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Guide to Catholic Church Records

In order to find the church records of a particular county from this page, please click on the county name. There you will find a listing of all the churches for which we have any information, even if it is no more than the name of the church. There may be some information on the history and/or ethnic makeup of the original parish. If we have any of the church's registers, there will be an "M" followed by a number. This is the microfilm reel number.

If the Maryland State Archives has scanned the microfilm of a church's records and there are no restrictions on access, a pdf of that microfilm will be linked off the microfilm listings in the Special Collections guide and availble for researchers to consult only at the computer terminals in the State Archives building in Annapolis.

Reminder: The Archives does not have records from all of the churches located in Maryland, nor does it have records for all counties. Records for churches not listed below, or as part of the Religious Records Project on the Special Collections webpage, may be found at other repositories.

Please note that the Archdiocese of Baltimore has restricted access to post-1920 Catholic baptisms and we cannot provide access to these records without the permission of the church.  Reels of microfilm that contain post-1920 baptisms in addition to other, non-restricted records cannot be sold by the Archives without permission from the Archdiocese.

Allegany County Anne Arundel County Baltimore City Baltimore County Calvert County Caroline County
Carroll County Cecil County Charles County Dorchester County Frederick County Garrett County
Harford County Howard County Kent County Montgomery County Prince George's County Queen Anne's County
St. Mary's County Somerset County Talbot County Washington County Wicomico County Worcester County

Allegany County

  • St. Mary of the Annunciation, Lonaconing: Northwest of Cumberland, it was established in 1858. There are very few internment records. M1421-M1423
  • St. Michael's, Frostburg:  This parish was established west of Cumberland in 1852. There are no internment records prior to 1920. M3743-M3746
  • St. Patrick's, Cumberland:  Established in 1790, it originally served the entire county. Many of the early parishioners were Irish immigrants, who came to America to work on canal projects. M3461-M3467

Anne Arundel County

  • Our Lady of Sorrows, Owensville:  This parish was established in 1865, and served the Owensville and Davidsonville sections of the county. M2625
  • St. John's, Severna Park:  This parish was established in 1927 as a mission of St. Mary's in Annapolis. It covers the area north of Annapolis and south of Glen Burnie. M2543
  • St. Lawrence the Martyr, Jessup:  This parish was established in 1865 and covered the Southwest part of the county. M2627
  • St. Mary's, Annapolis:  This parish was established in 1853 on land owned by Charles Carroll of Carrollton. The Redemptorists have staffed it since. This parish would have ministered to the southern section of Anne Arundel County. M2337-M2348

Baltimore City

    To use these records, one must be aware of an individual's residence and nationality. Keep in mind that Baltimore City's boundaries of 1750 are not the same as those that exist today. In 1816 Baltimore expanded out from Jones Town and Old Town to North Avenue. In 1888, it expanded to Cold Spring Avenue. The final, and present, boundaries were put in place in 1918. For Catholics, a parish as known today did not exist prior to 1884. Before that time, one chose their parish simply because it was composed of members of the same nationality. Therefore we will identify the parishes by nationality, wherever possible, as we progress both historically and ecclesiastically through this guide.

