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(1969 Commission on Amendments to the Baltimore City Charter)
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In late March 1969 Mayor Thomas J. D'Alesandro, III appointed a commission to consider revision of an amendments to the ...More

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Date Series Name Description MSA Citation
Sub Series Details 1969-1971 Admnistrative Files Includes an index to the records, a list of the commission members, and related correspondence and memoranda. BCA BRG27-1
Sub Series Details 1969-1970 Press Releases / Coverage Press releases by the commission and newspaper articles and editorials relating to its work. BCA BRG27-2
Sub Series Details 1969-1971 Miscellaneous Correspondence Memos and letters concerning the commission's work. BCA BRG27-3
Sub Series Details 1969 First Report An annotated draft and a bound copy of the commission's first report (July 28, 1969) concerning changing the municipal election dates (res. 738) and correspondence concerning the report. BCA BRG27-4
Sub Series Details 1969-1970 Civil Service Commission / Personnel Hearings notification correspondence to major city officials, union officials, and civic organizations (May, June, July, and September 1969); the tentative report of March 30, 1970 concerning civil service and personnel (res. 1416) including two preliminary drafts, an annotated copy, and a bound copy (January - April 1970); comments received during March - May 1970 concerning the ...More

Sub Series Details 1969-1971 Third Report, Labor Relations / Collective Bargaining Third Report dated April 2, 1971 about labor relations (res. 1695), and related research material, correspondence, and memos. BCA BRG27-6
Sub Series Details 1969 Minutes of the Commission Minutes of the commission's fifteen meetings in 1929 about municipal elections, civil service and personnel, labor relations, and other concerns. BCA BRG27-7