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Registration books signed by visitors. Volumes for 1876 record visitors to the Maryland Building at the U.S. Centennial Exhibition held at Philadelphia. Volumes for 1906-1907 and 1912-1915 record visitors to the Senate Chamber; 1908-1926 record visitors to the Governor's Executive Mansion; 1928-1934 and 1979-1987 record visitors to the State House; and 1958 record visitors to the Governor's Reception Room. Entries consist of date, name, and address. Some entries in latter volume contain individuals' telephone numbers. Documents for 1979-1987 in [MSA T1724], not fully processed.

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Date Description Location MdHR Number MSA Citation
Details 1876 Centennial at Philadelphia 02/27/03/017 5278 MSA S1134-1
Details 1876 Centennial at Philadelphia 02/27/03/018 7984 MSA S1134-2
Details 1906-1907 Senate Chamber 02/27/03/021 7985 MSA S1134-3
Details 1908-1926 Executive Mansion 02/27/03/022 7986 MSA S1134-4
Details 1912-1915 Senate Chamber 02/27/03/023 7987 MSA S1134-5
Details 1928-1934 State House 02/27/03/024 7988 MSA S1134-6
Details 1958 Reception Room 02/27/03/025 50,225 MSA S1134-7