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(Foster Care File)

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Records of children placed in foster care by the local office. Typical files include reports of home visits and evaluations, family group sheets, correspondence, referrals for foster care, placement sheets, medical records, summary of the case, face sheets describing the child and foster home, and court hearings. Arranged by case number. Foster care files are restricted records(COMAR, accessible only by court order. Series not fully processed.

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This series is restricted and can not be viewed or requested except by a court order or a State appointed intermediary. Restricted for confidentiality under, COMAR
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DateBook NameDescriptionLocationBoxMSA Citation
Details1943-1972 30A, 48A-48C, 52A-52B, 65A, 76A, 83A-83D, 98A, 116A-116B, 120A, 139A, 141A-141C, 146A, 146C-146E, 204B-204G, 205A-205B, 215A-215B, 216A, 223A-223B, 248A-248D, 257A, 269A-269C, 328A-328D, 333A, 341A03/64/13/0011T1826-1
Details1951-1978 341B-341D, 405A-405B, 413A, 414A, 424A, 426A, 435A, 471A, 492A, 511A-511E, 533A, 573A, 588A-588B, 600A, 602A, 603A-603B, 613A, 618A, 621A-621B, 651A-651D, 700A, 719A03/64/13/0022T1826-2
Details1948-1979 720A, 722A, 723A, 725A, 756A, 767A, 772A-772C, 777A, 794A, 797A, 858A-858B, 870A, 881A-881C, 882A, 902A, 920A-920E, 937A-937B, 938A, 953A, 969A-969B, 974A, 991A-991C, 1019A, 1068A-1068B, 1073B-1073D, 1076D, 1111A-1111B, 1125A, 1138A-1138B, 1152A, 1170A03/64/13/0033T1826-3
Details1945-1979 1194A-1194D, 1204A, 1229A-1229B, 1264A, 1274A, 1288A-1288C, 1293A, 1294A-1294B, 1302A, 1339A, 1346A, 1361A, 1377A-1377E, 1388A,1450A, 1459A, 1475A, 1499A, 1522A-1522C, 1551A, 1559A-1559B, 1574A-1574C, 1580A, 1585A-1585D03/64/13/0044T1826-4
Details1952-1980 1605A, 1612A-1612E, 1631A, 1641A-1641B, 1646A, 1656A, 1661A, 1698A-1698B, 1710A-1710E, 1724A-1724B, 1742A-1742B, 1770A-1770B, 1780A, 1789A, 1799A, 1806A, 1809A, 1810A, 1814A-1814D, 1842A, 1850A, 1882A, 1901A, 1914A03/64/13/0055T1826-5
Details1945-1977 1918A-1918B, 1933A-1933C, 1958A, 1972A, 1984A-1984C, 2014A-2014C, 2036A, 2041A, 2049A-2049C, 2054A, 2070A-2070D, 2089A, 2101A, 2115A, 2173A, 2174A, 2177A, 2188A, 2202A, 2227A, 2255A-2255B, 2277A, 2279A, 2288A, 2312A, 2316A-2316C, 2318A-2318B, 2320A, 2357A-2357C, 2370A, 2403A, 2408A03/64/13/0066T1826-6
Details1945-1979 2427A, 2453A-2453B, 2458A, 2484A, 2512A, 2516A-2516B, 2517B, 2531A, 2533A-2533B, 2535A, 2544A, 2547A-2547C, 2548A, 2578A, 2589A, 2614A, 2628A-2826G, 2642A, 2643A, 2655A-2655B, 2655D-2655F, 2657A, 2659A-2659D03/64/13/0077T1826-7
Details1948-1980 2713A-2713B, 2720A, 2729A, 2745A, 2757A, 2759A-2759F, 2773A, 2779A-2779C, 2781A, 2816A, 2822A, 2841A, 2863A-2863C, 2873A, 2889A-2889D, 2916A, 2922A, 2946A, 3003E-3003F, 3005A-3005B, 3012A, 3022A, 3036A-3036C, 3040A, 3048A, 3050A, 3054A, 3071A-3071D03/64/13/0088T1826-8
