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Series Information
(Certificates and Petitions, Index, Copy)
Series Description

Copies of the indexes in (Certificates and Petitions, Index) in series S25, made for use in the Search Room. The volumes, one for each county, provide certificate numbers for patented certificates of survey found in series S1188-S1210 and unpatented certificates of survey found in series S1211-S1233. The records also reference (Petitions) in series S26. Entries give tract name, name of person for whom land was surveyed or who was filing the petition, and number of the certificate or petition. Arranged by county and then by tract names for certificates and individuals for petitions.

Agency History

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Date Description Location MdHR Number MSA Citation
Details 1725-1959 AL SR/00/00/000 40,100-1 MSA S1612-1
Details 1673-1971 AA SR/00/00/000 40,100-2 MSA S1612-2
Details 1688-1965 BA SR/00/00/000 40,100-3 MSA S1612-3
Details 1682-1926 CV SR/00/00/000 40,100-4 MSA S1612-4
Details 1740-1920 CA SR/00/00/000 40,100-5 MSA S1612-5
Details 1793-1980 CR SR/00/00/000 40,100-6 MSA S1612-6
Details 1675-1971 CE SR/00/00/000 40,100-7 MSA S1612-7
Details 1668-1957 CH SR/00/00/000 40,100-8 MSA S1612-8
Details 1678-1969 DO SR/00/00/000 40,100-9 MSA S1612-9
Details 1719-1935 FR SR/00/00/000 40,100-10 MSA S1612-10
Details 1872-1979 GA SR/00/00/000 40,100-11 MSA S1612-11
Details 1759-1967 HA SR/00/00/000 40,100-12 MSA S1612-12
Details 1854-1966 HO SR/00/00/000 40,100-13 MSA S1612-13
Details 1669-1958 KE SR/00/00/000 40,100-14 MSA S1612-14
Details 1725-1970 MO SR/00/00/000 40,100-15 MSA S1612-15
Details 1679-1971 PG SR/00/00/000 40,100-16 MSA S1612-16
Details 1699-1977 QA SR/00/00/000 40,100-17 MSA S1612-17
Details 1646-1966 SM SR/00/00/000 40,100-18 MSA S1612-18
Details 1675-1975 SO SR/00/00/000 40,100-19 MSA S1612-19
Details 1678-1916 TA SR/00/00/000 40,100-20 MSA S1612-20
Details 1739-1961 WA SR/00/00/000 40,100-21 MSA S1612-21
Details 1867-1969 WI SR/00/00/000 40,100-22 MSA S1612-22
Details 1663-1969 WO SR/00/00/000 40,100-23 MSA S1612-23