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The City Commissioners were established in 1797 (Ordinance 14) and were responsible for the management of street paving, leveling, repairing, ...More

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Sub Series Details 1798-1899 Administrative files Indexed by the Historical Records Survey (HRS) in the late 1930's, these records include correspondence, street grading, street openings and closings, deeds and other property records, paving bonds and contracts, establishments of streets, pump warrants and petitions, plats, miscellaneous bills and receipts, permits for the removal of dirt, permits for ...More

Sub Series Details 1893-1894 City Commissioners' Reports The Baltimore City Commissioners reported on the repair and maintenance of streets, alleys, bridges, gutters, plates, sewers, drain pipes, inlets, and railways. Other information included detailed tables and summaries of revenues collected, the number and kinds of trolley poles in the city, abandoned cable and railroad tracks, and the appropriations ...More

Sub Series Details 1808-1883 City Commissioners' Financial Reports This series contains financial ledgers and journals with information on annual appropriations for public works projects, paving and pump assessments, notices to repair footways, bonds for city contracts, cash book receipts, and accounts of bridge and street repairs. Other information includes the minutes of the city tax commissioners (1825- 1827), ...More

Sub Series Details 1866-1891 Ordinances and Resolutions Relating to the City Commissioners These seven bound volumes are manuscript ledgers containing the ordinances and resolutions before the city council relating to the city commissioners office. The descriptions note whether or not the ordinance was passed by the council. BCA BRG3-4
Sub Series Details 1812-1842 Proceedings Records of the meetings and activities of the City Commissioners. Included are petitions and other administrative materials. There is a gap in the records between 1822 and 1825. BCA BRG3-5