1750-1830 1830-1860 1860-1888 1888-1950


  • Cathedral of the Assumption/Basilica of the Assumption/Co-Cathedral:  ENGLISH/IRISH/FRENCH - This Church was established in 1806 at the Corner of Cathedral and Mulberry streets. It served the Catholic population in the western section of Baltimore for many years. While most of the early entries are Irish, there is a mixture of other nationalities, especially French, English and some German. The Church was raised to the rank of a Basilica in 1937. It became the Co-Cathedral, when the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen was erected in 1959. Particularly in the twentieth century, one might check the marriage records here for a marriage if it is not located in the parish church. Many Catholics appeared at the door of the Cathedral to get married in the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s. Today the Cathedral draws on the metropolitan area for its constituency, reminiscent of its early days. The records for St. Mary's Seminary are included among these records. The Seminary served the French and Haitian populations of the City. M1510-M1524
  • St. Francis Xavier: AFRICAN AMERICAN -  This community was established in 1793 to serve the needs of Free Blacks living in Baltimore County. Free Blacks and slaves were served, not only by this Community, but also by the other Catholic communities. Unlike Protestant denominations, the Catholic Church did not discriminate in serving both races, as to sacramental service. The notations in a church's records would indicate whether or not the person was Colored. However, within the Church Service, there was a line of demarcation. Although never turned away from receiving the Sacraments, Blacks were restricted to only the balconies or the last few pews. This community became a full African American Community Parish in 1863 during the Civil War; however, the records did not start until 1871. It merged with St. Paul's in 1968 and the parish moved to Caroline and Oliver Streets, where it is presently located. M2083-M2089
  • St. John's German Catholic: GERMAN -   Even prior to 1800, Baltimore's German population was increasing. St. John's was established in 1801 to serve the needs of this growing nationality. One will find Germans from all parts of the City, as well as the surrounding county, worshiping at  St. John's. This parish closed in 1841 to make room for a newer, larger German Parish, St. James the Less. It was located at Saratoga and Park streets, across the street from the present St. Alphonsus. M1525 and M1584
  • St. Patrick's:  IRISH -  This parish was established in Fells Point in 1790. Near the Foot of Broadway, this parish served all Irish Immigrants in the area for many years. If your ancestors were Irish, this would be the natural Church to start your research. As POLISH immigrants came to Baltimore in the 1870s, they too began to  worship here. The first national Polish parish would not be established until 1879. There are no records available prior to 1808. The Internment records are sketchy until 1875. M1563-M1571
  • St. Peter's Pro-Cathedral:  The first Church established in the Baltimore environs was the Church of St. Peter, in 1770. When Baltimore was made a diocese in 1789, it became the first Pro-Cathedral. It stood at the Corner of Saratoga and Little Sharp streets. It was closed in 1841. Its records are part of the Basilica of the Assumption. Any Catholic living in the area of Baltimore would have come here to receive the Sacraments, regardless of nationality. M1510-1511; M1521


