177210, SO, pp. 273-342 of tracts01/24/01/00417618-1S18-17
 Details1659-177210, DO, pp. 343-569 of tracts01/24/01/00417618-2S18-18
 Details1658-177511, TA, pp. 1-284 of tracts01/24/01/00517619-1S18-19
 Details1640-177212, QA of tracts01/24/01/00617620S18-20
 Details1640-175512A, QA of tracts01/24/01/00717621S18-21
 Details1753-177613, AA, pp. 1-124 of tracts01/24/01/00817622-1S18-22
 Details1733-176814, AA of tracts01/24/01/00917623S18-23
 Details1733-177315, AA of tracts01/24/01/01017624S18-24
 Details1733-177416, AA of tracts01/24/01/01117625S18-25
 Details1753-176817, AA of tracts01/24/01/01217626S18-26
 Details1733-177418, BA of tracts01/24/01/01317627S18-27
 Details1733-177119, BA of tracts01/24/01/01417628S18-28
 Details1753-177020, BA of tracts01/24/01/01517629S18-29
 Details1733-177421, BA of tracts01/24/01/01617630S18-30
 Details1774-177522, BA, pp. 1-47 of tracts01/24/01/01717631-1S18-31
 Details1651-177623, CV of tracts01/24/01/01817632S18-32
 Details1753-176824, CV, pp. 1-79 of tracts01/24/01/01917633-1S18-33
 Details1733-175925, CE, pp. 1-64 of tracts01/24/01/02017634-1S18-34
 Details1733-175625, KE, pp. 101-203 of tracts01/24/01/02017634-2S18-35
 Details1753-177526, CH of tracts01/24/01/02117635S18-36
 Details1733-176827, CH, pp. 1-204 of tracts01/24/01/02217636-1S18-37
 Details1733-177528, CH, pp. 1-40 of tracts01/24/01/02317637-1S18-38
 Details1733-177229, DO, pp. 1-349 of tracts01/24/01/02417638-1S18-39
 Details1733-174630, DO of tracts01/24/01/02517639S18-40
 Details1764-177531, DO, pp. 1-159 of tracts01/24/01/02617640-1S18-41
 Details1748-177532, FR of tracts01/24/01/02717641S18-42
 Details1748-177033, FR, pp. 1-80 of tracts01/24/01/02817642-1S18-43
 Details1748-177534, FR of tracts01/24/01/02917643S18-44
 Details1748-177535, FR of tracts. Photostat01/24/01/03017644-2S18-45
 Details1748-177536, FR, pp. 1-218 of tracts01/24/01/03117645-1S18-46
 Details1735-175537, CE, pp. 1-66 of tracts01/24/01/03217646-1S18-47
 Details1735-175537, KE, pp. 76-169 of tracts01/24/01/03217646-2S18-48
 Details1733-177538, PG of tracts01/24/01/03317647S18-49
 Details1733-176939, PG of tracts01/24/01/03417648S18-50
 Details1757-176940, PG of tracts01/24/01/03517649S18-51
 Details1757-177541, PG, pp. 1-101 of tracts01/24/01/03617650-1S18-52
 Details1752-177542, QA, pp. 1-102 of tracts. For 1758, see also (Proprietary Debt Books), 37, pp. 106-109, MdHR 17,697-201/24/01/03717651-1S18-53
 Details1733-176943, SM, pp. 1-158 of tracts01/24/01/03817652-1S18-54
 Details1733-177544, SM of tracts01/24/01/03917653S18-55
 Details1735-177245, SO of tracts01/24/01/04017654S18-56
 Details1766-177546, SO, pp. 1-59 of tracts01/24/01/04117655-1S18-57
 Details1733-175547, TA of tracts01/24/01/04217656S18-58
 Details1743-176348, WO of tracts01/24/01/04317657S18-59
 Details1763-177549, WO, pp. 1-113 of tracts01/24/01/04417658-1S18-60
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