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(Inventories and Accounts)

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Record of estate properties and finances. Inventories contain itemized lists of personal property owned by the decedent including appraised values. Accounts contain the financial accounting of the executors or administrators of estates. Records show values of assets, payments of debts and administration expenses, and amounts to be distributed to heirs. Earlier records in Testamentary Proceedings series [MSA S529]. Later records in Accounts series [MSA S531] and Inventories series [MSA S534]. Some of the volumes in the Wills series [MSA S538] also contain Inventories and Accounts. Arranged mostly chronologically. Indexed by Inventories and Accounts, Index series [MSA S537] and MARYLAND INDEXES Probate Records, Colonial, Index series [MSA S1393]. Also available on microfilm, [MSA SM13], 11 reels. Described in Land Office and Prerogative Court Records of Colonial Maryland. Annapolis: Hall of Records Commission, 1946, pp.104-106.

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MARYLAND INDEXES (Probate Records, Colonial, Index) S1393, 1634-1777
PREROGATIVE COURT (Accounts) S531, 1718-1777
PREROGATIVE COURT (Balance Book) S533, 1751-1776
PREROGATIVE COURT (Inventories) S534, 1718-1777
PREROGATIVE COURT (Inventories and Accounts, Index) S537, 1674-1718
PREROGATIVE COURT (Wills) S538, 1635-1777
MARYLAND INDEXES (Colonial Probate Records) SE4, 1634-1777
PREROGATIVE COURT (Inventories) SM11, 1718-1777
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PREROGATIVE COURT (Inventories and Accounts, Index) SM14, 1674-1718
PREROGATIVE COURT (Wills) SM16, 1635-1777
PREROGATIVE COURT (Accounts) SM7, 1718-1777
PREROGATIVE COURT (Balance Book) SM9, 1751-1776
MARYLAND STATE ARCHIVES (Huntington Collection of Maryland State Archives Security Microfilm) TE1, 1945-1946

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DateFilm ReelsDescriptionLinksLocationMdHR NoMSA Citation
 Details1674-1675 1, pp. 1-415 01/11/02/0101237-1S536-1
 Details1675, 1699-1703 1, pp. 416-697 01/11/02/0111237-2S536-2
 Details1676 2 01/11/02/0121238S536-3
 Details1676-1677 3 01/11/02/0131239S536-4
 Details1677 4 01/11/02/0141240S536-5
 Details1678 501/11/02/0151241S536-6
 Details1679 6 01/11/02/0161242S536-7
 Details1680 7A 01/11/02/0171243-1S536-8
 Details1681 7B 01/11/02/0181243-2S536-9
 Details1682 7C 01/11/02/0191243-3S536-10
 Details1683-1686 8 01/11/02/0201244S536-11
 Details1686-1688 9 01/11/02/0211245S536-12
 Details1688-1695 10, Part 1 01/11/02/0221246-1S536-13
 Details1692-1693 10, Part 2 01/11/02/0221246-2S536-14
 Details1690-1692 11A 01/11/02/0231247-1S536-15
 Details1700 11B 01/11/02/0231247-2S536-16
 Details1693-1694 12 01/11/02/0241248S536-17
 Details1694-1695ROLL 65-513A. Do not circulate, use Roll 65-5 01/11/02/0251249-1S536-18
 Details1695-1696ROLL 65-513B. Do not circulate, use Roll 65-5 01/11/02/0251249-2S536-19
 Details1696-1697 14 01/11/02/0261250S536-20
 Details1697-1698 15 01/11/02/0271251S536-21
 Details1698 16 01/11/02/0281252S536-22
 Details1698 17 01/11/02/0291253S536-23
 Details1698-1699 18 01/11/02/0301254S536-24
 Details1699 19 01/11/02/0311255S536-25
 Details1699-1700 19 1/2A 01/11/02/0321256-1S536-26
 Details1699-1700 19 1/2B 01/11/02/0321256-2S536-27
 Details1700-1701 20 01/11/02/0331257S536-28
 Details1701-1702 21 01/11/02/0341258S536-29
 Details1702-1703 22 01/11/02/0351259S536-30
 Details1702-1703 23 01/11/02/0361260S536-31
 Details1703-1704 24 01/11/02/0371261S536-32
 Details1705-1706 2501/11/02/0381262S536-33
 Details1706-1707 26 01/11/02/0391263S536-34
 Details1707 27 01/11/02/0401264S536-35
 Details1707-1708 28 01/11/02/0411265S536-36
 Details1708 29 01/11/02/0421266S536-37
 Details1709-1710 30. Photostat 01/11/02/0431267-1S536-38
 Details1709-1710 31. Photostat 01/11/02/0441268-1S536-39
 Details1710 32A 01/11/02/0451269-1S536-40
 Details1710-1711 32B 01/11/02/0451269-2S536-41
 Details1711 32C 01/11/02/0451269-3S536-42
 Details1711-1712 33A 01/11/02/0461270-1S536-43
 Details1712 33B 01/11/02/0461270-2S536-44
 Details1712-1713 34 01/11/02/0471271S536-45
 Details1713-1714 35A 01/11/03/0011272-1S536-46
 Details1713 35B 01/11/03/0011272-2S536-47
 Details1714 36A 01/11/03/0021273-1S536-48
 Details1714-1715 36B 01/11/03/0021273-2S536-49
 Details1715-1716 36C 01/11/03/0021273-3S536-50
 Details1716 37A 01/11/03/0031274-1S536-51
 Details1717 37B 01/11/03/0031274-2S536-52
 Details1716-1717 37C 01/11/03/0031274-3S536-53
 Details1716-1717 38A 01/11/03/0041275-1S536-54
 Details1717 38B 01/11/03/0041275-2S536-55
 Details1718 39A 01/11/03/0051276-1S536-56
 Details1717-1718 39B 01/11/03/0051276-2S536-57
 Details1717 39C 01/11/03/0051276-3S536-58
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