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Development Office

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Date Description Location (Shelf) Box MSA Citation
Sub Series Details 1989-1994 Development Office (Pat Purcell) ; East Asia Tour Correspondence BA/30/21/056/S00 406 BCA BMS20-5-1
Sub Series Details 1975-1988 Development Office (Dianna Schramm); subject files pertaining to fundraising, grants, and the Anniversary Galas. BA/30/25/024/S00 51 BCA BMS20-5-2
Sub Series Details 1987-1990 Development Office (Dianna Schramm) Subject Files: Division Chairman, campaign files, direct mail, strike, donated tickets, and donor benefits. BA/30/24/049/S00 149 BCA BMS20-5-3
Sub Series Details 1985-1992 Development Office; Annual Fund, Telefunding, and 75th Anniversary material. BA/30/24/037/S00 137 BCA BMS20-5-4
Sub Series Details 1981-1991 Development Office (Dianna Schramm) Subject Files: Greater Baltimore Committee, telefundraising, Campaign files, Sustaining Fund, Baltimore Business Journal, Symphony Societies BA/30/24/040/S00 140 BCA BMS20-5-5
Sub Series Details 1984-1991 Development Office (Dianna Schramm) Subject Files: Open rehearsals for donors, Oregon Ridge Thank-you Party, volunteer concerts, 75th anniversary activities **RESTRICTED BA/30/24/038/S00 138 BCA BMS20-5-6
Sub Series Details 1976-1994 Development Office (Dianna Schramm); Howard County Operating Grants, NEA Radio Grant applications, NEA audits, Carroll County operating grants, Baltimore City Grants BA/30/25/048/S00 75 BCA BMS20-5-7
Sub Series Details 1981-1988 Development Office; NEA Chorus and Orchestra Grant applications and paperwork from 1981-1988. BA/30/24/036/S00 136 BCA BMS20-5-8
Sub Series Details 1988-1994 Development Office (Dianna Schramm); NEA Recording Grants BA/30/23/039/S00 212 BCA BMS20-5-9
Sub Series Details 1984-1990 Development Office (Dianna Schramm) subject files. BA/30/25/060/S00 96 BCA BMS20-5-10
Sub Series Details 1985-1993 Development Office (Dianna Schramm); Pat Purcell and Jeannie Bullen's files, Maryland State and Howard County Grants: applications, contracts, reports,tec. BA/30/25/043/S00 70 BCA BMS20-5-11
Sub Series Details 1975-1988 Development Office (Dianna Schramm); Subject Files, Clippings, Programs for Friends of the Meyerhoff, Memorial Gifts BA/30/23/034/S00 205 BCA BMS20-5-12
Sub Series Details 1986-1992 Development Office (Dianna Schramm); Subject Files: printing orders, encore files, invoices, campaign files, and donor files. BA/30/24/047/S00 147 BCA BMS20-5-13
Sub Series Details 1991-1993 Development Office; Annual fund, BSO Contributor Status Reports BA/30/24/021/S00 119 BCA BMS20-5-14
Sub Series Details 1988-1992 Development Office; General Files: Phonathons, Benefits, Symphony Society, etc., Donor Acknowledgements **RESTRICTED BA/30/23/013/S00 179 BCA BMS20-5-15
Sub Series Details 1972-1984 Development Office; NEA Grant Files. BA/30/25/023/S00 50 BCA BMS20-5-16
Sub Series Details 1983-1996 Development Office; Reviews, Clippings, Programs, Press Releases, Good Times Committee Files BA/30/25/059/S00 95 BCA BMS20-5-17
Sub Series Details 1975-1989 Development Ofifice; Annual Fund Files, Pledges, and Gifts **RESTRICTED BA/30/21/030/S00 371 BCA BMS20-5-18
Sub Series Details 1982-1995 Development Office. Anne Arundel County Events, Baltimore County Grants, Correspondence, and Events. BA/30/25/042/S00 69 BCA BMS20-5-19
Sub Series Details 1988-1994 Development Office; NEA Chorus Grants BA/30/25/067/S00 103 BCA BMS20-5-20
Sub Series Details 1976-1978 Development Office; NEA Endowment Challenge Grants BA/30/22/057/S00 308 BCA BMS20-5-21
Sub Series Details 1988-1994 Development Office; NEA Orchestra Grant Applications, Budgets, Development Office; Final Reports, Progress Reports, Letters of Award. BA/30/23/061/S00 234 BCA BMS20-5-22
Sub Series Details 2002-2008 Development Office; Government Member Bylaws, Events, and Campaign Planning BA/30/17/019/S00 772 BCA BMS20-5-24
Details 1990-1992 Development Office; Subject files BA/30/25/007/S00 838 BCA BMS20-5-25
Details 1995-1999 Development Office; Gala Info BA/20/03/000/S04 856 BCA BMS20-5-26
Details 1993-2006 Development Office; Telefundraising, subject files BA/30/23/010/S00 857 BCA BMS20-5-27
Details 1999-2002 Development: MSDE: NEA Grant files BA/30/18/010/S00 887 BCA BMS20-5-28
Details 1999-2004 Development: BSO County Gov't Grant Files: Anne Arundel, Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Howard County, Montgomery County BA/30/18/011/S00 888 BCA BMS20-5-29
Details 2000-2004 Development: BSO MSDE & MSAC Grant files BA/30/18/012/S00 889 BCA BMS20-5-30
Details 2001-2009 Development: Research and lapsed corporate sponsors BA/30/25/004/S00 912 BCA BMS20-5-31
Details 2001-2009 Development: Research (corporate) BA/30/25/005/S00 913 BCA BMS20-5-32
Details 2001-2009 Development: Corporate A-L BA/30/25/006/S00 914 BCA BMS20-5-33
Details 2001-2009 Development: Corporate C-S BA/30/24/001/S00 915 BCA BMS20-5-34
Details 2000-2009 Development: A-C and Whiteford, Taylor, Preston BA/30/24/002/S00 916 BCA BMS20-5-35
Details 2001-2009 Development: B-H BA/30/24/003/S00 917 BCA BMS20-5-36
Details 2000-2009 Development: J-R BA/30/24/004/S00 918 BCA BMS20-5-37