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(Baltimore Symphony Orchestra)
Artistic Planning and Operations

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Artistic Planning and Operations

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Date Description Series Name MSA Citation
Sub Series Details 1958-2010 General Manager's Files General Manager BCA BMS20-1-1
Sub Series Details 1962-1984 Assistant General Manager's Files Assistant General Manager BCA BMS20-1-2
Sub Series Details 1953-1990 Personnel Manager's Files Personnel Manager BCA BMS20-1-3
Sub Series Details 1957-1996 Orchestra Manager's Files Orchestra Manager BCA BMS20-1-4
Sub Series Details 1986-1994 Office Manager's Files Office Manager BCA BMS20-1-5
Sub Series Details 1957-2011 Music/Artistic Administrator Files Music Administrator BCA BMS20-1-6
Sub Series Details 1947-2001 Director of Artistic and Educational Programs Director of Artistic and Educational Programs BCA BMS20-1-8
Sub Series Details 1974-1995 Concert Department Concert Department BCA BMS20-1-9
Sub Series Details 1968-1990 Manager of Operations Files Manager of Operations BCA BMS20-1-10
Sub Series Details 1957-2008 Music Director Files Music Director BCA BMS20-1-11