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(Baltimore Symphony Orchestra)
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Administrative records of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.

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Date Description Series Name MSA Citation
Sub Series Details 1947-2011 Artistic Planning and Operations Artistic Planning and Operations BCA BMS20-1
Sub Series Details 1942-2010 Executive Office Executive Office BCA BMS20-2
Sub Series Details 1942-1991 Board of Directors and Board of Trustees Board of Directors and Board of Trustees BCA BMS20-3
Sub Series Details 1967-2008 Financial Records Financial Records BCA BMS20-4
Sub Series Details 1972-2008 Development Office Development BCA BMS20-5
Sub Series Details 1969-1996 Educational Materials Educational Materials BCA BMS20-6
Sub Series Details 1962-2008 Guest Artists Guest Artists BCA BMS20-7
Sub Series Details 1915-2011 Marketing and Public Relations Marketing and Public Relations BCA BMS20-8
Sub Series Details 1973-2009 Facilities Facilities BCA BMS20-9
Sub Series Details 1916-2012 Programs and Printed Material Programs and Printed Material BCA BMS20-10
Sub Series Details 1890-2007 Clippings Clippings BCA BMS20-11
Sub Series Details 1890-2007 Audio/Visual Audio/visual Material BCA BMS20-12
Sub Series Details 1967-1984 Carroll H. Hendrickson Collection Carroll H. Hendrickson Collection BCA BMS20-13
Sub Series Details 1966-2008 Baltimore Symphony Associates Baltimore Symphony Associates BCA BMS20-14
Sub Series Details 1968-1992 Orchestra Library Orchestra Library BCA BMS20-15