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The Baltimore City Board of Estimates was created by the new 1898 municipal charter, and its first meeting was held ...More

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Date Series Name Description Schedule Number MSA Citation
Sub Series Details 1900-2006 Minutes A complete microfilm set of the minutes from the first meeting of March 20, 1900. There is an index to the minutes filmed at the beginning of each year starting with 1911. However, there is an exception for years 1978-1986 which appear on a separate reel of microfilm (BCA 5175). ...More

155 BCA BRG36-1
Sub Series Details 1970-1989 Meeting Tapes Beginning in 1970 the Board of Estimates recorded its meetings. BCA BRG36-2
Sub Series Details 1940-1973 Administrative Files Files relating to requests made to the Board of Estimates, arranged alphabetically by the agency making the request. Before 1966, except for scattered items, the files were all discarded after twelve years (see also series 6). Beginning with 1966 the files are screened, retaining only historically significant items. In the ...More

Sub Series Details 1971 Agendas The agendas summarize the requests placed before the Board of Estimates at each meeting. In most cases the requests are approved as they appear on the agenda. 155 BCA BRG36-4
Sub Series Details 1922-1961 Official Record of Appropriations Each year city agencies submit to the Board of Estimates a budget for the next fiscal year listing the amount requested and the actual amounts requested and appropriated the previous year. The amount of information in the budgets varies from year to year, but there is always a break-down between ...More

Sub Series Details 1900-1923 HRS Indexed Records This series contains the type of material found in series 3, administrative files, and series 5, record of appropriations, but because the material was separately indexed by the HRS project, it has been maintained as a series. The bulk of the material is departmental estimates of expenses and the same ...More

Sub Series Details 2004-2006 Board of Estimates Folders This series contains the detailed information on requests to the Board of Estimates from city agencies, generally requests for additional funding. 1250 BCA BRG36-7