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(Birth Record, Counties)

Series Description
Certificates of birth. Entries give name and sex of child; date and place of birth; name, birthplace, race, age, residence, and occupation of each parent; number of children previously born to the mother; and name and address of the medical attendant. Arranged chronologically by year and month, then alphabetically by county, and then alphabetically by name of child. Access is restricted by law for 100 years after the date of birth. (This series is restricted under Code State Government Article § 9-1015.) Earlier records, 1898-1913, are found in series T1886. For later records, see series SM32 and (Birth Record) in series SM73 and TM3. For indexes, see (Birth Record, Counties, Index) in series S1045.

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DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH BUREAU OF VITAL STATISTICS (Birth Record, Index, Counties) S1045, 1910-1919
DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH BUREAU OF VITAL STATISTICS (Birth Record, Index, Counties) SM27, 1910-1950

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This series is restricted under Code State Government Article § 9-1015.

Length of Restriction: 100 years after the birthdate
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DateFilm ReelsDescriptionMSA Citation
Details1914SR 3116Jan. AL-QA, WA-WO, QA-WA, Feb. AL-BASM35-1
Details1914SR 3117Feb. CV-WO, Mar. AL-WO. Certs. for Feb. WA-WO unsorted. Rets. of SO 4451-4464SM35-2
Details1914SR 3118Apr. AL-WO, May. AL-PGSM35-3
Details1914SR 3119May. QA-WO, Jun. AL-WOSM35-4
Details1914SR 3120Jul. AL-WO, Aug. AL-WOSM35-5
Details1914SR 3121 (Scanned)Sep. AL-WO, Oct. AL-QASM35-6
Details1914SR 3122Oct. SM-WO, Nov. AL-WOSM35-7
Details1914SR 3123Dec. AL-WOSM35-8
Details1915SR 3124 (Scanned)Jan. AL-WO, Feb. AL-FRSM35-9
Details1915SR 3159Feb. GA-WO, Mar. AL-WO, Apr. AL-BASM35-10
Details1915SR 3160Apr. CV-WO, May. AL-QASM35-11
Details1915SR 3161May. SM-WO, Jun. AL-WOSM35-12
Details1915SR 3162Jul. AL-WO, Aug. AL-DOSM35-13
Details1915SR 3163Aug. FR-WO, Sep. AL-WO, Oct. AL-BASM35-14
Details1915SR 3164Oct. CV-WO, Nov. AL-QASM35-15
Details1915SR 3165Nov. SM-WO, Dec. AL-WOSM35-16
Details1916SR 3166Jan. AL-WO, Feb. AL-FRSM35-17
Details1916SR 3167 (Scanned)Feb. GA-WO, Mar. AL-WOSM35-18
Details1916SR 3168Apr. AL-WO, May. AL-FRSM35-19
Details1916SR 3169May. GA-WO, Jun. AL-WOSM35-20
Details1916SR 3170 (Scanned)Jul. AL-WO, Aug. AL-BASM35-21
Details1916SR 3272Aug. CV-WO, Sep. AL-KESM35-22
Details1916SR 3273Sep. MO-WO, Oct. AL-WO, Nov. AL-FRSM35-23
Details1916SR 3274Nov. GA-WO, Dec. AL-WOSM35-24
Details1917SR 3275 (Scanned)Jan. AL-WO, Feb. AL-FRSM35-25
Details1917SR 3276 (Scanned)Feb. GA-WO, Mar. AL-WOSM35-26
Details1917SR 3277Apr. AL-WO, May. AL-FRSM35-27
Details1917SR 3278May. GA-WO, Jun. AL-WOSM35-28
Details1917SR 3279Jul. AL-WO, Aug. AL-FRSM35-29
Details1917SR 3280Aug. GA-WO, Sep. AL-WOSM35-30
Details1917SR 3281Oct. AL-WO, Nov. AL-KESM35-31
Details1917SR 3282Nov. MO-WO, Dec. AL-WOSM35-32
Details1918SR 3676-AJan. AL-WO, Feb. AL-KESM35-33
Details1918SR 3677Feb. MO-WO, Mar. AL-WO, Apr. AL-AASM35-34
Details1918SR 3678 (Scanned)Apr. AA-WO, May. AL-BASM35-35
Details1918SR 3679May. BA-WO, Jun. AL-WOSM35-36
Details1918SR 3680Jul. AL-WO, Aug. AL-CVSM35-37
Details1918SR 3681Aug. CA-WO, Sep. AL-WOSM35-38
Details1918SR 3682Oct. AL-WOSM35-39