Details1949-1978 3087A-3087C, 3094A-3094B, 3097A-3097B, 3103A, 3147A-3147E, 3166A, 3178A, 3200A, 3210A, 3211A-3211B, 3235A, 3242A, 3280A-3280B, 3307A-3307E, 3332A-3332D, 3338A-3338B, 3371A-3371C, 3381A, 3392A-3392B, 3420A03/64/13/0099T1826-9
Details1945-1974 3460A-3460E, 3494A-3494B, 3496A, 3526C, 3531A, 3549A, 3563A-3563B, 3571A-3571B, 3590A, 3595A, 3599A, 3608A, 3614A, 3635A-3635B, 3643A, 3653A-3653C, 3657A, 3678A-3678C, 3688A, 3691A, 3720A-3720D, 3722A, 3736A, 3747A-3747D03/64/13/01010T1826-10
Details1945-1978 3749A, 3755A-3755C, 3783A, 3788A, 3792A, 3804A, 3825A-3825C, 3825F, 3879A, 3921A-3921C, 3948A, 3993A, 4041A-4041B, 4063A, 4086A, 4088A, 4104A-4104B, 4104E, 4106A, 4118A, 4125A-4125B, 4138A-4138I, 4138K, 4171A, 4193A-4193C, 4215A, 4228A, 4236A03/64/13/01111T1826-11
Details1972-1977 4237A-4237C, 4259A-4259D, 4268A-4268G, 4301B, 4301E-4301G, 4304A-4304C, 4324A, 4337A, 4339A-4339B, 4340A, 4390A, 4404A, 4407A, 4420A, 4429A-4429C, 4451A-4451B, 4454A, 4478A-4478B, 4482A, 4488A, 4499A-4499D03/64/13/01212T1826-12
Details1954-1980 4512A, 4531A, 4567A-4567B, 4587A, 4591A-4591D, 4592A, 4621A, 4625A, 4626A-4626B, 4633A-4633H, 4633J-4633K, 4663A-4663F, 4675A, 4676A, 4681A, 4684A-4684D03/64/13/01313T1826-13
Details1946-1978 4684A-4684B, 4684E-4684F, 4696A-4696C, 4713A-4713D, 4722A-4722C, 4723A, 4751A, 4754A, 4762A, 4765A, 4766A, 4799A-4799F, 4813A-4813F, 4836A, 4866A-4866E, 4882A, 4905A-4905C, 4930A, 4942A, 4971A, 4974A03/64/13/01414T1826-14
Details1944-1978 5002A, 5005A, 5037A, 5041A-5041E, 5046A, 5065A, 5067A, 5072A-5072B, 5121A-5121D, 5122A-5122D, 5130A, 5140A, 5147A, 5207A, 5211A, 5229A, 5262A, 5292A-5292B, 5302A, 5308A, 5334A, 5340A-5340E03/64/13/01515T1826-15
Details1942-1977 5372A, 5379A-5379B, 5394A, 5467A-5467C, 5474A-5474B, 5496A, 5504A, 5545A, 5562A, 5563A-5563C, 5584A, 5592A, 5599A, 5608A-5608B, 5610A, 5639A, 5642A, 5652A-5652G03/64/13/01616T1826-16
Details1957-1979 5676A, 5679A, 5712A-5712C, 5717A, 5729A-5729C, 5741A-5741C, 5792A, 5804A, 5839A, 5858A, 5863A-5863H, 5863J, 5871A-5871B, 5890A-5890B, 5899A, 5947A, 5970A-5970D03/64/13/01717T1826-17
Details1952-1980 5971A, 5973A, 5985A-5985D, 5986A, 5987A, 6000A, 6002A, 6008A-6008B, 6011A, 6021A, 6027A, 6048A-6048C, 6059A-6059D03/64/13/01818T1826-18
Details1950-1980 6066A, 6069A, 6089A-6089B, 6102A-6102H, 6109A-6109B, 6123A-6123C, 6152A-6152C, 6204A, 6206B03/64/13/01919T1826-19
Details1944-1978 6223A, 6243A-6243B, 6269A, 6291A, 6338A-6338B, 6344A, 6355A, 6399A, 6424A, 6460A, 6477A, 6487A, 6494A-6494B, 6515A, 6526A, 6530A, 6553A, 6558A-6558B, 6586A, 6591A, 6600A-6600B, 6604A, 6660A-6660B, 6675A-6675D, 6683A, 6686A, 6687A-6687C03/64/13/02020T1826-20
Details1945-1979 6713A, 6737A-6737D, 6750A, 6755A-6755C, 6760A-6760B, 6807A-6807E, 6823A, 6849A-6849C, 6851A, 6887A-6887B, 6905A-6905B,6913A, 6956A, 6988A-6988C, 6994A, 7005A-7005B, 7034A, 7089A03/64/13/02121T1826-21