  • Holy Cross: GERMAN - This parish was established in 1858 to serve the German population in South  and Southwest Baltimore. M1915-M1918
  • Immaculate Conception: This parish was established in 1852 at Mosher and Division/Druid Hill Avenues to serve the mixed, but predominately Irish, population in the Sandtown/Upton Area. Internment records stop in 1955. M2647-M2649
  • Our Lady of Good Counsel: IRISH/POLISH - This parish was established as St. Lawrence O'Toole in 1859 to serve the Irish population in Locust Point. It became Our Lady of Good Counsel in the 1880's. It absorbed a Polish population after World War One. M2685-M2688
  • St. Alphonsus Liguori: GERMAN - This parish was established in 1845 by St. John Neumann to serve the German population of the Central and Western sections of the City. It was located at the corner of Park and Saratoga streets, and was the successor to St. John's German Catholic Church. In 1918, with the dwindling population of Germans in the Center of the City, it was reestablished as LITHUANIAN. Since 1918, this parish has served the Lithuanian population of the Central Maryland. M1584; M1595-1599; M4874
  • St. Brigid's, Canton: IRISH - St. Brigid's at the corner of Ellwood and Hudson was founded in 1858 to serve the Irish Community of Canton. It rivaled its "mother parish", St. Patrick's, for many years. Internment records are missing from 1858-1901. M1634-M1639
  • St. Ignatius of Loyola: The Jesuits established the Collegiate Church in 1853, in conjunction with the founding of Loyola High School and College, to serve the rapidly expanding Catholic population along the Calvert Street (Eastern end) of the City. The parish was the only one in the City served by the order.  M1600-M1603
  • St. John the Evangelist: IRISH - This parish was established in 1853, in the vicinity of St. James, to serve the Irish population moving Northeast within the Baltimore City environs. It became the parish of the Tenth Ward, even after the Irish left and the Tenth ward was renumbered. Internment records are missing from 1853 until 1870. This parish was closed in 1966, and merged with St. James the Less to become St. James/St. John. The records for these years are with those of St. James. The new parish closed in 1986, and the records were transferred to St. Wenceslaus. M1577-M1583
  • St. Joseph's, Lee Street: IRISH - This parish was established in 1839 for the Irish living west of Light Street and South of Baltimore Street and in South Baltimore. The parish closed in 1962. Internment records are sketchy until 1906. M1686-M1689
  • St. James the Less: GERMAN - This parish was established in 1840 to provide a place of worship for the emerging German Population in Northeast Baltimore. It was located on Aisquith Street, near Harford Avenue. Internment records from 1857 until 1930, are housed at the Archdiocese of Baltimore Catholic Archives. An index for the internment records from 1868-1929 can be found in REF A-2-6 in the Archives' library. In 1966 the Parish merged with St. John the Evangelist to become St. James/St. John's. Both parishes closed in 1986. M1572-M1576
  • St. Mary's of the Assumption, Govanstown: IRISH - This parish was established in Govanstown in Baltimore County in 1850. It served the Catholic population that was moving "out of the city". When City boundaries were extended in 1888, it became part of the City. The Internment records are sketchy through 1917. M2642-M2646
  • St. Michael the Archangel: GERMAN - This parish was the third German Parish to be established in Baltimore City within ten years. It was established in 1852 at Wolfe and Lombard streets. It served the German Catholic population of the Lower East Side of Baltimore City. Internment records are sketchy until 1882. M1538-M1545
  • St. Peter the Apostle: IRISH - This parish was established in 1842 at Hollins and Poppleton avenues to serve the Irish Population of the Western section of Baltimore City. After World War One, it would also serve the LITHUANIAN population on the West Side of the City. There are no internment records available, although some may be found as part of the records for St. Peter's Cemetery. M1434-M1439
  • St. Vincent de Paul:  IRISH - This parish was established in 1841 at the foot of Falls Way to serve the Irish Congregation of the Eastern section of the city, just north of the Inner Harbor. It served Old Town/Jones Town section of the City. There are no internment records prior to 1870. M1611-M1614


