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(Oaths of Fidelity)

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Lists of persons swearing allegiance to Maryland in accordance with Chapter 20, Acts of 1777. This act required all free males over 18 years of age on or before March 1, 1778 to take an oath of fidelity and support to the state. Oaths were administered by the county magistrate and maintained by the Governor and Council. Arranged by county and returns of county magistrates. Indexed by MARYLAND INDEXES Oaths of Fidelity, Index series [MSA S1420; SM120]. [note: The MdHR numbers 4647 and 4648 associated with this series is identified in the card catalog index 47 as boxes 3 and 4.]

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DateDescriptionLinksLocationMdHR NoMSA Citation
 Details03/02/1778BA, Return of Hercules Courtney for BC 01/01/04/0314647-1S963-1
 Details02/28/1778BA, Return of John Cradock 01/01/04/0314647-2S963-2
 Details02/28/1778BA, Return of Edward Cockey 01/01/04/0314647-3S963-3
 Details04/13/1778BA, Return of James Calhoun 01/01/04/0314647-4S963-4
 Details03/02/1778BA, Return of Jesse Bussey 01/01/04/0314647-5S963-5
 Details1778BA, Return of Andrew Buchanan 01/01/04/0314647-6S963-6
 Details1778BA, Return of John Hall 01/01/04/0314647-7S963-7
 Details1778BA, Return of Richard Cromwell 01/01/04/0314647-8S963-8
 Details1778BA, Return of John R. Holliday 01/01/04/0314647-9S963-9
 Details1778BA, Return of Frederick Decker 01/01/04/0314647-10S963-10
 Details03/02/1778BA, Return of John Beale Howard 01/01/04/0314647-11S963-11
 Details1778BA, Return of Jeremiah Johnson 01/01/04/0314647-12S963-12
 Details1778BA, Return of George Lindenberger 01/01/04/0314647-13S963-13
 Details02/20/1778BA, Return of Robert Lemmon 01/01/04/0314647-14S963-14
 Details03/02/1778BA, Return of William Lux 01/01/04/0314647-15S963-15
 Details03/03/1778BA, Return of John Merryman 01/01/04/0314647-16S963-16
 Details03/06/1778BA, Return of John Moale 01/01/04/0314647-17S963-17
 Details03/02/1778BA, Return of George Gouldsmith Presbury 01/01/04/0314647-18S963-18
 Details1778BA, Return of Charles Ridgeley of William 01/01/04/0314647-19S963-19
 Details03/12/1778BA, Return of Benjamin Roger 01/01/04/0314647-20S963-20
 Details1778BA, Return of Peter Shepperd 01/01/04/0314647-21S963-21
 Details1778BA, Return of Isaac Van Bibber 01/01/04/0314647-22S963-22
 Details1778BA, Return of Thomas Sollers 01/01/04/0314647-23S963-23
 Details02/05/1778BA, Return of William Spear 01/01/04/0314647-24S963-24
 Details03/01/1778CV, Return of William Allnut 01/01/04/0314647-25S963-25
 Details03/02/1778CV, Return of William Harris 01/01/04/0314647-26S963-26
 Details03/02/1778CV, Return of Samuel Chew 01/01/04/0314647-27S963-27
 Details03/02/1778CV, Return of Isaac Clare 01/01/04/0314647-28S963-28
 Details03/12/1778CV, Return of William Ireland 01/01/04/0314647-29S963-29
 Details03/02/1778CV, Return of John Bond 01/01/04/0314647-30S963-30
 Details03/02/1778CV, Return of Richard Parran 01/01/04/0314647-31S963-31
 Details03/02/1778CV, Return of Charles Grahame 01/01/04/0314647-32S963-32
 Details1778CV, Return of Daniel Rawlings 01/01/04/0314647-33S963-33
 Details03/06/1778CV, Return of W. Smith 01/01/04/0314647-34S963-34
 Details03/10/1778DO, Return of Thomas Jones 01/01/04/0314647-35S963-35
 Details03/02/1778DO, Return of James Shaw 01/01/04/0314647-36S963-36
 Details01/28/1778-03/02/1778DO, Returns of James Murray 01/01/04/0314647-37S963-37
 Details03/10/1778DO, Return of Henry Lake 01/01/04/0314647-38S963-38
