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(War of 1812 Records)
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Baltimore's preparations for defense in this war centered around efforts to repair, strengthen, and renovate Fort McHenry on Whetstone Point. ...More

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Sub Series Details 1813-1815 War of 1812 Records A wide variety of records relating to Baltimore's involvement in the war originally indexed by the Historical Records Survey. Th 1813 documents (nos. 549-940) include correspondence relating to the defence of Baltimore; miscellaneous bills, receipts, and vouchers for arms, repairs, construction, and labor; muster rolls for the months of April ...More

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Sub Series Details 1820 Pensions Two letters from Louis Gassaway to Thomas Rogers, notary public, regarding pension monies due Gassaway's sister. One document transmits the sister's affadavit required in the investigation of her claim; the affadavit is not present. Gassaway explains the circumstances surrounding the claim in the other document and questions Rogers as to ...More

Sub Series Details 1826 War Loan Interest Correspondence Correspondence relative to the settling of Baltimore's claim for interest due the city on monies loaned to the federal government for purposes of defence during the War of 1812. The majority of the letters are addressed to Mayor John Montgomery and concern a memorial passed in Congress to authorize payment ...More