  • Corpus Christi Parish: This parish was established at Mount Royal and Lafayette Avenues in 1881 as the Jenkins Memorial Church. The Jenkins family wished to endow a Church in their honor. While never a large parish, it served a mixed population. M2920-M292
  • Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Highlandtown: GERMAN - This German parish was established in Highlandtown in 1873 to serve the German population, who was moving out of the City to the eastern suburbs. It remained part of Baltimore County until 1918, when it was absorbed into the City. When searching for birth records or death records, remember that this parish was in Baltimore County for nearly fifty years. M1525-M1533
  • Fourteen Holy Martyrs: GERMAN - This parish was established in Western Baltimore at Fulton and Mount Streets in 1870, to serve the expanding German population. Germans living west of Freemont Avenue attended this parish. Although established by the Redemptorists, this parish was quickly turned over to German Benedictines. This parish closed in 1964. M2650-M2651
  • Holy Rosary Parish: POLISH - The Polish Community continued to grow, and a second parish was established in East Baltimore in 1887. This parish relieved the overcrowding of St. Stanislaus, and was served by diocesan priests from Poland for many years. M3607-M3618
  • Mt. St. Joseph Collection: Mt St. Joseph is a male Catholic high school located in Irvington, Southwest Baltimore. The Archives has the First Communion record from 1883-1931. M1632
  • St. Andrew: GERMAN/IRISH - This parish was established at the corner of Broadway and Madison in 1878 to serve the predominately German population around Johns Hopkins Hospital, and those living as far east as Orangeville. While primarily a  German parish, it quickly began serving the City's Irish population as well. This parish was one of the first territorial parishes on the East Side. As the population changed and the Catholic population declined, this parish basically served only Johns Hopkins Hospital in the late fifties. It was closed in 1974. M1935-M1940
  • St. Ann's: IRISH - This parish was established at Greenmount Avenue and Twenty Second Street in 1873 to serve the Irish population as it moved North. This parish was established because of a vow Captain Kennedy made while sailing through a storm. His ship was saved, and the anchor of the ship still stands in front of the Church. This parish was called the Parish of Bishops as many Bishops and one Cardinal came from this parish in the early part of the twentieth century. M2931-M2935
  • St. Anthony of Padua Parish: This parish was established in Baltimore County in 1884 to serve the Catholics of Gardenville and Parkville areas. A large segment of the early population was German. It was still a small country parish when it was incorporated into Baltimore City in 1918. After the 1920s, this parish grew to be one of the largest parishes in the diocese. As the population has shifted, it is again becoming a smaller parish. M3290-M3294
  • St. Edward's Parish: This parish was established in 1880 at Poplar Grove and Prospect Avenue in Northwest Baltimore. This small parish served the niche between St. Martin's and St. Agnes Parish in West Baltimore. No internment rewords are available prior to 1908. M3982-M5986
  • St. Gregory the Great Parish:  This parish was established in 1884 at the Corner of Gilmor and Baker in West Baltimore. It served part of the territory previously served by St. Martin's. It served a mixed community. No internment records available prior to 1936. M3220-M3222
  • St. Jerome's Parish:  This parish was established in 1887 in Pigtown, in Southwest Baltimore. It served the Pigtown/Morrell Park area of what was formerly St. Peter's Parish. It also served Landsowne until St. Clement's was founded three years later. M3383-M3387
  • St. John's Parish:  ITALIAN - St. John's served the growing Italian community. This Church was located at Paca Street and Mulberry, and staffed by the Italian Pallotines. It remained relatively small, and by the 1930s, was serving the population only of the neighborhood. It became a Shrine to St. Jude in the 1980's, and ceased to be a parish.  No records are available.
  • St. Joseph's Monastery: This parish was established in 1872 in Irvington. This parish was located in Baltimore County until the expansion of the City boundaries in 1918, when it was incorporated into the City. It took over St. Agnes Parish for some time, and the records from St. Agnes are recorded here from 1868 through 1880. While predominately German, it also served the general population that lived in Irvington M2002-M2006
  • St. Leo the Great Parish: ITALIAN - This parish was located at Stiles and Exeter Streets in Little Italy and began in 1881, serving the entire Italian Population in Baltimore, until St. John's was established. The Italian Pallotines served it. M3275-M3284
  • St. Martin's:  IRISH - This parish was established in 1867 from St. Peter's Church, as the population of the West Side continued to grow. This parish was at the corner of Fulton and Fayette. This parish rapidly expanded, and by the 1920s was the largest parish in the Western section of the City, serving over ten thousand parishioners. Internment records are sketchy until 1904. M2654-M2662
  • St. Mary, Star of the Sea: IRISH - This parish was established in 1868 in South Baltimore to serve the Irish immigrant population just south of the Inner Harbor, between St. Joseph's and Our Lady of Good Counsel. Its beacon was lit at night to guide ship Captains and Pilots as they entered the Baltimore Harbor. Internment records start in 1922. M2704-M2712
  • St. Monica's Parish: AFRICAN AMERICAN - To respond to the needs of the African American community, the diocese established St. Monica's at Henrietta and Eutaw Streets in South Baltimore in 1883. This was the first parish established specifically for the African American community. Until this time, African Americans simply attended the nearest Catholic Church in their neighborhood. This parish closed in 1959 as more and more parishes absorbed the African American population. M1593
  • St. Paul's: his parish was created out of St. Ann's  in 1888 at Oliver and Caroline Streets, to serve the Catholics living in Northeast Baltimore near North Avenue and Harford Road. This parish closed in 1968 and was merged with St. Francis Xavier, at which time St. Francis closed its buildings and moved to St. Paul's. These records are found in the records of St. Francis Xavier with a separate listing. M2143-M2148
  • St. Peter Clavier's: AFRICAN AMERICAN - This was the third parish established to serve the African American community in Baltimore. It was staffed by the Josephites. It was located at Fremont Avenue, and served the Sandtown/Upton section of Southwest Baltimore. No records are available.
  • St. Pius V: IRISH/AFRICAN AMERICAN - This parish was established in 1878 at Schroeder and Edmondson, and served the predominately Irish population  in West Baltimore. After 1931, it was staffed by the Josephites, and became an African American Parish. M1670-M1676
  • St. Stanislaus: POLISH - The Polish community began to grow, and St. Stanislaus was established at South Ann Street in 1879 to serve this new immigrant population in the Fells Point/Canton Area. The Conventual Franciscans serve it. M1533-M1538
  • St. Thomas Aquinas Parish: This parish was established in 1868 to serve a mixed community living in Hampden. At that time it was still part of Baltimore County. In 1888, it became part of the City through boundary expansion. M2700-M2703
  • St. Wenceslaus Parish: BOHEMIAN/CZECH - This parish was established in 1868 on the East Side to serve the Bohemian and Czech populations of the City. It is located on Ashland and Collington Avenues. M1670-M1676
  • Shrine of the Sacred Heart, Mount Washington: This parish was established in 1869 in Mount Washington, to serve the Catholics living in that section of Baltimore County, just northwest of the City. It was integrated into the City through the boundary expansion in 1918. This parish never served a specific nationality, although the early parishioners were predominately Irish. M2829-M2830


