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(Census of 1776)

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Schedules from the council-directed census of 1776, taken for the purpose of setting Maryland's quota for a tax to support the Revolutionary War. Some list heads of households only, grouping the other members of the household by age, sex, and race. Other schedules, however, name each individual, recording their age, sex, and race. Arranged by county (Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Caroline, Dorchester, Frederick, Harford, Prince George's, Queen Anne's, and Talbot only). Indexed in MARYLAND INDEXES Census Index series [MSA S1419].

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DateDescriptionLinksLocationMdHR NoMSA Citation
 Details1776AA, All Hallows Parish 01/01/04/0304646-1S961-1
 Details1776AA, St. James Parish 01/01/04/0304646-2S961-2
 Details1776BA, Deptford Hundred 01/04/05/0564646-25S961-3
 Details1776CA, Bridge Town Hundred 01/04/05/0564646-3S961-4
 Details1776DO, Nantacoake Hundred 01/04/05/0564646-4S961-5
 Details1776DO, Straights Hundred 01/04/05/0564646-5S961-6
 Details1776DO, Transquakin Hundred 01/04/05/0564646-6S961-7
 Details1776FR, Elizabeth Hundred 01/01/04/0304646-7S961-8
 Details1776FR, Lower Potomac Hundred, pp. 1-13, Georgetown Hundred, pp. 14-20 01/01/04/0304646-8S961-9
 Details1776FR, Northwest Hundred 01/04/05/0564646-9S961-10
 Details1776FR, Sugarland Hundred 01/01/04/0304646-10S961-11
 Details1776FR, now MO 01/01/04/0304646-11S961-12
 Details1776HA, Broad Creek Hundred 01/04/05/0564646-12S961-13
 Details1776HA, Bush River Lower Hundred 01/01/04/0304646-13S961-14
 Details1776HA, Deer Creek Lower Hundred 01/01/04/0304646-14S961-15
 Details1776HA, Harford Lower Hundred 01/01/04/0304646-15S961-16
 Details1776HA, Spesutia Hundred 01/01/04/0304646-16S961-17
 Details1776HA, Susquehannah Hundred 01/01/04/0304646-17S961-18
 Details1776PG, Prince George's and St. Johns Parishes 01/01/04/0304646-18S961-19
 Details1776QA, Town Hundred 01/04/05/0564646-19S961-20
 Details1776QA, Upper Hundred, Kent Island 01/04/05/0564646-20S961-21
 Details1776QA, Wye Hundred 01/01/04/0304646-21S961-22
 Details1776TA, Bay Hundred 01/04/05/0564646-22S961-23
 Details1776TA, Mill Hundred 01/04/05/0564646-23S961-24
 Details1776TA, Tuckahoe Hundred 01/04/05/0564646-24S961-25
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