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Prior to the municipal incorporation administrative authority over elections held in Baltimore was exercised by the Baltimore County Levy Court. ...More

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Date Series Name Description MSA Citation
Sub Series Details 1896-1992 Registration and Election Returns General statistics showing the number of voters registered and breakdown of voting for candidates in primary and general elections. BCA BRG11-1
Sub Series Details 1951 City-Wide Voters List List of names and party affiliation BCA BRG11-2
Sub Series Details 1804-1889 Baltimore City Poll Books List of ward residents voting in specific elections as recorded by the judges of elections. Gives only the name of the voter and occasional tabulations of election returns. BCA BRG11-3
Sub Series Details 1838-1889 Baltimore City Poll Books (Registration) List of qualified voters and applicants as compiled by officers of registration with varying information. Volumes dating from 1838 to 1879 (except 1868) list only qualified voters with name, address, voting dates, whether housekeeper or lodger, and name of landlord. Particulars effecting registration status such as removal from district, death, ...More

Sub Series Details 1803-1888 Baltimore County Poll Books Items are nearly identical in format to the Baltimore City Poll Books described in series 3 except that these volumes are organized by county election districts instead of city wards. BCA BRG11-5
Sub Series Details 1888 Baltimore County Poll Books (Registration) Material is very similar to the Baltimore City final registration volumes described in series 4. Name and address of qualified voters are indicated. Covers only Districts 1 (Prec. 1); 3 (Precs. 4, 6); 9 (Prec. 2); and 12 (Precs. 1, 3). BCA BRG11-6
Sub Series Details 1882-1888 Numbers and Boundaries of Election Precincts Written descriptions of all Baltimore City Election Precinct boundaries for 1882 and all election Precincts as laid out in territory annexed to the city in 1888. BCA BRG11-7
Sub Series Details 1897-1909 Election Officials List of all persons appointed to serve as election officials in Baltimore City with name, address, and date of appointment. BCA BRG11-8
Sub Series Details 1868 Police Census Population survey conducted by the Police Commissioners as part of their effort to readjust Ward and Precinct boundaries. Indications are that the census was never completed; only volumes for Wards 3 (Prec. 1 only), 6 (Prec. 1 only), 8, 9, 13, and 20 exist. Information includes name, street address, age, ...More

Sub Series Details 1879 Registration Alterations Listings of individuals whose registration status changed in 1879. Reasons for the changes include new registration, moving to a different election district, disqualification, or death. Information provided covers name of voter, residence, and election district (Ward and Precinct). Arrangement is first by Ward and thereunder either alphabetically by name of ...More

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