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Starting in the 1880's increased public demand for electrical and telephone services led to a proliferation of above-ground wires and ...More

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Date Series Name Description MSA Citation
Sub Series Details 1900-1938 HRS Records Mostly applications for duct space submitted by corporations, especially the Consolidated Gas, Electric Light and Power Company, Western Union, and Maryland Telephone and Telegraph Company. Applications specify streets, lot numbers, and requested duct feet. Also included are duct space leases, bonds, and statements of receipts. See separate item index. BCA BRG30-1
Sub Series Details 1899-1914 Electrical Commission Letterbooks One volume of the commission chief clerk's letters, June 1899 - March 1906, and one volume of chief engineer's weekly reports to the mayor, June 1907 - October 1913. Twenty-three volumes of copies of the chief engineer's official correspondence on itemized charges for repair work by assorted city agencies and ...More

Sub Series Details 1920 Chief Engineer Adminstrative Files Primarily correspondence and memos with city agencies, corporate users of city conduits, and private contractors. Among subjects covered are accident claims against the commission, personnel matters, permit requests, conduit construction, maintenance and repair work, paving improvement, financial matters, and duct space rental charges. BCA BRG30-3
Sub Series Details 1900-1914 Miscellaneous Electrical Commission Records Varied grouping of material including proposed construction specifications, information supplied by other cities, official reports, conduit construction accounts, construction change notifications, and pole applications. BCA BRG30-4
Sub Series Details 1900-1913 Personnel Records Correspondence, reports, and transcripts relative to 1906 investigation of Italian employees of the commission; lists of employees and rates of pay; and applications and recommendations for employment. A series of volumes, 1899- 1905, with the names, residence, ward, class of labor, date starting and ending work, and supervisor comments for ...More

Sub Series Details 1898-1914 Financial Records General account of construction and expense journal accounts, October 1898 - December 1909, for conduit loans payable 1922, 1928, and 1958, with information on suppliers, date of bill, invoice number, charges for general expenses and monthly payrolls, construction materials and weekly payrolls, and services and distribution; this material is available ...More

Sub Series Details 1898-1914 Supply Orders Orders for a variety of supplies, materials, and services used by the commission for the full range of its activities. Most orders are directed to Baltimore firms, although numerous out of state companies are represented as well. BCA BRG30-7
Sub Series Details 1908-1914 Paving Orders Requests from chief engineer to the city engineer for paving of specific streets probably requested after completion of conduit construction or repair work. BCA BRG30-8
Sub Series Details 1904, 1910 Permits Permits issued by the commission to private companies allowing entry into conduit system for maintenance and repair work. Information includes name of company, specific location of work, reason for work, names of employees performing work, and commission inspector's report. BCA BRG30-9
Sub Series Details 1899-1902 Specifications Copies of required specifications for commission work and materials with copies of bid forms presumably used by contractors and procedures to be followed when submitting bids to the Board of Awards. BCA BRG30-10
Sub Series Details 1899-1915 Conduit Sketches, Blueprints and Plats An artificial grouping of all graphic material available in the commission records. Sketches of distributing conduits located at or near specific addresses; conduit blueprints on main and distributing conduits at or near street and block addresses with correspondence attached; sewer tap blueprints of proposed sewer drains and adjacent conduits with ...More

BCA BRG30-11
Sub Series Details 1894-1897 Electrical Subway Commision Records A forerunner of the Electrical Commission, the ESC was established by the city council in May 1894. Instrumental in the planning of the conduit system, it ceased to function when its responsibilities were transferred to the Electrical Commission in August 1898. Record types include letterbooks, May 1894 - August 1897 ...More

BCA BRG30-12
Sub Series Details 1900-1905 Municipal Lighting Commission Records This commission was established by the city council (res. 11, 1900) "to investigate the feasibility of establishing a municipal lighting plant for Baltimore." The commission consisted of Jacob H. Hollander, Edward S. Baetjer, and Electrical Commission Chief Engineer Charles E. Phelps, Jr. Phelps apparently maintained the commission records with the ...More

BCA BRG30-13
Sub Series Details 1902-1908 Sewerage Commission Records Material reflects the electrical commission chief engineer's duties as a member of the sewerage commission. Ledgers of daily payroll expenses for employees and miscellaneous items such as a newspaper article concerning the sewerage commission and a sewerage disposal report. BCA BRG30-14
Sub Series Details 1909 Photographs Photographs of an assortment of subjects relating to activities of the electrical commission such as poles and wires, electrical equipment, conduit interiors, and conduit construction. Most items are credited to photographer Alfred Waldeck. BCA BRG30-15
Sub Series Details 1895-1905, 1924 Published Reports Published reports of the commission's chief engineer covering the period from the organization of the commission on October 1, 1898 through December 31, 1905. Information is provided concerning conduit construction and rental, explosions and other accidents, conduit condition after the Baltimore Fire (1904), and the formation of the Electrical Commission ...More

BCA BRG30-16