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(Baltimore Municipal Journals and Newsletters)
1913-1931, 1978-1982
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A collection of newspapers and newsletters published by the municipal government and its various departments, agencies, and commissions.

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Date Series Name Description MSA Citation
Sub Series Details 1913-1931 Baltimore Municipal Journal The Baltimore Municipal Journal was started during the administration of Mayor James H. Preston. Mayor Preston, in his annual report for 1914-15, summarized the journal's purpose as being and "excellent medium for the city's advertising" and a way to supply "to the people information as to what is being done ...More

Sub Series Details 1912-1918 Baltimore Municipal Journal Photographs Photographs, probably taken for use in the journal, of street scenes and buildings. These photographs were mostly done by Alfred Waldeck during the years 1912-18; two photographs are by the Hughes Company, 1917. The views are of St. Paul Street, Harrison Stree, Frederick Street, Gay Street, the Fallsway, Lexington Street, ...More

Sub Series Details 1978-1982 Baltimore Journal In late 1978 the Baltimore Journal was started with the purpose of providing an official outlet for the news of city business and advertisements; this revival was ended in June 1982. Copies of the journal including the December 5, 1978 prototype and a continuous run of the bi-weekly publication from ...More

Sub Series Details 1982 The City's Pride The City's Pride is a monthly newspaper published for the municipal employees of Baltimore. The emphasis is on city issues, problems, programs, events, history, landmarks, etc. BCA BRG26-4
Sub Series Details 1960 Agency Newsletters A collection of newsletters published by various departments, agencies, bureaus, commissions, etc. of the municipal government. BCA BRG26-5