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(1964 Charter Revision Commission)
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In September 1963 Mayor Theodore R. McKeldin appointed a charter revision commission to update the municipal charter of 1946, necessary ...More

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Date Series Name Description MSA Citation
Sub Series Details 1963-1964 Administrative Files An index to the records, preliminary letters and memos, lists of members of the commission and the advisory committee, and payroll computer readouts. BCA BRG24-1
Sub Series Details 1963-1964 Newspaper Articles Information and editorial comments relating to the commission's work. BCA BRG24-2
Sub Series Details 1965 General Responses fo Mayor McKeldin's letter requesting suggesions for revision Addressed to major municipal officials, leaders of civic organizations, and concerned citizens. BCA BRG24-3
Sub Series Details 1963-1964 Committee I- Structure and Organization, Principal Officers Minutes, memos and letters, research materials, and handwritten notes concerning the mayor's appointive powers, an executive officer, city council redistricting, the Board of Estimates, and salaries. BCA BRG24-4
Sub Series Details 1963-1964 Committee II - Structure and Organization, Executive Departments Minutes, memos and letters, research materials, and handwritten notes concerning boards and commissions, health and welfare, miscellaneous agencies, planning, Department of Public Works, Recreation and Parks, stadium, zoning, and housing. BCA BRG24-5
Sub Series Details 1963-1964 Committee III- Budget, Financial and Purchasing Procedures Minutes, memos and letters, research materials, and handwritten notes concerning financial and purchasing procedures, and the uniform state/city fiscal year. BCA BRG24-6
Sub Series Details 1963-1964 Committee IV- Personnel Minutes, memos, reference materials, handwritten notes, related correspondence received by the commission, and committee research. BCA BRG24-7
Sub Series Details 1963-1964 Full Commission / Executive Committee Minutes and memos of the commission as a whole and the smaller executive committee. BCA BRG24-8
Sub Series Details 1962-1964 General Reorganization of the Charter Letters, memos, and drafts of proposed amendments of the charter. BCA BRG24-9
Sub Series Details 1964 Final Report of the Commission and Proposed Amended Charter submitted to the Mayor Includes a draft and bound copy of the final report and a bound copy of the proposed amended charter. BCA BRG24-10
Sub Series Details 1964 Arthur Committee / Council Letters and responses about the proposed charter as well as data about subsequent hearings and amendments. BCA BRG24-11
Sub Series Details 1964 Resolution 502 as amended and passed by the City Council Report of Arthur Committee to the city council about the charter, draft of amendments, and a bound copy of the charter as amended and passed by the city council and endorsed by the mayor. BCA BRG24-12
Sub Series Details 1964 Successive Drafts of the Charter Drafts of the charter as well as the commission's report to the mayor. BCA BRG24-13
Sub Series Details 1963-1964 Comprehensive Chronological File General letters and memos concerning the commission. BCA BRG24-14