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(Church Records, Death and Burial Index)
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Card index to deaths and burials recorded in church registers of primarily Protestant Episcopal parishes. Identified as Index 29. Entries give name of decedent, some names of parents, dates of death and burial, and citation. Provides references to the following Protestant Episcopal parish records in SPECIAL COLLECTIONS: All Hallows, Anne Arundel County, 1686-1857 [MSA SC2458]; St. James, Anne Arundel County, 1695-1856 [MSA SC2497]; All Saints, Calvert County, 1859-1958 [MSA SC2460]; St. Paul's, Calvert County, 1856-1938 [MSA SC2648]; Christ Church, Calvert County, 1840-1868, 1881-1902 [MSA SC2638]; Christ Church, St. Mary's Whitechapel, Caroline County, 1872-1951 [MSA SC2641]; Trinity, Cecil County, 1835-1903 [MSA SC2655]; Trinity, Charles County, 1830-1850 [MSA SC2605]; Great Choptank, Dorchester County, 1792-1822, 1838-1922 [MSA SC2505]; Shrewsbury, Kent County, 1699-1909 [MSA SC2513]; St. Luke's, Queen Anne's County, 1729-1759, 1771, 1845-1846, 1850 [MSA SC370]; St. Michael's, Talbot County, 1823-1827, 1831-1886 [MSA SC2635]. Also provides references to SPECIAL COLLECTIONS St. John's Lutheran Church, Washington County, 1903-1916 [MSA SC2566].

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Date Description Link MdHR Number MSA Citation
Details 1686-1958 Index 29. Abb-Dys Link 50,750 MSA S1402-1
Details 1686-1958 Index 29. Eag-Law Link 50,750 MSA S1402-2
Details 1686-1958 Index 29. Lel-Shi Link 50,750 MSA S1402-3
Details 1686-1958 Index 29. Sho-Zim Link 50,750 MSA S1402-4