  • All Saints Church: This parish was established in 1912 at Liberty Heights and Eldorado Avenues in Northwest Baltimore. In 1990 it merged with St. Cecilia's, and became the New All Saints Church. No records are available.
  • Blessed Sacrament Church: This parish was established in 1911 at Old York Road and Forty Second Street. It served the people from Hampden to Govans. No records are available.
  • Our Lady of Sorrows Parish: This parish was established in South Baltimore in 1922, and closed in 1935. M1918.
  • St. Ambrose:  This parish was established in 1907 to serve the population in Northwest Baltimore. It is located on Park Heights Avenue. These records are not available.
  • St. Athanasius, Curtis Bay: This parish was established in 1891 to serve the Catholic Population of northern Anne Arundel County. It remained part of the County until Baltimore's last annexation in 1918. It still serves the population from this area. No records are available.
  • St. Barnabas Parish: AFRICAN AMERICAN - This parish was established in 1907 at Biddle and Arglye Streets in West Baltimore. It was a small parish and closed in 1931. St. Pius absorbed its records, as a result, the records for both parishes are intermixed. M2669-M2673
  • St. Benedict's Parish: This parish was established in 1891 to serve the Southwest section of the city. The Benedictines out of Latrobe staff it, as well as Fourteen Holy Martyrs. While territorial, its initial population was heavily German. No records are available.
  • St. Bernard's Church: This parish was established in Waverly in 1891 to serve the Northeast Corridor of the City. It became the Korean National Church in 1989. M1662-M1665
  • St. Casmir's Church: POLISH - This parish established in 1902 was established in Canton to serve the larger population of Polish Catholics who were immigrating into Baltimore. It was established at O'Donnell Street and Kenwood Avenue. The Polish Franciscans serve it, just as St. Stanislaus'. No records are available.
  • St. Cecilia: This parish was established in 1902 at Windsor Avenue and Hilton Street to serve the population of Northwest Baltimore. This parish was merged with All Saints in the 1980's to form the New All Saints Church. No records are available.
  • St. Dominic's: This parish was established in 1906 in Hamilton to serve the people between Fullerton and St. Paul's Streets. It is located on Harford Road and Gibbons Avenue. These records are not available.
  • St. Elizabeth of Hungary: This parish was established in  East Baltimore, and served the Catholic Population as it moved east from Canton and Fells Point to the area east of Baltimore City, and north of Patterson Park. Established in 1895, it was the last parish established in the City prior to the turn of the 20th Century. By the 1920s this had become the largest parish in East Baltimore, and served a population over ten thousand people strong. No records are available.
  • St. Katherine of Sienna: This parish was established in 1902 to serve the expanding population in Northeast Baltimore. It served the people south of North Avenue and near Greenmount Avenue. This parish closed in 1986 and was merged with St. Wenceslaus. No records are available.
  • St. Mary's Industrial School: This school for orphans and wayward boys was established in Southwest Baltimore prior to 1900. The Archives only has the First Communion and Baptismal Records from 1905-1949. M1632
  • St. Matthew's Parish: This parish was established in 1949 to reflect the outgrowth of the Northeast Corridors as people left the "Inner City". This Church is located at 5401 Loch Raven Boulevard and serves the Alameda section of the City. M3244-M3246
  • St. Michael the Archangel, Overlea: This parish was established in 1914 to serve the Overlea section of Baltimore County. This large parish spans the area between St. Anthony's and St. Joseph's Fullerton. The Internment records do not start until 1924. M2010-M2013
  • Sts. Philip and James Parish: This parish was established on North Charles Street in 1898. It served the North Charles Street corridor west of Govans until the founding of the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen in 1959. It also served the Hopkins University Community. M1642-M1645; M5273
  • St. Rose of Lima: This parish was established in 1914 to serve the people of Brooklyn. This was part of Anne Arundel County until 1918. No records are available.
  • St. William of York: This parish was established in 1914 to serve the people of the Route 40 in Southwest Baltimore, near the county line. It was a small parish, and remains so today. No records are available.

