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(Birth Record, Counties)

Series Description
Certificates of birth. Entries give name and sex of child; date and place of birth; name, birthplace, race, age, residence, and occupation of each parent; number of children previously born to the mother; and name and address of the medical attendant. Confidential medical information added after 1970. Arranged chronologically by year and month, then alphabetically by county, and then alphabetically by name of child. Access restricted by law for 100 years after date of birth. (This series is restricted under Code State Government Article § 9-1015.) Records for 1914-1967 not fully processed [MSA T1886 and TM2]. Earlier records, 1898-1913, remain at Division of Vital Records. For processed records see [MSA SM36] for 1969-1972 and DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH for 1914-1969 [MSA SM35 and SM32]. For records after 1972 see [MSA SM37]. For indexes for 1951-1953 see [MSA TM479]. For indexes, 1914-1950, see DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH, Birth Record, Counties, Index series [MSA S1045 and SM27].

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This series is restricted under Code State Government Article § 9-1015.

Length of Restriction: 100 years after the birthdate
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DateFilm ReelsDescriptionMSA Citation
Details1969SR 2884Jul. AL-WA. Rets. of BA 17963, MO 18913, 19278SM36-1
Details1969SR 2885Jul. WI-WO, Aug. AL-WI. Rets. of WI 20512, BA 21417. Missing BA 21418, WI 23697, 23690, 23698-23700, 23671, 23701-23795SM36-2
Details1969SR 2886Sep. AL-WISM36-3
Details1969SR 2887, CR 27781Oct. AL-WO. Ret. of CR 27781SM36-4
Details1969SR 2888Nov. AL-WO. Ret. of BA 30716SM36-5
Details1969SR 2889Dec. AL-WISM36-6
Details1970SR 2890Jan. AL-WOSM36-7
Details1970SR 2891Feb. AL-WO. Ret. of PG 5223SM36-8
Details1970SR 2892Mar. AL-WI. Rets. of MO 7401, 7410SM36-9
Details1970SR 2893Apr. AL-WI. Rets. of GA 10037, 10039. Missing GA 10038, 11806SM36-10
Details1970SR 2894May. AL-WI. Rets. of CE 12816, PG 13868SM36-11
Details1970SR 2895Jun. AL-WI. Ret. of PG 17212SM36-12
Details1970SR 2896Jul. AL-SM. Rets. of BA 18178, CE 18751, 18753SM36-13
Details1970SR 2897Jul. SO-WO, Aug. AL-SOSM36-14
Details1970SR 2898Aug. TA-WO, Sep. AL-MO. Rets. of DO 25418, HA 25607SM36-15
Details1970SR 2899Sep. PG-WI, Oct. AL-MOSM36-16
Details1970SR 2900Oct. MO-WI, Nov. AL-HASM36-17
Details1970SR 2901Nov. HO-WI, Dec. AL-GA. Ret. of MO 32894SM36-18
Details1970SR 2902Dec. HA-WISM36-19
Details1971SR 2903Jan. AL-WISM36-20
Details1971SR 2904Feb. AL-WISM36-21
Details1971SR 2905Mar. AL-WISM36-22
Details1971SR 2906Apr. AL-WI. Ret. of HA 10206SM36-23
Details1971SR 2907May. AL-WOSM36-24
Details1971SR 2908 (Scanned)Jun. AL-WO, Jul. AL-BA. Rets. of BA 17971-18005SM36-25
Details1971SR 2909 (Scanned)Jul. BA-WI, Aug. AL-BA. Rets. of MO 19213, 19478SM36-26
Details1971SR 2910Aug. BA-WI, Sep. AL-BA. Ret. of AL 23751SM36-27
Details1971SR 2911Sep. BA-WI, Oct. AL-BA. Rets. of BA 24449-24452, 24273-24274SM36-28
Details1971SR 2912Oct. BA-WO. Ret. of DO 27755SM36-29
Details1971SR 2913Nov. AL-PGSM36-30
Details1971SR 3664Nov. SM-WI, Dec. AL-WASM36-31
Details1971SR 3665Dec. WISM36-32
Details1972SR 3666Jan. AL-WO. Ret. of PG 1993SM36-33
Details1972SR 3667Feb. AL-WI, Mar. AL-BA. Ret. of GA 3731SM36-34
Details1972SR 3668Mar. BA-WI, Apr. AL-CH. Ret. of FR 6336, MO 96871SM36-35
Details1972SR 3669 (Scanned)Apr. DO-WI, May. AL-CR. Rets. of PG 9588, 9980-9982SM36-36
Details1972SR 3670May. CE-WO, Jun. AL-MO. Rets. of MO 14394-14626SM36-37
Details1972SR 3671Jun. MO-WI, Jul. AL-MOSM36-38
Details1972SR 3672Jul. MO-WI, Aug. AL-PGSM36-39
Details1972SR 3673Aug. PG-WI, Sep. AL-WISM36-40
Details1972SR 3674Oct. AL-WI, Nov. AL-BASM36-41
Details1972SR 3675Nov. BA-WI, Dec. AL-DO. Rets. of PG 28184, BA 29287SM36-42
Details1972SR 3676Dec. FR-WISM36-43
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