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The "Great Baltimore Fire" of February 7, 1904 destroyed 140 acres, 1,500 buildings, and four large lumber yards and left ...More

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Date Series Name Film Reels Description MSA Citation
Sub Series Details 1904-1907 Semi-annual Commission Reports Seventeen manuscript volumes of published Burnt District Commission semi-annual reports summarizing its activities. BCA BRG17-1
Sub Series Details 1904-1907 Administrative Records Property assessments; property acquisitions by gift, purchase, lease, and condemnation; rights of interest; franchises; privileges of easement; expenditures list; settlements; general correspondence; and protests and agreements. One folder containing easements for dock improvements and the widening of Pratt Street has been placed at the end of the series. These records ...More

Sub Series Details 1904-1907 Street Progress Reports Reports recording progress of reducing grades, establishing public squares and market spaces, fixing building lines and sidewalks, and providing for extensions in the harbor. BCA BRG17-3
Sub Series Details 1904-1907 Alphabetical Index File An alphabetical index file of correspondence and property locations of records contained in Series 2. BCA BRG17-4
Sub Series Details 1904 Maps of the Burnt District BCA 220 (Scanned), BCA 1388 (Scanned) Maps printed by the Sanborn Map Company showing the extent of destruction and buildings destroyed. Feb. 7-8, 1904. Index map of the series on Plat E. Reproduced on BCA microfilm reels 220 and 1388. BCA BRG17-5