Details1945-1980 7099B-7099H, 7104A, 7149A-7149B, 7151A, 7176A-7176D, 7188A, 7194A, 7196A-7196C, 7212A-7212E, 7228B-7228C, 7238A-7238B, 7267A, 7325B-7325C, 7353A-7353H03/64/13/02222T1826-22
Details1945-1980 7355A-7355B, 7356A, 7361A, 7372A,7677D03/64/13/02323T1826-23
Details1942-1978 7677E-7677F, 7692A-7692H, 7713A, 7715A-7715B, 7722A-7722B, 7733A, 7734A, 7743A-7743B, 7744A, 7759A, 7768A-7768F, 7791A-7791B, 7810A, 7815A-7815C, 7838A-7838B03/64/13/02424T1826-24
Details1948-1978 7838C, 7892A-7892C, 7917A, 7933A-7933B, 7940A, 7946A, 7988A-7988E, 8002A-8002C, 8066A, 8077A, 8085A-8085B, 8094A-8094B, 8103A, 8124A-8124B, 8144A, 8157A-8157B, 8170A, 8187A, 8277A, 8282B, 8292A-8292C, 8317A, 8337A, 8347A-8347C, 8368A-8368D, 8376A, 8404A, 8420A-8420B, 8421A-8421B, 8428A-8428B, 8463A, 8502A03/64/13/02525T1826-25
Details1957-1980 8541A, 8550A-8550B, 8565A-8565B, 8568A-8568B, 8585A, 8594A-8594D, 8640A-8640B, 8706A-8706B, 8745A, 8865A, 8867A, 8888A, 8903A-8903D, 8933A, 8968A-8968B, 8985A-8985B, 9007A-9007C03/64/13/02626T1826-26
Details1943-1978 9035A-9035C, 9283A, 9316A-9316B, 9321A-9321D, 9322A-9322E, 9356A, 9358A-9358C, 9602A, 9608A, 9613A, 9620A, 9622A, 9626A, 9637A, 9638A-9638B, 9647A-9647B, 9650A, 9651A-9651B, 9659A, 9662A, 9663A, 9702A, 9718A, 9718C, 9724A, 9725A-9725B, 9728A, 9729A, 9731A, 9732A, 9765A03/64/13/02727T1826-27
Details1967-1980 9776A, 12012A, 12039A, 12060A, 12065A-12065C, 12230A, 12236A-12236D, 12385A, 12413A-12413B, 12452A-12452D, 12456A, 12475A-12475B, 12507A-12507C, 12688A, 12692A-12692B, 12708A, 12744A03/64/13/02828T1826-28
Details1968-1980 12758A, 12898A-12898B, 12955A, 13050A, 13099A, 13341A, 13388A, 13407A-13407D, 13460A, 13515A, 13546A-13546B, 13559A-13559F, 13575A, 1680A, 13766A, 13767A, 13786A-13786C, 13851A, 13894A-13894B, 13949A, 13960A, 14048A, 14120A-14120D03/64/13/02929T1826-29
Details1971-1980 14136A, 14243A-14243B, 14246A, 14297A-14297B, 14303A-14303B, 14311A-14311B, 14415A, 14429A, 14469A, 14474A, 14475A, 14507A, 14514A, 14523A, 14561A-14561C, 14596A-14596B, 14655A-14655B, 14656A-14656C, 14848A-14848B, 14904A-14904D, 15232A, 15361A, 15362A, 15383A-15383B03/64/13/03030T1826-30
Details1972-1980 15439A-15439B, 15446A-15446C, 15517A, 15636A-15636C, 15808A-15808C, 16125A-16125B, 16224A-16224B, 16373A, 16460A, 16479A-16479C, 16577A, 16751A, 16764A-16764B, 16843A-16843B, 16851A-16851B, 16872A-16872B, 16917A, 16924A, 17456A 17470A, 17616A, 17930A, 17948A-17948E03/64/13/03131T1826-31
Details1970-1980 18019A, 18073A, 18317A-18317C, 18443A-18443B, 18446A-18466E, 18527A-18527B, 19008A, 19350A, 19351A, 19371A, 19391A, 19433A, 20019A-20019B, 20020A, 20053A, 20074A, 20155A, 20179A, 20345A, 20455A, 21065A, 21106A, 21252A-21252B, 21296A-21296B, 21313A, 21399A, 21563A, 21596A03/64/13/03232T1826-32
Details1978-1980 21975A-21975C, 22503A, 22767A, 23273A, 23379A-23379B, 23788A, 23932A, 24146A, 24969A, 25011A-25011C, 25124A, 25327A, 25585A03/64/13/03333T1826-33
