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Date: 1637-1650
Film Reels: SCM 262-5 (Scanned), SCM 3152-3 (Scanned)
Description: Liber Z contains a daily record of transactions from December 30, 1637 to July 23, 1644 and one entry for 1650. It is mostly in the hand of the hand of John Lewger, the first keeper of the records for Maryland and co-author of the first detailed promotional pamphlet for the colony of Maryland, the 1635 Relation ...
Link: e-publication of Liber Z from the microfilm images by William Sumner Jenkings, 1949, Early State Records project of the Library of Congress and the University of North Carolina
Location: RB/01/01/000
MdHR Number: 3820
MSA Citation: MSA S1071-1