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(Test Book)
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Oaths of qualification for members, officers, and employees of the senate, giving name and date signed. Volumes arranged chronologically. Records, 1975-1989, in series [MSA T296].

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Date Location MdHR Number MSA Citation Records Sorted by MSA Citation Descending
Details 02/21/04/003 19,541 MSA S979-9
Details 02/21/04/003 19,540 MSA S979-8
Details 02/21/04/003 18,991 MSA S979-7
Details 02/21/04/003 18,990 MSA S979-6
Details 02/21/04/002 18,614 MSA S979-5
Details 02/21/04/002 18,613 MSA S979-4
Details 02/21/04/002 18,612 MSA S979-3
Details 02/21/04/002 18,611 MSA S979-2
Details 02/21/04/001 7834 MSA S979-1