Baltimore County

  • Immaculate Conception Church, Towson: This parish was established in 1883 in Towson.  M1681-M1685
  • Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Essex: This parish was established in 1887, and still serves the Essex/Middle River section of the County. M7335-M7338
  • St. Agnes, Catonsville/Woodlawn: This parish was established 1852 in the Western part of the County , to serve the immigrant German community that was settling there. Priests from the Monastery served St. Agnes in the 1860's and 1870's. It became a mission of St. Mark's in the 1890's, until regaining its status as an independent parish around 1912. M1629-M1631
  • St. Charles Borromeo, Pikesville: This parish was established in 1849 on Sudbrook Lane in Pikesville, to serve the Catholic population in Central Baltimore County.  M2637-M2639
  • St. John, Hydes (Long Green): This is the oldest Catholic Parish in the County. It was established on Long Green Pike in 1822, and lies north of Towson. It would have drawn Catholics from the Pennsylvania Line to Govanstown. M4805-M4808
  • St. Joseph's, Fullerton: This parish was established on Belair Road in 1850 to serve the growing German community in Northeast Baltimore County. M2689-M2692
  • St. Mark's, Catonsville: This parish was established in 1888, and serves the Catonsville community. M1647-M1649

Caroline County

  • Immaculate Conception, Marydel: This parish was established in 1921, and serves the central section of the county. M11708, M11717-M11718, M11720-M11721
  • St. Benedict, Ridgely: This parish was established in 1888. The records end in 1960. M11708, M11717-M11718, M11720-M11721
  • St. Elizabeth, Denton: This mission parish was established in 1841, and closed in 1880. M11708

Cecil County

  • Good Shepherd Church, Perryville: This parish was established at the mouth of the Susquehanna in 1921. There are no internment records available. M11704, M11712-M11715
  • Immaculate Conception, Elkton: This parish was established in 1861. M11701, M11703-M117004, M11712-M11715
  • Old Bohemia Parish:  Established in 1789, this parish serves areas between both Cecil and Kent Counties. Records include baptisms through 1842, and interments through 1882. There are no marriage records available. These records are not available on microfilm. The original records are stored at 0/8/7/15.
  • St. Francis Xavier, Bohemia: This parish was established in 1750. There are no records available after 1874, and there are no internment records. M11706
  • St. Rose, Chesapeake City: There are no parish records available. The only records available are the parish's cemetery records. M11707

Charles County

  • St. Ignatius Church, Upper Zachiah/St. Peter's, Waldorf: This parish was established in 1700 as St. Ignatius. In 1869 it became St. Peter's in Waldorf. St. Ignatius records are available from 1852 through 1870. St. Peter's records are available from 1870 through 1896. M1462