Details1981-1985 32B, 205C, 225A, 719B, 858C, 1359A, 1501A, 1587A, 1951A-1951B, 3003D, 3343A, 3551A, 3997A, 4313A, 4499E, 4499G, 5207B-5207C, 5284A03/58/01/0331T1826-34
Details1981-1985 5358A, 5792B, 6162, 6163B, 6737E, 6957A, 7099A, 7744B, 7800A, 8957A-8957B, 9174A, 9308A-9308B, 9340A, 9610A, 9747A, 12235A03/58/01/0342T1826-35
Details1981-1985 12236E-12236F, 12266A, 12400A, 12424A, 1235A, 12568A, 12643A, 12658A, 13334A-13334B, 13388B-13388C, 15042A, 15150A, 15435A, 15637A, 16191A, 16303A, 16558A, 16917C, 19479A, 17615A, 17855A, 17930B, 18041A, 18173A, 18381A, 18431A-18431B, 18556A-18556B03/58/01/0353T1826-36
Details1978-1985 19491A-19491D, 19616A-19616C, 19643A, 20324A, 20409A, 20453A, 20490A, 20504A, 21151A, 21176A, 21379A-21379B, 21421A-21421B, 21677A-21677C, 21856A-21856C, 22029A, 22248A-22248B, 22504C, 22643A, 22852A, 22922A, 23391A, 23659A, 23683A, 24076A-24076K03/58/01/0364T1826-37
Details1980-1985 24076A-24076H, 24076J-24076K, 24408A-24408C, 24553A, 24581A, 24647A, 24729A, 24730A, 24875A, 24961A, 25013A, 25233A, 25428A, 25755A, 25784A, 26389A, 27075A, 27187A, 27190A-27190B, 27198A, 27379A, 27547A, 27725A-27725B, 27916A, 28013A, 28249A, 28253A, 28314A, 28335A, 38537A-28537C03/58/01/0375T1826-38
Details1983-1985 28539A, 28616A, 29244A, 29408A, 29409A, 29434A, 29750A, 29751A, 29799A, 29953A, 30028A-30028B, 30122A, 30203A, 30267A, 30999A, 31033A, 31049A, 31108A, 31324A-31324B03/58/01/0386T1826-39
Details1984-1986 1348A, 1709A, 5284A, 7061A, 7421B, 8363A-8363B, 8593A, 9995A, 12473E-12473F, 12505A, 13468A, 13543A, 15296, 15543A, 16917A, 21677C, 22591, 23732A, 24211A03/67/05/0071T1826-40
Details1986 25776A, 27190A-27190B, 27442A-27442B, 28127A-28127B, 28425A, 28877A, 28865A, 28965A-28965C, 29091A, 29146A-29146B, 29928A-29928B, 30633A, 31556A, 31899A, 32540A, 32655A-32655B, 33289AS, 33436A03/67/05/0082T1826-41
Details1987 33516A-33516B, 33901A, 34321, 34353, 34379, 34385, 34395, 34445, 34453, 34456, 34473, 34482-34483, 34490-34491, 34573-34575, 34582, 34590, 34895, 34945-34946, 35278, 35357, 3539401/59/09/0731T1826-42
Details1985-1988 300B, 24141A, 34318, 34320, 34322-34324, 34345-34346, 34375, 34397, 3439902/66/11/1021T1826-43
Details1988 34400-34402, 34443, 34448, 34450, 34452, 34518-34519, 34756, 34801, 34831, 35040-35041, 35395, 35551, 35601, 35698, 35844, 36109-36111, 36143, 36256, 3693302/66/11/1032T1826-44
Details1989 Ah-Go: 3537, 29427, 34316, 34528, 34698, 34754, 36645, 36758-36759, 36960, 37590-37591, 37717, 37719, 37742, 38125, 38215-38216, 3836203/70/13/0011T1826-45
Details1985-1989 Ha-Wa: 1710, 4616, 20504, 27349, 32007, 34447, 35066, 36067-36068, 36214, 36286, 36383, 36458, 36606-36607, 37125, 37134, 37173, 37527, 38021-38022, 38028, 38563-3856403/70/13/0022T1826-46