 Details03/10/1778DO, Return of Benjamin Keene 01/01/04/0314647-39S963-39
 Details03/01/1778DO, Return of Robert Harrison 01/01/04/0314647-40S963-40
 Details03/05/1778DO, Return of Thomas F. Eccleston 01/01/04/0314647-41S963-41
 Details1778DO, Return of John Dickinson 01/01/04/0314647-42S963-42
 Details03/06/1778DO, Return of William Ennalls 01/01/04/0314647-43S963-43
 Details1778HA, Return of William Smithson. [oversize] 01/01/04/0314647-44S963-44
 Details1778HA, Return of John Archer 01/01/04/0314647-45S963-45
 Details03/18/1778HA, Return of Mordecai Amos 01/01/04/0314647-46S963-46
 Details1778HA, Return of James McComas 01/01/04/0314647-47S963-47
 Details1778HA, Return of Robert T. Amoss 01/01/04/0314647-48S963-48
 Details1778HA, Return of William Bond 01/01/04/0314647-49S963-49
 Details1778HA, Return of Aquila Hall 01/01/04/0314647-50S963-50
 Details03/03/1778HA, Return of John Love 01/01/04/0314647-51S963-51
 Details1778HA, Return of Thomas Johnson 01/01/04/0314647-52S963-52
 Details1778HA, Return of Samuel Groome Osborn 01/01/04/0314647-53S963-53
 Details03/01/1778HA, Return of Aquila Paca 01/01/04/0314647-54S963-54
 Details03/24/1778HA, Return of Abraham Whitaker 01/01/04/0314647-55S963-55
 Details03/02/1778MO, Return of Richard Thompson 01/01/04/0294648-1S963-56
 Details03/02/1778MO, Return of Mr. Hull 01/01/04/0294648-2S963-57
 Details1778MO, Return of Samuel W. Magruder 01/01/04/0294648-3S963-58
 Details03/03/1778MO, Return of Charles Jones 01/01/04/0294648-4S963-59
 Details03/03/1778MO, Return of William Deakins, Jr. 01/01/04/0294648-5S963-60
 Details03/01/1778MO, Return of Edward Burgess. [oversize] 01/04/05/0564648-6S963-61
 Details03/02/1778MO, Return of Gerrard Briscoe 01/01/04/0294648-7S963-62
 Details03/03/1778MO, Return of Thomas Sprigg Wootton 01/01/04/0294648-8S963-63
 Details03/02/1778MO, Return of Elisha Williams 01/01/04/0294648-9S963-64
 Details03/02/1778MO, Return of Oneas Campbell 01/01/04/0294648-10S963-65
 Details03/02/1778MO, Return of Joseph Wilson 01/01/04/0294648-11S963-66
 Details1778PG, Return of Richard Henderson 01/01/04/0294648-12S963-67
 Details1778PG, Return of Thomas Boyd 01/01/04/0294648-13S963-68
 Details1778PG, Return of David Craufurd 01/01/04/0294648-14S963-69
 Details03/30/1778PG, Return of Fielder Bowie 01/01/04/0294648-15S963-70
 Details1778PG, Return of James Beck 01/01/04/0294648-16S963-71
 Details1778PG, Return of Thomas Gantt, Jr. 01/01/04/0294648-17S963-72
 Details1778PG, Return of Christopher Lowndes 01/01/04/0294648-18S963-73
 Details1778PG, Return of William Berry 01/01/04/0294648-19S963-74
 Details1778PG, Return of Joshua Beall 01/01/04/0294648-20S963-75
 Details1778PG, Return of Benjamin Hall 01/01/04/0294648-21S963-76
 Details1778PG, Return of Alexander Howard Magruder 01/01/04/0294648-22S963-77
 Details03/02/1778PG, Return of William Lyle, Jr. 01/01/04/0294648-23S963-78
 Details03/09/1778PG, Return of George Lee 01/01/04/0294648-24S963-79
 Details1778PG, Return of Thomas Williams 01/01/04/0294648-25S963-80
 Details1778PG, Return of William Lock Weems 01/01/04/0294648-26S963-81
 Details02/28/1778PG, Return of Truman Skinner 01/01/04/0294648-27S963-82
 Details03/14/1778PG, Return of James Mullikin 01/01/04/0294648-28S963-83
 Details1778PG, Return of Osborn Sprigg 01/01/04/0294648-29S963-84
 Details1778PG, Return of Thomas Macgill 01/01/04/0294648-30S963-85
 Details03/01/1778PG, Return of Thomas Clagett. [oversize] 01/04/05/0564648-31S963-86
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