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(Water Supply Records)
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Beginning in the 1790's Baltimore municipal authorities attempted to supply fresh water to city residents. In 1804 a privately-owned water ...More

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Date Series Name Description MSA Citation
Sub Series Details 1829-1922 Adminstrative Files Resolutions and memorandum relating to the sale of property and rights to the water board from the Baltimore Water Commission; documents demonstrating the desire of the population for a city controlled water supply; correspondence between the municipal government and the Baltimore Water Commission relating to possible sales and information regarding ...More

Sub Series Details 1921-1923 Reports of the Eastern Extension of Municipal Water Supply to the 1918 Anex Series of nine financial reports concerning the takeover of private water companies, laying of mains, drilling of wells, installation of meters, and general construction expenses. BCA BRG25-2
Sub Series Details 1903 Water Engineer Journal Financial accounts of water department equipment and supply purchases. BCA BRG25-3