Details1975-1990 Ba-Po: 36789, 01009307, 01029086A, 01030830A, 01034477A, 01034478C, 01034479B, 01034480D, 01034481, 01034476, 01034750, 01034755, 01035027, 01036080, 01036753, 01036786, 01037682, 01037692-01037693, 01037699, 01037744, 01037800, 01038748, 01039163, 01039950, 0103996200/23/14/0361T1826-47
Details1975-1990 Ra-Wo: 35025-35026, 01034451, 01034516, 01036070, 01037598-01037600, 01038204, 01039004, 01039238, 01039260, 0104017900/23/14/0372T1826-48
Details1991 Be-Pl: 3662, 7258, 8186, 34377, 34752, 35957, 36824, 38426, 40170, 40632, 40825, 41010-41011, 41271, 41640-41641, 41648HF/10/14/05914T1826-49
Details1991 Po-Wa: 34319, 34521, 35369, 35497, 37132, 37138, 37506, 42149, 42272HF/10/14/06015T1826-50
Details1988-1995 Ah-Ca: 34396, 36798, 45787-45788, 403002175, 439002050, 47200583HF/10/11/1071T1826-51
Details1988-1995 Co-Di: 36498, 38912, 42035, 42905-42906, 43852, 43990, 43992, 44932-44933, 488002874-4488002876HF/10/12/0492T1826-52
Details1993 Do-Fik: 39003, 40973, 42382, 42938, 43121, 43442, 43892, 44685, 44775, 44929HF/10/12/0503T1826-53
Details1993-1995 Fis-He: 3003, 38020, 38031, 38194, 38671, 40887, 40972, 431002112, 431005420, 441002019, 42207-42208HF/10/12/0844T1826-54
Details1993Ho: 34380 HF/10/12/0515T1826-55
Details1992-1995 Ho-Lil: 34378, 34380, 38785, 41733, 44856-44857, 44928HF/10/12/0526T1826-56
Details1987-1995 Lin-Mo: 28408, 34373, 34410, 34439, 35600, 39002, 45282, 427004713, 498002051HF/10/12/0537T1826-57
Details1987-1995 Po-Re: 300, 34409, 34454, 35545, 35769, 36172, 39659, 40825, 43048, 43941, 46140, 460002042HF/10/12/0548T1826-58
Details1984-1995 Ri-Ry: 34520, 44617-44618, 44620, 45378, 471002436, 488002872HF/10/12/0559T1826-59
Details1992-1995 Sa-Us: 34947-34948, 36181, 43003, 44714, 45183, 452002007, 468005252, 499002153HF/10/12/05610T1826-60
Details1995 Spi: 35023, 439002049HF/10/12/05711T1826-61
Details1993-1995 Spi-Wh: 34517, 34699, 46255, 497003037HF/10/12/05812T1826-62
Details1991-1995 Wil: 36081, 39001, 40504, 42296, 42655, 43804, 418004894HF/10/12/05913T1826-63
Details1996-1998 460002385; 424021043; 44174; 423002001CW/05/41/0311T1826-64
Details1994-1999 42035; 36499; 466002042; 490010688; 37333CW/05/41/0322T1826-65
Details1991-1998 40167; 34753; 41762; 456002462; 34381; 46064CW/05/41/0333T1826-66
Details1992-1998 17479; 39269; 446002091; 440011883CW/05/41/0344T1826-67
Details1988-1999 447002232; 434020010; 38022; 45847; 477005611; 37006; 409012503; 43478; 34802CW/05/41/0355T1826-68
Details1988-1999 406002166CW/05/41/0366T1826-69
Details1992-1999 406002166; 34444; 447004702; 423021626CW/05/41/0377T1826-70
Details1991-1999 41762; 46121; 485010757; 466002103-05CW/05/41/0388T1826-71
Details1995-1998 416001968; 459001936CW/05/41/0399T1826-72
Details1995 MCW/05/41/04010T1826-73
Details1998 M-NCW/05/41/04111T1826-74
Details1997-1999 O, P, SCW/05/41/04212T1826-75
Details1992-2000 SCW/05/41/04313T1826-76
Details1990-2000 S-TCW/05/41/04414T1826-77
Details1999 A-YCW/06/07/03915T1826-78
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