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(Robinson & Cox, Insurance Brokers)
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Company records, including account books, letterbooks and Mutual Insurance Company of Baltimore stock.

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Date Description Location (Shelf) Box MSA Citation
Sub Series Details 1860-1878 Accounting books for the Baltimore Marine Insurance Company, Maryland Mutual Insurance Company, and B.P. Company BC/21/02/020/S03 1 BCA BMS19-1
Sub Series Details 1863-1867 Bound correspondence - Various insurance comanies BC/21/02/021/S03 2 BCA BMS19-2
Sub Series Details 1863-1870 Accounting books - Certificates of stock and daily balance BC/21/02/022/S03 3 BCA BMS19-3
Sub Series Details 1863-1873 Letter books - Maryland Mutual Insurance Company and Baltimore Marine Insurance Company BC/21/02/023/S04 4 BCA BMS19-4
Sub Series Details 1865-1877 Insurance company letter books and Lloyds ship log BC/21/02/024/S04 5 BCA BMS19-5