Dorchester County

  • St. Mary, Refuge of Sinners Parish: This parish was established in 1921. M11709, M11717-M11719, M11721

Frederick County

  • Mt. St. Mary's Parish: This parish was part of Mt. St. Mary's College and was served by the professors of the College. The records begin in 1815. This parish was closed in 1871, due to the founding of St. Anthony's. M1999
  • St. Anthony's, Emmitsburg: This parish was established in 1871 when Mt. St. Mary's was closed. It served the western end of Emmitsburg, while St. Joseph's served the eastern end of the town. M2827-M2828
  • St. John's, Frederick: This parish was established in 1763 and served the entire county until other parishes were founded later. The records do not begin until 1811. M2823-M2826; M5029-M5030
  • St. Joseph's, Emmitsburg: This parish was established in 1793 to serve the northern end of Frederick County. The records begin in 1812. M2832-M2834
  • St. Joseph on Carrolton Manor, Buckeystown: This parish was established in 1811 to serve the southern section of Frederick County. It was a mission of St. John's until 1902. In 1902 it became a separate parish, and the records begin at that time. M3219

Garrett County

  • Immaculate Conception, Kitzmiller: This parish was established in 1928. It is a mission of St. Peter's and is the furthest Western parish in both the Diocese and the state. The records do not begin until 1946. M3523
  • St. Ann's, Grantsville: This parish was established in 1909, and serves the Eastern section of the County. M4472-M4474
  • St. Peter the Apostle, Oakland: This parish was established in 1852 to serve the needs of the western part of Allegany County. Following the establishment of Garrett County in 1872, it served all of the County until 1909. M3522-M3523

Harford County

  • St. Ignatius Church, Hickory: This is the oldest Church building in the Archdiocese, stemming from its establishment in 1790. It served the entire county for many years. Records begin in 1818. In 1910 it became a mission of St. Margaret's in Belair, and all records for this time frame are in the parish records for St. Margaret's. In 1970, St. Ignatius became a parish once again, with its own records. M2849-M2850

Howard County

  • St. Augustine's, Elkridge: St. John Neumann founded this parish 1844. It served the people of the southern end of the county. M2667-M2668
  • St. John's, Columbia: This parish was established in Columbia in 1967. As part of the planned growth of the Rouse Company development, St. John's became a partner in the ecumenical outlook of Columbia. Today it has the largest congregation in Columbia. M4251
  • St. Louis, Clarksville: This parish was established in 1855 and served the western section of the County. It was a small country parish until the 1970s, when large housing growth began  in Howard County. M2853-M2854
  • St. Paul's, Ellicott City: This parish was established in 1838 and served the needs of the County for over twenty years. It started serving the mill workers in Ellicott City. In the 1903s, many couples who eloped went to St. Paul's to get married. M2907-M2909

Kent County

  • Sacred Heart Church, Chestertown: This parish was established in 1947. M11709, M11717-M11718
  • St. Dennis, Galena: This parish was established in 1856. M11705, M11706, M11709, M11717-M11719, M11721

Prince George's County

  • St. Mary's of the Mills, Laurel: This parish was established in 1842. Although still in existence, records at the Archives stop in 1867. M1227

Queen Anne's County

  • Our Mother of Sorrows Church, Centreville: This parish was established in 1871. The internment records start in 1910. M11710, M11717-M11719
  • St. Christopher's: This parish was established in 1955, and serves Kent Island. M11710, M11716

Talbot County

  • St. Joseph's Mission, Cordova: This mission was established in 1803, and closed in 1879. M858, M11705
  • St. Joseph's Church, Cordova: This parish was established in 1760, and closed in 1888. M11706
  • Sts. Peter and Paul, Easton: This parish was established in 1871. M11710, M11716, M11718, M11719, M11721

Wicomico County

  • St. Francis de Sales, Salisbury: This parish was established in 1910. M11708, M11717, M11718, M11720, M11721

Worcester County

  • Holy Name of Jesus, Pocomoke City: This parish was established in 1952. M11708, M11717

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