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(African American Records, Dorchester, Index)
Series Description

Card index to slaves and free blacks listed in Dorchester County records. Identified as Index 36. Entries give name, age, and physical characteristics of the slave or free black; nature of transaction; sometimes family relationships; and citation. Provides references to the following records: DORCHESTER COUNTY COURT including Certificates of freedom series 1806-1851 [MSA C689 and CM1283] and Chattel records series 1827-1833 [MSA CM428]; DORCHESTER COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT Certificates of freedom series 1851-1864 [MSA C690 and CM425]; DORCHESTER COUNTY COMMISSIONER OF SLAVE STATISTICS Slave statistics series 1867-1868 [MSA C738 and CM459].

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Date Description Location MdHR Number MSA Citation
Details 1806-1868 Index 36. Aar-Dye SR/00/00/000 50,756 MSA S1409-1
Details 1806-1868 Index 36. Ear-Jur SR/00/00/000 50,756 MSA S1409-2
Details 1806-1868 Index 36. Kat-Rut SR/00/00/000 50,756 MSA S1409-3
Details 1806-1868 Index 36. Sac-Zip SR/00/00/000 50,756 MSA S1409-4