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(Department of Education)
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The Baltimore City Department of Education is headed by a Board of School Commissioners, a group which predates the department ...More

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Date Series Name Legacy Accession Number Description MSA Citation
Sub Series Details 1830-2001 Board of School Commissioner Records RG 31 Series 1A - 1N Includes minutes, annual reports, committee records, circulars, rules of order, school directories, President's papers, and other materials. BCA BRG31-1
Sub Series Details 1916-1925, 1929-1950, 1975 Superintendent of Public Instruction RG 31 Series 2A - 2E Includes papers from Charles J. Koch, Henry S. West, David E. Weglein, Roland N. Patterson as well as auditorium seating charts. BCA BRG31-2
Sub Series Details 1869-1871 Personnel Records RG 31 Series 3A - 3F Includes eligibility lists, election/promotion records, employee lists, disciplinary records, minutes from the Teacher Mutual Benefit Association, and payroll records. BCA BRG31-3
Sub Series Details 1846-1944 Individual School Records RG 31 Series 4A - 4F Includes records from Woodberry School, English-German School #6, Western High School, Male High School, Baltimore City College, and an unidentified school. BCA BRG31-4
Sub Series Details 1830-1876, 1929-1936, 1942, 1946, 1956, 1966 Division of Physical Plant RG 31 Series 5A - 5F Includes deed lots, building specifications, photographs, and plats and drawings of school buildings. BCA BRG31-5
Sub Series Details 1934-1944 Maps RG 31 Series 6A - 6B Includes a map of the school system and the geographic distribution of enrollment for the Boy's Vocational School. BCA BRG31-6
Sub Series Details 1940-1973 Instructional Division Records RG 31 S7 Includes radio and television: histories, annual reports, and outlines of this department's work. BCA BRG31-7
Sub Series Details 1981 Office of Science Contains the Elra M. Palmer Memorial Scholarship Fund Agreement. BCA BRG31-8
Sub Series Details 1921-1982 Published Materials Reports, brochures, rules and regulations, policy and procedural guidelines, directories, newsletters, curriculum outlines, and examples of other miscellaneous printed materials generated for or by the Department of Education. Additional printed materials may be found in other series in this record group (e.g. IB, IE, IF, and 1L). These items have ...More

Sub Series Details 1810 Arithmetic Book A question and answer arithmetic book authored and presumed handwritten by Maria Prescott beginning on October 20, 1810. This book contains enumeration, multiplication tables and questions and answer sections on the subjects of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The pattern set in each section first includes questions and answers about ...More

BCA BRG31-10
Sub Series Details 1852-1988 Eastern High School Contains newspapers, and graduation files. BCA BRG31-11
Sub Series Details 1928-1971 Baltimore Bulletin of Education A journal of the public schools of Baltimore City, published monthly under authority of the Board of School Commissioners by the Bureau of Research. BCA BRG31-12