Details1918SR 3683Nov. AL-WO, Dec. AL-WOSM35-40
Details1919SR 3684Jan. AL-WO, Feb. AL-WO, Mar. AL-BASM35-41
Details1919SR 3685Mar. BA-WO, Apr. AL-CRSM35-42
Details1919SR 3686Apr. CE-WO, May. AL-MOSM35-43
Details1919SR 3687 (Scanned)May. PG-WO, Jun. AL-WOSM35-44
Details1919SR 3688Jul. AL-WO, Aug. AL-MOSM35-45
Details1919SR 3689Aug. PG-WO, Sep. AL-WOSM35-46
Details1919SR 3690Oct. AL-WO, Nov. AL-KESM35-47
Details1919SR 3691Nov. MO-WO, Dec. AL-WOSM35-48
Details1920SR 3692Jan. AL-WO, Feb. AL-CRSM35-49
Details1920SR 3693Feb. CE-WO, Mar. AL-KESM35-50
Details1920SR 3694 (Scanned)Mar. MO-WO, Apr. AL-WO, May. AL-CASM35-51
Details1920SR 3695May. CR-WO, Jun. AL-KESM35-52
Details1920SR 3696Jun. MO-WO, Jul. AL-WO, Aug. AL-BASM35-53
Details1920SR 3697Aug. BA-WO, Sep. AL-MOSM35-54
Details1920SR 3698Sep. PG-WO, Oct. AL-WO, Nov. AL-MOSM35-55
Details1920SR 3699Nov. PG-WO, Dec. AL-WOSM35-56
Details1921SR 3700 (Scanned)Jan. AL-WO, Feb. AL-KESM35-57
Details1921SR 3701Feb. MO-WO, Mar. AL-WO, Apr. AL-BASM35-58
Details1921SR 3702 (Scanned)Apr. BA-WO, May. AL-PGSM35-59
Details1921SR 3703May. QA-WO, Jun. AL-WO, Jul. AL-BASM35-60
Details1921SR 3704 (Scanned)Jul. BA-WO, Aug. AL-PGSM35-61
Details1921SR 3705Aug. PG-WO, Sep. AL-WO, Oct. AL-CHSM35-62
Details1921SR 3706Oct. DO-WO, Nov. AL-WO, Dec. AL-BASM35-63
Details1921SR 3707 (Scanned)Dec. CV-WOSM35-64
Details1922SR 3708Jan. AL-WI. Fogged at endSM35-65
Details1922SR 3709Jan. WO, Feb. AL-WO, Mar. AL-GASM35-66
Details1922SR 3710 (Scanned)Mar. HA-WO, Apr. AL-WO, May. AL-FRSM35-67
Details1922SR 3711 (Scanned)May. GA-WO, Jun. AL-WO, Jul. AL-CASM35-68
Details1922SR 3712Jul. CR-WO, Aug. AL-WOSM35-69
Details1922SR 3713Sep. AL-WO, Oct. AL-MOSM35-70
Details1922SR 3714Oct. PG-WO, Nov. AL-WO, Dec. AL-CASM35-71
Details1922SR 3715Dec. CR-WOSM35-72
Details1923SR 3716Jan. AL-WOSM35-73
Details1923SR 3717Feb. CR-KE, AL-CA, MO-WO, Mar. AL-WA. Fogged at endSM35-74
Details1923SR 3718Mar. WI-WO, Apr. AL-WO, May. AL-PGSM35-75
Details1923SR 3719May. QA-WO, Jun. AL-WO, Jul. AL-HASM35-76
Details1923SR 3720Jul. HO-WO, Aug. AL-WO, Sep. AL-CASM35-77
Details1923SR 3721Sep. CR-WO, Oct. AL-WO, Nov. AL-CRSM35-78
Details1923SR 3722Nov. CE-WO, Dec. AL-WOSM35-79
Details1924SR 3723 (Scanned)Jan. AL-WO, Feb. AL-HOSM35-80
Details1924SR 3724 (Scanned)Feb. KE-WO, Mar. AL-WO, Apr. AL-CASM35-81
Details1924SR 3725Apr. CR-WO, May. AL-WO, Jun. AL-CASM35-82
Details1924SR 3726 (Scanned)Jun. CR-WO, Jul. AL-WO, Aug. ALSM35-83
Details1924SR 3727Aug. AA-WO, Sep. AL-MOSM35-84
Details1924SR 3728Sep. PG-WO, Oct. AL-WO, Nov. AL-KESM35-85
Details1924SR 3729Nov. MO-WO, Dec. AL-WOSM35-86
Details1925SR 3730 (Scanned)Jan. AL-WO, Feb. AL-WASM35-87
Details1925SR 3731 (Scanned)Feb. WI-WO, Mar. AL-WO, Apr. AL-CASM35-88
Details1925SR 3732 (Scanned)Apr. CR-WO, May. AL-WOSM35-89
Details1925SR 3733Jun. AL-WO, Jul. AL-PGSM35-90
Details1925SR 3734Jul. QA-WO, Aug. AL-WO, Sep. AL-CASM35-91
Details1925SR 3735 (Scanned)Sep. CR-WO, Oct. AL-WOSM35-92
Details1925SR 3736Nov. AL-WO, Dec. AL-WOSM35-93
Details1926SR 3737Jan. AL-WO, Feb. AL-MOSM35-94
Details1926SR 3738Feb. PG-WO, Mar. AL-WO, Apr. AL-CRSM35-95
Details1926SR 3739Apr. CR-WO, May. AL-WOSM35-96
Details1926SR 3740Jun. AL-WO, Jul. AL-MOSM35-97
Details1926SR 3741Jul. PG-WO, Aug. AL-WO, Sep. AL-CASM35-98
Details1926SR 3742Sep. CR-WO, Oct. AL-WOSM35-99
Details1926SR 3743Nov. AL-WO, Dec. AL-WOSM35-100
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