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One of the first government bodies in Baltimore was a Board of Port Wardens. Established in 1783 by an act ...More

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Sub Series Details 1813-1876 Financial Records Assorted volumes recording the financial affairs of the port warden and other related agencies. The records are incomplete and include cash books, 1839-61, 4 vols.; ledgers, 1849-61 and 1870-76, 4 vols.; mud machine and dredging accounts, 1813-55, 2 vols.; wharfage and tonnage accounts, 1828-76, 2 vols.; and Patapsco River Commission ...More

Sub Series Details 1797-1901 HRS Indexed Records Assorted documents generated by the Bureau of Harbors and its predecessors, the harbor board and Board of Port Wardens, including accounts, bills, and receipts; correspondence; reports; and specifications. Most items relate to the dredging of the harbor channel. A separate item index is available at the Baltimore City Archives. BCA BRG39-2
Sub Series Details 1853-1865 Monthly Reports Monthly reports of the port warden about dredging operations. Information includes names of men employed, pay, number of cubic yards excavated, number of scows discharged, tons of fuel consumed by dredge, and a narrative description of activities. BCA BRG39-3
Sub Series Details 1916-1951 Printed Material Variety of items including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers "Report Upon the Improvement of Rivers and Harbors in the Baltimore, Maryland District (1916, 1920); Port Development Commission, "The Port Development Plan of Baltimore, Maryland" (2 copies), 1920; Baltimore Harbor, Foundation Conditions," vol. 3, 1920; "Baltimore Harbor, Survey of Waterfront ...More

Sub Series Details 1822 Lewis Brantz Harbor Survey Notes of a survey, conducted January 11 to February 21, of the basin and harbor authorized by the municipal government in 1820. This volume includes information on weather conditions, soundings, and ranges compiled for the survey. There also is a copy of Brantz's final narrative report submitted on May 8, 1822 ...More

Sub Series Details 1877-1959 Drawings Collection of drawings of bridges, boats, and piers generated for use by the Bureau of Harbors. Vessels included are the iceboats "Annapolis" and "F.C. Latrobe," a harbor patrol boat, and the tugboat "Baltimore," which are represented through numerous detailed drawings such as cross sections, electrical and steam installations, diagrams of ...More

Sub Series Details 1852-1876 Minute Books, Harbor Commissioners and Basin and Harbor Commission This series includes the minutes of two different groups that dealt with problems in the Baltimore harbor. The Harbor Commissioners were established in 1852 (see ord. 59) to oversee the removal of obstructions from the channel of the Patapsco River. These minutes cover the period 1852 to 1875 in two ...More